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“Auntie is waiting for you.”

March 31, 2012

When I was six my little sister was a year-and-a-half old and during this time my aunt, my mother’s sister, was dying. On this particular day, my aunt was going to be taken off life support, so the day before my mother had gone to the hospital to say her goodbyes.

That morning, we are sitting at breakfast, and my mother comes down the stairs crying and obviously very upset. My father is making eggs. As my mother approaches the kitchen my sister (1 1/2!) goes, ” Auntie is waiting for you.” My father drops everything, smashes the eggs, the plates, everything. My mother resolves that she has to go to the hospital.

My mother gets to the hospital, sits with my aunt, and leaves when my aunt has passed on.

That afternoon my sister is out in our backyard with me playing on the swing set. I remember this vividly, she gets up,walks away from the swing set and starts staring up at seemingly nothing. I just stare wondering what the hell she is doing. She finishes walks towards the house and yells, “Pansy eyes, Auntie says everything is alright and not to worry.”

Pansy eyes was my mother’s nickname that my aunt used to call her when my mother was a toddler. My mother hadn’t been called that since elementary school.

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I used to hear my dad walking around in the kitchen at night

March 27, 2012

Growing up, I used to hear my dad walking around in the kitchen at night, getting ready for work. I distinctly remember waking up multiple times to the sound of his boots on the floor, and the outside door closing. At times, I would look outside to see him walk to his car, but it would be gone already. I never thought much of it until later…

Years after, my mom told me she used to hear someone walking around the house opening and shutting doors, hours after my dad had left for work. It freaked her out and gave me chills when I realized I used to hear the same thing.

But the worst thing happened long before, which I didn’t know about until years later. My mom woke suddenly one night, bolt upright in bed, feeling terrified for no reason. She felt something was very wrong with us, so she got up and hurried to the doorway of our room (we were both still in cribs at this point).

Standing over my sister’s crib was the silhouette of a person, although without any discernible features. Not transparent or anything, but blank. Just a shadow, bending over the crib. Apparently, it looked at her.

She ran into the room, but by the time she reached us there was nothing there.

Still gives me goosebumps when I think about how she sounded telling that story.

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Projection Booth

March 27, 2012

I used to work at a movie theater. It was a crappy cheap movie theater that got all the movies after they were done at the bigger nicer theaters… We always joked about a ghost that haunted the place. We would always hear whistling. You could whistle part of a song and you would hear someone whistle the rest. I shit you not. This happened. We kind of joked about it and went on with our lives. Well one day I was up in the projection area and I heard someone say my name. I yelled back “WHAT??” no answer. I walked down stairs and asked my coworkers what they wanted. They were slammed busy at the front desk / lobby…. no one had come upstairs…. fine … could be explained right? Im hearing things right?

Well here is the freakiest part. My family doesn’t celebrate Christmas like most families so I would always volunteer to work Xmas eve and Xmas day. I was working the night shift on Xmas eve alone. I was waiting for 2 or 3 people to get done watching Lord of the Rings or something so I could go home. After the movie was out I ran upstairs, stopped the projector and ran back downstairs to clean the theater. No one else was in the building at this point. Halfway through cleaning the theater I get this feeling like “Wow… I shouldn’t be here right now”. I look up and see a man shaped shadow in the projection booth. I ran out of the theater, turned off all the lights and ran out the door. I turn around and see that there’s a neon sign for COFFEE behind the snack bar that’s still on… I work up some courage and run back inside to turn it off. I literally jump over the counter, turn the light off and jump back to the door. By the time I’m out the door I turn back around to see the light flickering back on. WTF!! I ran back in turned it off again. I turn to my right and see a flash of light come from the middle of the dark lobby. I turned, ran and never looked back.

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and that something was scary enough that they ignored a human and ran right by him.

March 26, 2012

I also live in AL, and my dad saw something in the woods as well. He was in a tree stand, and it was almost dark. He starts down the ladder to leave, when he hears a commotion coming towards him. He freezes on the ladder as a herd of deer stampede past him. They were running from something, and that something was scary enough that they ignored a human and ran right by him. He climbs back up into the tree stand and looks out of his scope of his rifle in the direction they came from. He sees something very, very tall standing at the tree line, looking in his direction. My dad is pretty freaked – he kind of wants to shoot it, but he doesn’t know what it is, and it’s almost dark. So he aims his gun wide of the figure and fires. The thing turns and walks back into the woods – not on four legs, on two. My first thought when he told me was “bear,” but bears aren’t exactly common in AL, and they certainly don’t walk on two legs.

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White Dog

March 26, 2012

I posted this in a similar thread, but here you go.

