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March 5, 2013

This will probably never be seen because the post is already at 2,400 comments but I swear on my life that it is absolutely true.

One of my close friends lived next to a house that was always vacant. It would sell, people would move in, and then one day they’d be gone and the house would be up for sale again. One summer, when the house was listed again and the last family had moved out, we decided to go take a tour and eat some Jack in the Box we had picked up. We weren’t very smart sometimes and thought it would be cool to play chicken with whatever was haunting this house. My friend was really skinny and crawled through the dog door that led straight into the kitchen, then opened the back door for me. We went through all of the rooms and it was pretty nondescript, just a typical 50s style bungalow house with a similar layout to his home, lots of pretty woodwork and built-ins. After we determined that the house really wasn’t that creepy after all, we sat down in the dining area, on the floor, across from a little horseshoe shaped nook with a kitchen table and built-in bench. It was dusk out but the windows didn’t have curtains and it never got that dark in our city, anyway. At this point, we had been in the house for maybe 25 minutes and after we finished eating we stayed sitting just to hang out and talk since we weren’t spooked out at all. All of a sudden, mid-sentence, completely out of nowhere, my vision went black and I felt this eery coldness wash all over me (I’m getting chills thinking about it), a feeling so thick I felt like it penetrated my through my body down to my bones. At the very same moment this happened, my friend screamed. I virtually could not see anything and was groping around trying to find something to grab onto and I felt so unsettled and ..cold. There’s really no other word for it. After what felt like hours, I felt my friend’s hands in mine and he pulled me to my feet and drug me through the house to the back door. He kept pulling on my arm and I still couldn’t see anything. We got outside and slowly know that feeling when you get a whole body shiver and it runs down your spine? As soon as I was outside, that’s what I felt, except this was a whole body shiver that started at the tip of my toes and went all the way up to my scalp, and unexpectedly and suddenly I could see again. My friend was as pale as a sheet and looked absolutely terrified. I felt off and sort of, gross, I guess is the best word, and in shock. I told him that I couldn’t see at all until I was outside, that it felt like I had been enveloped in blackness. He was just staring at me and I finally asked him why he had screamed. He hugged me and told me that he pulled me out of the house as soon as I started reaching around like I was blind because a little girl who was completely black, and yet see through, crawled out from under the table we were across from and sat on top of me.

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TL;DR: I have a demon and it’s scary

March 4, 2013

This story scares the crap out of me every time I think about it.

I was at my grandparents house one night, my grandmother then came into my room at 3:30 in the morning and told me, “Your grandfather needs your help. Get up”. This sort of startled me because she has never done anything like this. I go out to where my grandfather is right outside the door that goes into the garage and he tells me that, “The garage door just went up and down 6 or 7 times we need to check it out.” I obviously said alright and we went into the garage only the find the pull-string that prevents the door from opening, which can only be pulled form the inside, was pulled. He looks at me and says, “We have to go outside to fix it so no one can get in”. We then head outside and when we rounded the corner to look at the garage the motion lights came on and there seemed to be scratches on the door. He and I fixed the door and went back to bed.

About two weeks after this, I was staying there again and woke up at around 2:30 in the morning to hearing stomping in the kitchen, which is very close to my room. I get up and hear the stomps come closer to my door and stop. I figured that my grandfather was adjusting the thermostat. I opened my door to see what was going on only to find that everyone in the house was asleep and all the lights were turned off. Needless to say, I didn’t sleep well that night.

A few weeks passed and I went over there on a weekend because I had nothing better to do. Since it was a weekend I stayed up rather late and fell asleep watching TV on my bed with my door opened. It was about 1:30 in the morning and for whatever reason I woke up without any reason. I look around and realize that I had fallen asleep with the TV on. I looked at my door and at that instance I saw a man-sized figure step out of my doorway and walk down the hall towards the kitchen. I slammed my door and stayed up all night. By this time, I was pretty convinced I had a demon or ghost or something in my grandparents house. I was just relieved that whatever was in their house wasn’t following me.

