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the nightmare about the man in the top hat and the black cat

August 15, 2015

Quite a few things, but one that sticks out in my mind right now is when one of the kiddos was a newborn and a little off. I slept on the couch with them upright and had a crazy dream about a disfigured man in a top hat and long nose creeping around our house and trying to get in. I then awoke into a sleep paralysis episode where a black cat was trying to jump on the baby. I woke up to me jerking the little one away from the cat/dream demon. The feeling was so incredibly horrible I’ll never forget it. I didn’t go back to sleep and took the baby to the dr. I was sent home. We went to the er the next day as the baby had developed a fever and it turned out was very sick and spent a couple days hospitalized. I felt stupid, but I had told the Dr’s about the dream both times and the first scoffed at me, but the second took it very seriously and said it was something he heard often. The entire thing gave me the creeps and still does, but a full recovery was made.

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Through The Closet Door

July 30, 2011

I have my own trilogy:

1) I was in college and needed a place to live. I guy I worked with (we’ll call him B.) said he had a whole upstairs I could live in cheap. Moved in a few days later. About a month later, I woke up from a sound sleep and see something sitting on the edge of my bed. It’s completely black even though a street light shines into the window. I sit up and it jumps up like it didn’t know I was there. I notice that there seems to be substance to it since the hat is brim is pushed down by the air as it’s getting up. It turns and its coat kind of billows around it. It walks across the floor and into the open closet door.

When it stood up, it was normal sized man height. It walked through the closet door which was built into a knee wall so it was only about 4 feet tall. It never stooped and didn’t seem to shrink as it moved.

A week or two later, B. and I are sitting watching TV and I ask him if he ever saw anything strange in the house. He turns off the TV and says, “So, you finally saw him?” He said that he’s seen him a number of times and it freaks him out. That’s why he wanted someone to move in with him. After that, we’d be in the living room watching TV and hear something going up the steps. We figured it was the cat but the cat would start growling (it was asleep next to the couch).

Finally, one day, B. had enough. The thing was in the doorway of the living room just standing there. B. points the remote at it and starts pressing buttons and yelling at it – “Get the F out of here or sit down and have a drink.” I’m upstairs studying. Then, it’s like the entire house shrugged. It’s hard to say exactly what happened but everything “bounced”. After that, things started going South in a hurry. Horrible smells, things breaking, explosive sounds, etc. We lasted 2 weeks and left when we woke up and found the cat dead in the middle of the kitchen with its neck broken.

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The Man In The Hat

June 5, 2011

I’ve known my close-friend “Bill” for a little more than a decade now. I met his brother “Steve” a few years after meeting Bill.

Bill went to school at Virginia Tech. I used to go down there every Halloween while he was there. It was always a grand time and Blacksburg used to be a great little college town. That’s not to say that it isn’t still, but I haven’t been down there in a long time. One year, for Halloween, we went to an Aggie party. There was a surprisingly decent Tool cover band, a giant bonfire, and plenty of alcohol and women. But I digress.

The party begins to break up early in the morning. Bill was a friend of the guy hosting so after the band had packed up and almost everybody had left we all huddled around the remains of the bonfire. . .well, at this point it was less a bonfire and more a typical campfire. There were five or six of us. Myself, Bill, Steve, Hillary, Dave (host), and Stephanie. We were having a good time, finishing up the booze and talking.

It got to be late(r), and around 430 in the morning Bill looks over at Steve and asks if he has to be at work soon. “Nope.” Steve replies. “I took a hiatus.”

“Oh. I understand.” Bill replies. An awkward silence passes through like a quiet, chilly breeze. “Hey, Steve. Do you think you could tell everybody else about what happened?” All eyes turned to Steve. Despite the warm, reddish glow of the fire we could all see Steve’s face turn white.

“No. No I don’t think so.” Steve said. His voice quavered a bit. “C’mon man. It’ll be good to talk about it.” His brother egged on. “Plus, it’s a good night for a spooky story.” At the mention of a good nail-biter the rest of us immediately began to jibe Steve. Finally, after a minute or two he conceded. This is his tale, in his own words.

“I work at a factory on the other side of the mountain. I live on this side. The factory is pretty much the only thing that is on the other side of the mountain. In order to get to work every morning, I have to take a road that goes up one side of the mountain and down the next. I typically leave at 430 in the morning in order to get there by 5. There is one intersection on this road. The road cuts through a small town and there is one light at this intersection.