Age: 18 Location: Middle of nowhere Alabama When: 5 years ago

So my buddy and I were spending a weekend at my grandparent’s house to go deer-hunting. On the first morning we go to leave the house and head out for the woods. It’s about 3:00 A.M. and we are both kind of groggy. We walk out of the door and there is what appears to be a medium/large white dog up on the hill behind their house. As we are walking down their driveway the dog stands-up/morphs into a humanoid shaped figure and takes off running into the woods. At this point I stop and start wondering if I’m still asleep. My buddy looks up at me and asks if the dog just stood up on two legs and ran away. I don’t remember what I said, but we turned around and went back inside.

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The Woman With The Long Black Hair Covering Her Face In The Astral Plane

March 24, 2012

Weird! I’ve seen that woman with the long black hair covering her face! Holy crap!

I think it accompanied the only out-of-body experience I ever had. According to Indian tradition and folklore from around the world, when people sleep, the “astral body” hovers about a foot or two above the physical body.

I’m not into New Age religion, crystals or any of that other stuff. But I have a friend who claims she’s had out-of-body experiences. I never gave it too much thought, until one night I was asleep with my wife and three year-old son. Through a succession of very normal dreams, I came out the other side and had the impression that I was now in a shadowy world that existed in a strange nebulous dimension about ten feet above our reality. I remember calling out for help and to my bafflement I heard a strange strained voice which reached me from a distance. It sounded strangled and faint. I looked down and saw my body. Every time I was yelling “Help” my body, drawing on only shallow breaths, was mouthing the words in an eerie puppet-like way. Now here’s where it gets weird. After I realized that my “astral body” (if that’s what it was) was controlling my physical body, I looked over at my young son, whereupon he started to utter “Help! Help!” in the same hoarse, choked-off voice. I was startled because it appeared that my consciousness was projecting my will not into my own body now, but my son’s. His sleepy figure—which was as corpse-like as my own body—seemed devoid of its spiritual essence and in its absence I appeared to be able to “possess” him. It shocked me. Now at this point, I’m starting to get freaked out–and then it happens. Already struggling with disorientation and perplexity, my very presence seemed to have attracted the attention of some strange, small woman who kept trying to jump on my back. I had the uncanny impression that she was trying to “feed” off me, in some way I can’t even begin to articulate. As if she could absorb the energy that seemed to exist in my solar plexus. She had straight black hair and it was brushed over her face, as if to hide her features. I had the intuitive understanding that she was a denizen of the Astral Realm, and that she wasn’t human. She wasn’t even a “she”. She was an It. A creature. An intelligence just as natural and just as normal as us, but from a different order of Nature. And she had the capacity to absorb our energy, if given a chance.

Not a religious man, I found myself praying to God to help me. And, after several false attempts, I was finally absented . . . first sucked away from the imp and into some black abyss. I wavered back and forth between this Void and the Astral Realm. The she-creature expressed dismay at my sudden vacillation between places. It seemed to be as confused as I was. Then finally, I was drawn back down into my body. I sat up, terrified, between my still-sleeping wife and son. My chest heaved. My forehead was covered with sweat.

To this day, I have the irrational conviction that it wasn’t a dream . . . that I entered a dream-state, yes; but that I used it to essentially leave my body and enter some strange parallel world that flows concurrently with our reality. I know this makes me sound like a nut. But I still can’t shake the feeling that it was real and that that “thing” was real, too.

I wonder what the hell it was, and why other people seem to have seen her, too.

– Posted by Drooperdoo; Reddit


The Fuel Tank Ghost

March 24, 2012

This was back when I used to live on my parent’s farm. First a little explanation on how the farmyard was set up. The house is to the North. Barn to the south. Fuel tank to the east, and a little shed plopped right in the middle.

My sister was looking out the kitchen window (which overlooks the barn and rest of the yard) and told me to come see something freaky. I looked out and there was a shadow moving back and forth slowly between the fuel tank and the little shed. I told her since it was windy that night it was probably a shadow that the yardlight had cast (it was night). She said ‘okay’ and went to bed. There were other nights when we would see this shadow. Normal, calm nights. We noticed it liked to hang out near the fuel tank, so we joked and named it ‘the fuel tank ghost’. We’d even play around and ‘talk’ to it when we were fueling up machinery. We had never mentioned this to parents/friends because we didn’t think it was actually a ghost. Just a shadow that was cast from the yardlight.

Jump to a random summer night. 11pm. My best friend comes to pick me up. She is waiting outside for about 10 minutes before I get in the car. She looks to me and asks ‘Why is your dad still outside? I thought your parents went to bed at 8pm or something’ (which was true. Early to rise, early to bed). At this point I asked her ‘wtf are you talking about? Where is he?’ and she pointed to the fuel tank. She said she saw a man walking by the fuel tank and just disappeared into the dark.

No one fuels up after dark anymore.

– Posted by FearlessEyes; Reddit