Maybe a month after the last incident happened, I was at my dad’s house and I was about to go to sleep. At my dad’s I am on the other side of the house from everyone. It was maybe 10:30 at night and I was about to go to sleep. I had laid down, turned my TV off and was drifting to sleep. Then outside of my door, I heard a combination of stomping and a really low sound. This honestly scared the hell out of me. I, in all of my infinite wisdom, decided to see what it was. When I opened my door, I saw the same thing that I saw at my grandparents house. I teared up from fear and left the light on and fitfully tried to sleep. It didn’t work well.

Maybe a month and a half had passed after the last incident. I was at a friends house and he and I cleaned out his shed to we could just hang out in there and smoke his hookah. He usually has a lot of peopleover to his house, but this night it was just he and I. We were smoking hookah and were almost finished. We were just listening to some music and I was just sitting there listening to the music when all of the sudden a black flash darted underneath my legs but I didn’t feel anything. I start to look around to see if one of his cats came in with us. As I started to look around, I realize that there is no cat in the shed. I start to become afraid on the inside but trying to keep myself outwardly calm. I look up at my friend, who the look of being close to panic and, all he says to me is, “I think something just ran underneath your legs.” At this point, I started freaking out because I didn’t say anything about it. He told me that he saw it as well. We both ran out of the shed and went into his house and just watched TV until we calmed down and went to sleep.

This was the last time anything like that has happened. This was maybe 3 weeks ago. I saw this question and figured that this could be a good read to someone TL;DR: I have a demon and it’s scary

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January 17, 2013

There’s something that myself and several of my friends have seen around our town. We call it “Deerman” as a bit of a joke. The first time I saw it, I was on a walk with my friend around 2AM. It looked like a man was standing between some trees on the edge of the nearby woods. As I stared at it, he ran away. It was just this shadowy black blur in the shape of a man, but FAST. I tried pointing it out and when I told my friend I said “it ran upright like a man, but fast like a deer.” That’s why we call it Deerman.

Well, my friend didn’t believe me until about a week later. He was driving down the same road, about 55 mph. He saw a shadowy figure cross the road in front of him and stand to his left. As he passed it, the thing chased his car. It actually kept up with him for about 200 yards before turning off into the woods.

We then saw the same thing about 4 miles away, later that summer.

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it looked like there was a human form hanging from a rope

February 18, 2012

Most unexplained creepy story I have experienced: This was years ago, I was 17 and my then girlfriend and I were watching a movie late at night after my folks went to bed. After the movie we moved to the living room upstairs and made a bed of comforters between the couches (the family room where we were watching movies was above my parents room and honestly I was hoping to get laid and wanted the privacy) We snuggled under the covers and I was making moves when she froze. “look at the wall” she whispered to me, and when I did I could see it illuminated by the streetlamp with a shadow of the tree from the front yard and it looked like there was a human form hanging from a rope from one of its limbs. She was getting more and more freaked out as was I; she hid her head under the covers and each time I looked at the shadow it appeared to be a gently swinging body from the tree. she was getting louder and more panicked and I was trying to calm her, still hoping to get some, but I couldn’t shake the image of the hanging man. I told her it was nothing, a bag or something had gotten stuck on the branches and it was playing tricks on our eyes, she was shaking and I was unsure about my assessment. I finally told her I would get up and check. The light was coming through the patio deck doors so all I had to do was stand up and look out to see what was hanging from the tree and we could relax, she didn’t want me to she was shivering and holding me so tight she wanted us to hide under the covers. I said “relax, it can’t be what it looks like, stay here and I’ll check”. The shadow was so well defined I was doubting myself as I said it but I stood up and looked over the couch to see what was casting the weird shadow.
So now here’s the thing, there was no body, there was nothing. As my brain tried to process it I realized that there wasn’t even a tree; My father had cut it down the previous summer, there was nothing that could have cast any shadow! I grabbed her and the covers we spent the night in front of the tv with the volume turned up. Still have no idea what the fuck that was about but it really happened.

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“Jimmy, I don’t have your stuff.”

January 17, 2012

My family owns a house on Cape Cod. The previous owner was a white supremacist with an autistic son named Jimmy. Jimmy was known for putting on a trench coat and fedora, climbing trees, and shooting cats and dogs with a BB gun. When my parents moved into the house, they found a bunch of Nazi paraphernalia in a bedroom. They put it in the shed, told the former owner they had a week to get rid of it, and then threw it out.

Of course, at the age of seven, I didn’t know any of this. That’s when I was “visited” five nights in a row by a figure in a trench coat and fedora. He didn’t have any detail; he looked like a silhouette, like he was being powerfully backlit but with no light source. He would stand in the corner of the room, or sit there crouched, or sit on the bed opposite mine (my brother’s bed, but he was at summer camp at the time). One time, he sat in a rocking chair, and when I looked later, he was gone but the chair was still rocking.

After a few nights of this, I told my parents about it. My mom called it a nightmare, but my dad was intrigued. He told me to tell the figure, “Jimmy, I don’t have your stuff.”

So the next night, when the figure appeared again in the corner of the room, I said, “Jimmy, I don’t have your stuff.” And Jimmy walked right over to me, put his face an inch away from mine, and then disappeared. I never saw him again.

Years later, I found out about the history of the house. I’ve often wondered if I had heard it before, and somehow suppressed it and then imagined my encounters with Jimmy. But he was and remains entirely vivid to me.

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They started talking to me.

January 8, 2012

As I was turning 8 ( 16 years ago) I started to get ill, coughing, sneezing, started to eat less. So they got me to the hospital and the doctors did some standard tests for allergies and other stuff I don’t remember. But they noticed something: I have strange spots on my lips, like those brown ones on the rest of your body but these are black. eg: (not me but almost the same)

So they discovered I had peutz jeghers. Nothing to worry about, they told me, just needed some more tests done. I got those done on a Wednesday and they discovered I had a telescopic small intestine which was dying and was gonna burst and kill me. So got an operation on Thursday (went really fast). Afterwards doctors came to ask me if I had any pain prior to the operation. Never felt anything except for really hard cramps but not dying pains.

since then I have to go for a check up every year.

Fast forward to 4 years ago. (actual story) I was in the hospital again for the annual thingy. Always fully sedated so I don’t remember shit about sticking camera’s in my exit and thus creating man-tears. I wake up after the checkup, and there is a doctor there. He tells me they removed a very big but flat polyp. The removal may have caused a perforation in the intestine. The doctor left and not more then 30 seconds later I get hellish pain. It kept growing worse. So they gave me morphine and made a scan, revealing nothing. So they send me home and told me to “man up”. I tried but couldn’t. 24 hours later I was at the ER where they discovered the perforation and started to give me meds and painkillers (really strong ones). And then it happened. I started to drift away in conscious and unconsciousness because of the painkillers I thought. I started to see and feel things that didn’t belong. Strange figures appearing at my bed. Once there was this figure, dressed in hospital clothes. But it had no face, just skin. I sometimes asked my girlfriend who was standing next to her. She never knew what I was talking about. 1 week later I could go home and enjoyed being outside in a week.

Went to bed early but sh!t got even worse. Woke up at 3am. Throwing up blood, enormous amounts (or so it seemed). Rush to the ER (ffs again :P) insta check up. note:I don’t remember anything from me waking up till the next morning, I was in shock and most of the times unconscious. The doctors told my parents I wouldn’t have made it if I had stayed half an hour longer in bed fighting the nausea due to the amount of blood loss.

What I do remember of those few hours is those same figures. But now it gets even stranger. They started talking to me. I don’t remember every thing, but this one I remember clearly: “We are ready for you. Come with us.”. I was not afraid, it was even kind how they talked. But I refused. I struggled to stay. And then there was this man. Tall, dark hair, and he just smiled at me, turned around and left through the door. Later I found out, the guy next to me died. And when I asked to describe him, they described the man I saw.

Next day all this stopped and I could go home a week later.

I think I came close…

I told you guys about my encounter of 4 years ago. And here is another one I would like to share:

March 2010. I get my yearly routine colonoscopy and endoscopy. So after the checkup I end up in my room pretty woozie from the anesthetics, love that. Everything was fine, I just needed an extra x-ray and echo of some organs. Nothing I wasn’t used to. The next morning I wake up and see some food… after 2 days of not eating I was hungry. But I know I can not eat that much after what has just happened. So I eat one sandwich and that is it. Started to feel funny inside so i called the nurse. She couldn’t tell what was wrong. And they called my doctor. “every thing is fine, it are just light cramps.” he assured me. Wen’t home… (oh never do that) and came back 1 hour later with allot of pain, shitting blood and what not… (but not as worse as 4 years ago)

So they gave me a room, and put me up for an endoscopy. I asked for some light sedative to put me in a twilight state. I really do hate endo’s. So they took a quick look, and saw there was a small wound of a removed polyp that had started bleeding. Notthing to worry, but I couldn’t eat for a week and had to stay there.

After the endo, they put me in a wheelchair and put me outside in the hallway to be taken to the room. That is when things started to get “weird” It felt like I had been there for a whole day. Just fading in and out of the world, because of the light sedative. I started to see people again. A few faces looked familiar. But couldn’t think of where I have met them. Some looked upset, others friendly. And then I saw this man. Standing in a doorway a few feet away from where I was. I looked at him and recognized him right away, and started crying. It was my granddad who had died in 2005. He came over, grabbed my shoulders and looked me in the eyes. He knelt down before me and just… smiled. And I was just sitting there crying, and it lasted for minutes. He then stood up, turned around and started walking away. I felt myself zoning out again. The nurse that took me up to my room asked me why I cried… I couldn’t tell.

To this day, I can still feel his hands on my shoulders, and see his eyes so clearly. I feel like he protects me from all evil.

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This is why I fear the dark. And I will never again challenge the notion that other… things exist.

December 18, 2011

I was originally going to type this out at work, as I don’t usually explore the paranormal from home. Well, not anymore anyway. Not after last time. I feel like I was taunting them, and I got what I deserved.

Ever since childhood I can recall pondering and questioning things. I was suspicious of the Santa Claus lie, so much that I actively worked to catch my parents setting the presents. I did. I was five. God was never a firmly-held belief, it was always more of a guilty feeling, something to fear. I am now an atheist and very scientifically inclined.

When I was in first grade my parents moved from Ottawa to El Salvador, my dad’s birth country. We moved into this 3-bedroom two story house owned by my aunt. It had been build about five years previously, and the only occupier before that was my aunt. Before that, the land was a coffee grow. So, no real history, no one died there, as far as I’m aware.

I was young, so I was always afraid of going upstairs by myself. Once I would get to the top of the stairs, I would run towards the wall about 10 feet in front of me to flick the light switch. I always made sure I didn’t look into the rooms before I did so. Once the light was on, I was safe. It took some work, but I finally got over my fear. This occurred by the time I was around 11, or 12.

It didn’t last long. I am 21 years old now. I fear the dark.


First, sorry, but some background (as if there’s not enough yet): As you enter my home, you will be in the living room. To your left is a bathroom, and some steps, which make a U-turn and go upstairs. To your right is the living room, ahead is the dining room, yard. As you get upstairs, ahead of you is a wall with the light switch, next to the bathroom door. To the right of you are two doors: The first is my sister’s, the second mine and my brother’s. To your left, and in front of my shared room, is my parent’s room. Above you, about twelve feet high, is the ceiling. So from the spot where the stairs turn to go up, to the ceiling above, there is an 18 feet or so high gap. (clarification can be provided if requested)

The upstairs is the setting for the following story.

My first unusual experience in that house was very low-key. It would have gone unregistered and forgotten if it weren’t for the fact that someone else saw it too. I was lying in bed, wide awake, listening to everyone in the house snoring in their deep slumber. I was looking at my parent’s bedroom door, since my bed was facing it at the time. About four feet from the floor, on the door, was this faint, almost not there… Spiral. It would slowly wind into itself, disappear, then pop back into existence. Rinse and repeat. The entire process would take about five seconds. I remember thinking it was “gathering”. I don’t know what that means, but I do remember thinking that. I stared at it for a few minutes until I finally just shrugged it off and eventually found my sleep. You see, it was so damned faint that I could have believed it wasn’t there. Plus, I didn’t believe in ghosts and shit.

In the morning, while having cereal, I spoke of this weird faint spiral I saw. My sister immediately looks up and says “Hey I saw it too!”. She’s just my stupid little sister, I thought, seeking my attention. So I didn’t give her any more clues: I told her to tell me what she saw, exactly. I vividly remember her tracing the pattern of the spiral in the air, while she was telling where it was, and how it faded into itself before popping back to existence.

But after she confirmed my sighting, I recall finding it strange but not scary. I now have this theory that, had I stayed up, I would have lost my mind that night. I don’t know why, but I feel like that was the lady, gathering energy or something. I don’t fucking know. But this is where the mildness ends.

Fast forward to about a year later.

For some reason I kept waking up every night for about two weeks now. It was always at a time when everyone was asleep. I would just wake up, and be wide awake for like felt like hours before falling back to sleep. It was one of these nights, and I was wide awake. We had rearranged our room, so that my bed was against the wall next to the bathroom, so I had a diagonal view of the hallway and the top of the stairs. I turned left while lying down, and when I did, I caught something white on the corner of my eye. I turned to look at it and saw a white, long shape floating about two feet below the ceiling, high up above the steps. My first reaction was to look away, to face the wall. Then my mind immediately got to work: What the fuck was that? I remember trying to figure out what it could be. But I could not find a reasonable explanation. I knew my house well. And I knew there was nothing that looked remotely like it anywhere around. There was a window nearby, but it was facing the wrong way. And anyway, it doesn’t fucking matter, because my inquisitive (stupid) little mind told me I had to find out what it was. So I sat up, leaned forward and stared.

It was a fucking lady.

As my mind processed the details my body tightened and my brain attempted to jump out of my skull. My eyes burned every fucking horrible detail into the back of my skull, so I can handily keep it with me until my death. She was facing the wall. Her hair was long, almost down to her waist. Her dress was gown-like. Her feet were floating… angled downwards, with slipper-like shoes.

I am being 100% honest. I don’t want to keep writing about it. I almost had a panic attack. It’s been a while. I think you got the idea. Nothing much happened after anyway, just the details… I don’t like the details.

If I didn’t bore you all to death I could write the next chapter about the taunting and why I cannot deny, should never deny, that other things exist…

One thing I did not mention… You know how I said it was white? Well it wasn’t. FUCK i really can’t type this id on’t know why! it was like… a faded glow. it wasn’t bright, it didn’t illuminate anything around, but it stood it like a sore thumb right in the middle of a dark room. I AM DONE.


About two years later, we moved to a suburb in Los Angeles. While I lived in that city, I lived in three different apartments. Two with my parents, and then the one I got with my friends. The second one I moved to with my parents is where this incident occurred.

Listen, I saw the things I told you about previously. I did. I was awake. It wasn’t anything BUT that. I will take it to my fucking grave. But people grow up. I grew up. And I started to question it. Because time passes and it eases the fears (a bit) and it made no sense to my grown mind. This doesn’t justify my stupidity, I think. It should have been obvious from the start. But let’s get on with this story.

(I just typed out the first part and I’m kinda regretting it… Nothing happened or anything, i just don’t feel well… My heart feels too big.)

Ok I will make it brief. This apartment’s closet (yeah, that kind of door… Sorry) consisted of huge, thick, white-painted wooden doors that hung on a set of rails near the ceiling. The doors had wheels on top so they could slide around.

This is why I think I was taunting them. Like I said I was starting to have doubts by this time (I was like 17 or 18 yrs old). One Saturday morning I woke up and stayed in bed. For some reason, following some masochistic train of thought, I ended up watching “ghost videos” on youtube. The entire time I was watching, I was desperately searching for some video that was real. That I could say… Holy… And no one had answers to. But none came. So I was debunking them the entire time. You know, just saying how fucking fake they are.

I eventually quit doing that around 2pm then fucked around in the living room and shit. At about five or six pm, while I was halfway through watching Pulp Fiction for the first time, I get a call. My buddies are down the street and they’re asking me if I wanna chill. I said of course, grabbed my pants, then ran into my room the get my shirt from the closet. At this time, one door was to my right, two were to my left. One was on the rails and another one was fallen behind it, leaning on the clothes hanging in the closet. I reached into the closet, near the single door on the right (the left was my sister’s side) when the door that was leaning against the clothes slid about a whole foot towards me, AS I WAS LOOKING AT IT. I remember EVERYTHING, how the clothes were pushed by it, how i heard it slide against the carpet, how it was kind of pushed up and forward (it tilted back a bit, you know, like a tiny wheele).

I jumped back like three fucking feet while screaming like a fucking GIRL at the top of my lungs then stood back and said out loud “WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT!?” and the moment I uttered those words, I realized that I did NOT wanna know, so I fucking BOLTED out the door, and leaned back against a wall in the apartment complex. People were looking at me. I was shirtless, and they surely heard me scream. I didn’t say anything and ran to my friends. I curled up and cried a little bit, manned up, got a cigarrette and hung out with them. Eventually I get a call from a very scared Mom, making sure I was fine and asking me where the fuck i was. I ran home, feeling bad. My mom opens the door, I walk in behind her, close it. Walk forward a little, and then my room and the closet came into view. I backed up, hit the door, kept trying to, i don’t know, squeeze outside while I cried and freaked the fuck out. I swear I wanted to just die and never experience this kind of shit again. My parents were worried and asked me what happened. I told them. My mom believed me. I don’t know if she believed me the when I told her about the lady. So I never told anyone… Not for years.

I don’t know if some of you are thinking, what, a fucking closet door moved? I get that. But picture this. Look at something big and heavy, something that would be difficult to move. Now stand about two feet from the side of it and look near it and picture it MOVES AT YOU for about a whole foot. And moving that has details, like sounds, displacement of things, etc. I saw them all.

OHH but we’re not done! You think the lady is fucking freaky enough now? Someone else fucking saw her. Here’s how it went:

I was at my aunt & uncle’s apartment up the street. I forget which holiday or birthday we were celebrating, all I remember is the family was there and we were having a good time. I had slowed down a bit and now we were on a circle telling spooky stories (I remember many, might type out some other time.). It was my cousin’s turn now. He says this happened in the same house I lived before. They moved in after, then to the same LA suburb up the street. Anyway!

He was upstairs in his room doing hw (same room as mine) and it was later at night. Around 11. His parents were in their room (same as my parent’s). He remembered he had forgotten to fix up his backpack (each day had a different set of classes, so you had to get the right shit each night) so he went downstairs to get one book he left behind. He went down the stairs and as he got to the bottom, he saw to his right a… well. He described as kind of.. Glowing but not really long, white thing that looked like a person. he was smart and ran upstairs.

While he was telling this story I was slowly sinking into the couch, into my own mental abyss. When he’s done I notice my mom turn to look at me with this look on her face that said “HOLY SHIT YOU WERE RIGHT” but in a scared way. I’ll never forget that look.

I have more stories, no really good personal ones (just mild, noneventful), but lots that I’ve heard from people I trust. Hit me up, but don’t expect them very soon.

I am glad to have a subreddit where to express this. I have tried sharing a less detailed account of these events just to ending up being stuck in no-way arguments with hard-headed atheists. I don’t blame them, I’m one of them, but I wasn’t asking for that. There’s no proof or anything around, nothing more than my memories. It’s pointless. Believe it, or don’t. I believe.

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The Owner Of The Handprint On The Arm

November 20, 2011

i hate being the nut with the ghost stories, i dont believe 4/5 ghost stories i hear. but i can tell you that everything in here is what i experienced. if it was truly paranormal, i really dont want to know

about 5 years ago i was living in a house that was haunted, mostly in my bedroom. i experienced alot of things but the only thing that relates to the dream is that one morning i woke up, stood up to stretch and noticed a small hand mark on my left arm. it looked as if the hand had been there the whole night and was very red and was indented in, like if you sleep with clothes crumpled up beneath u and it leaves that mark. anyway, the hand had only a thumb and two fingers, and looked like a childs hand. it was a left hand, and it was imprinted on my left bicep (therefore impossible for it to have been my hand, it was very distinct and i tried to recreate it but couldnt). i wasnt able to get a witness because by the time i got downstairs it was gone. every night in my room i would hear footsteps above my bed, and a general feeling of fear and anxiety all the time when i was alone. sometimes i thought i could see eyes from my closet. one day we heard what sounded like large furniture being thrown around (like dressers/bedframes) upstairs, in my room. my stepfather walked upstairs with a bat, but noone was there.

anyway about a month ago i had the first dream. i dreamt that i woke up to go get a glass of water, and immediately i realized i was inside a dream. i looked down to realize i had no body, then saw my body still lying in bed behind me. i went out of my room and started wandering my house, things seemed to be happening just like they normally do at my house, i saw my brothers playing xbox and all that jazz. this dream was the clearest i had ever experienced, and my dreams are pretty vivid. the thing that was different about this one though was that i could not control my surroundings, at all. i could only control what i did, which is very unusual for me, idk if anyone else has had a dream like that but it was new to me. i decided to leave my house so i started to fly over my field. not long after i left the house i began to feel a burn on my arm that was excruciating. i felt like it was melting my skin and i wanted to cut my arm off rather than deal with the pain. id never experienced pain in a dream before, but id experienced other feelings i didnt think were possible in dreams beforehand. i decided the best idea was to go back to my body and wake up. when i entered my room i saw a figure standing next to my bed.

the figure was completely black. although that is an understatement. it was a void, completely absent of any color or reflection. from the shape it looked like an 11 year old boy. my body was looking directly into the face of it with my eyes open, and completely glazed over grey. the figure was holding my arm (the same one that burned, and still did). it didnt notice that i entered, so i assumed it couldnt see me, i only felt a little safe because i knew it was my dream. i floated to the wall beside my body and looked into the face of the figure and saw the eyes, that couldnt be seen unless looking directly at the face, because the eyes seemed to be looking out from far into the void of the body, rather than being on it. i looked into its eyes, and it made me feel like id never see anything beautiful again. an image flashed in my mind right after i started to look into them. it was an image but it carried alot more than sight. i saw 2 men, trapped in a cell together, who had lost all hope of ever living a life outside the room, and each of them refused sleep in fear that the other would kill them, and each of them was planning on killing the other based on this fear. i started to hear a whispering in my head that got progressively louder, until it became a shout, and yanked me off the bed. i woke up as soon as it started pulling, and got that feeling that i was still being pulled sideways (ive experienced falling backwards when waking, but sideways was new.)

the second dream was worse. much worse. my friend C was staying over at my house and was sleeping with me in my bed. once again i woke up and started to go get a drink, this time however i did not realize it was a dream and when i looked back i was not in my bed like last time, it was just C. i remember thinking how beautiful she looked and how much i was gonna miss her (i was bringing her to the airport later that week, so it was about the last time id see her) before i walked out. i got a drink and when i came back the black figure was in the room and the walls were covered with blood. its was tearing C apart, ripping off her skin and hair and tearing out organs. i could hear her screaming to help in the beggining, and i could even feel the warmth of the blood that was getting on me. i stood in shock for a second and tried to jump on the back of the figure, in hopes off pulling it away. the second my body made contact with the figure, the burn came back, but it went through every part of my body. i felt like i could feel every individual cell in my body exploding. i fell to the ground and started crying because i couldn’t budge the figure an inch or stop its rage. i started hitting it with my fist, and it felt like i was punching underwater, but even slower. every hit i made did nothing except send shots of pain down the bones of my arm. i shouted “why are you doing this” and it stopped, turned to me and stared at me with those fucking eyes that i see in every dark corner and i heard the voice in my head yell “BECAUSE YOU’RE MINE”

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The Little Boy In His Room

November 12, 2011

My youngest son was just a baby and it was the middle of the night, I was going across the hall to his room to nurse him. I saw a little boy standing at the other end of the hallway. At first I thought it was my older son (3 years old at the time), but when I turned back he was gone.

I didn’t mention it to anyone figuring it was my sleep deprived state making me see things. Shortly after my older son started complaining about the little boy in his room that kept waking him up and teasing him. I asked how big the boy was and he said the same size as him. So I told him next time the boy did it to just tell him he needed to leave him alone because it was time for bed. My son told me the next time the boy did it that he told him to go it was time for bed and the boy did.

Fast forward 3 years later my then baby now three year old was in the room my older son used to sleep in. He complained one day of the little boy that was in his room at night…. I gave him the same advise I gave to my older son. I asked my older son about this figuring he told his brother, but he had no memory of this happening.

Not too long ago my older son was complaining about people talking to him while he was going to sleep every night, they were saying his name and whatnot. We thought maybe it was noise from outside or something and he insisted that no it was right in his room. When he went to school that day and I said “I don’t know who is bothering my son, you are welcome to be here but you need to leave my children and us alone. If you keep bothering him you will have to leave” I asked him a few days later if it was still going on and he said no it stopped. About 6 months later complained again about this happening and I went in his room and reminded the voices about what I said, again it stopped.

My husband and I have seen a black shadow in the shape of a large man in the house. My husband has told me he frequently hears me calling his name when it’s not me… which creeps me out totally.

We are only the 2nd owners of our home and the previous owners are alive and well, but a former pt actually told me he used to graze cattle in the area where our neighborhood is, so I’m guessing there were maybe deaths on the land?

Have another from college but will save that for another day.

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September 22, 2011

Okay so my house is pretty much the epicenter of the messed up and unnatural. I’ve had things happen to and around me, but most of the stuff that goes on isn’t specifically towards me but my little sister. A lot of times shit happens when I’m around my friends in broad daylight, too.

Like one time, a couple friends and I were sitting in the living room, watching television when a shadow passed over the room. The temperature dropped, and the shadow shrunk until it took on a noticeable form. A shadow in the shape of a coffin, with a vase of flowers on its lid, floated along the walls, slowly making its way all around the room. Once it had completed its circuit, it faded away. Right away the room became bright again. I have never heard of dark shadows taking the shape of inanimate objects or anything, and I doubt it was a “ghost of a coffin”. My friends left immediately.

Later that day, as I played in my bedroom, mom got a call from my grandmother that my uncle had died from some sort of infection brought on by an open wound (he was really into wade-fishing and I think it had something to do with it). The thing was he died around the same time as we were sitting in that living room. I’m not sure if it is the reason for the shadow but it makes sense.

The creepy occurrences did not end there. Once I was waiting for my sister in the dining room and I heard mom calling me from a few rooms over. She sounded far away, her voice muffled. I got up and wandered into the hall.

She called again, louder. I thought she needed me to help her lift something or clean something.

Her voice sounded as if it was coming from her room. I slowly pushed the door open, letting the hall light spill into the darkened area. No one was in there.

Mom called again, this time seeming to come from the closet. Mom has a large walk-in closet, and as I approached I could see the light was on in it. I grabbed the doorknob and opened. “What.” I said as I opened the door.

I heard her call my name again but I stopped cold. The walk-in closet was deserted, empty, no one was there. I backed away a little bit, wide-eyed and searching the entire room for mom. No one was there.

Then, quietly, the voice whispered my name in my ear. I screamed and ran out of the room, down the stairs, and into the family room. Mom was downstairs washing dishes. I started screaming at her that she was calling me upstairs. She freaked out but tried to assure me I’d heard the tv. I didn’t. I live in a two-story condominium and when it’s dark it gets really creepy. One night I was sitting downstairs on the desktop computer, surfing the internet, when my sister told me she was going outside to play manhunt with our neighborhood friends. I said okay, not really caring, and continued to surf. A little while, like 45 minutes, I heard my very squeaky front door opening and the deadbolt and lock snapping and my sister walks in. She walks towards the staircase and I said, “What’re you doing?” She replied,” Going upstairs” and went upstairs. I clearly heard heavy, thumping footfalls recede upstairs and her door opening and closing.

So I sit for about a minute or two, still on the computer, when the front door opens once more. I turn around, confused because my parents were both asleep and Rachael was upstairs. Even so, she’d locked the front door. So naturally I thought a person was trespassing, so I was flipping out. But then my sister walks in and heads towards the staircase. At this asked her if she already went up and why she was going up again. She looked at me as if I were crazy and said,” I haven’t been inside until now”, walking upstairs. To this day it creeps me out because I saw the image of my sister walking upstairs before it happened. Whether it was a ghost or some doppelganger is indeterminable to me, but it certainly is weird. Needless to say I chased her upstairs and checked her room and my room, and every room for that matter, but there was no one else up there.

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