I wake up late one day. It was about 450. I jump out of bed, throw on some clothes and get into my truck. I tear ass up the mountain. The sun isn’t up yet. You know, the time of year and all, the sun isn’t up until later. I get to the little town at the top of the mountain and the light at the intersection is red. There are two buildings at the intersection. As I’m sitting at it, to the right, is a general store. Diagonal from where I am is the post office. This is the only road that cuts through the top of the mountain. There is one light aside from the traffic light and it’s on the side of the store. Out of the corner of my eye I notice something just out of the reach of the light and mostly hidden in shadows. I turn to look and I see a man leaning against the store. He was wearing a wide-brimmed hat. I don’t remember what else he was dressed in but the minute I lay my eyes on him he pushes away from the wall and begins walking over toward my car.

I turn back to the light and realize that it’s taking a bit too long to turn to green. I turn back to look at the store and the man is standing next to the passenger side of my truck. He keeps his head down somewhat. I don’t remember much of what he looked like – just the hat. He raps on the window, and I oblige by unrolling it just enough so that the air creeps in.

“Excuse me, sir.” He says. His voice was flat, calm and somehow sweet. “I could really use a lift to the other side of the mountain.”

I thought about it for a second before realizing that I was already late for work and just a little creeped out. “No, I’m terribly sorry but I’m late for work at the plant and really just need to get there are soon as possible.”

The man grew a little terse. “I really need to get off this mountain. I really need a ride. Do you think you could let me in to your car?”

“I’m sorry – no. I’m already running late as it is.” I looked away, toward the traffic light – still red. I didn’t have time to see his fingers creep into the open window but I heard him pull on the window. Rather, I heard the window groan a bit and he started yelling.


He kept pulling on the window so hard that I thought he was going to break it. I didn’t care if the light was red – I floored it. I blew through the intersection and, in the rear view mirror could see the man, standing in the middle of the road, fade into the distance. And I swear that I heard him shout, ‘don’t you know who I am’.

I’m tearing down the mountain. I’m panting. I’m really freaked out. After I get a few miles away the road gets really windy – lots of curves and turns. I realize that I’m just going way too fast and I’m entirely too freaked out to keep driving like this. So when I get to the next straight bit of road I slow down and come to a stop off to the side of the road. I close my eyes, take a deep breath and open them again. I turn to look out the window.

And the man was standing right next to my side of the car.

I blacked out.

The next thing I remember was waking up in my car, in the parking lot of the factory. I was curled up in a ball beneath the steering wheel. The pedals were jabbing me in my back. The driver-side window had been unrolled just a bit. Enough to get your fingers into.”

All of us were as quiet as corpses. Steve shuddered beneath the weight of his own tale. His face was still white despite the fire. None of us talked about it for the rest of the night. None of us slept either, at least, not until the sun came up and we were cozy in our own beds.

For years now, Steve hasn’t had a problem reciting the story. He doesn’t work at the factory anymore – he’s a sous chef on the West Coast. He still turns a little white when reciting the story. Recently though, upon learning that his wife was pregnant, he has stopped telling the story. Not sure why but he must think it’s important for some reason.

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“white man with a pointy hat”

June 3, 2011

I could write a book about all the weird spectral shenanigans in my life.

I will share with you for now the first really scary one I can recall.

I was pretty young, a kid, around 7 maybe. It was a normal day, nothing weird going on and I was playing with my little brother while my mom was getting ready for work or something.

So, I’m having little kid fun, playing with toys or whatever I did, and I start to hear this weird squishy noise. It was coming from outside and it sounded like someone walking in mud. Squish Squash Squish Squash.

“What the hell” I thought with less vulgarity at the time. No one should be outside walking around the house! So I looked out the window and saw who it was.

I’m sure you have heard of shadow people. Just all black human shapes made of darkness and god knows what. Well this one was all white and had a really pointy hat, like a wizard hat! It sounds goofy but it scared the shit out of me.

What the hell was this guy? I didn’t and still don’t know but he marched around the house for hours. I could hear him when he got close to the room or window I was by. I could see him to if I got the balls to peak.

So, eventually that stops, and I scare my parents by telling them about some “white man with a pointy hat” walking around outside.

But that night, shit got real.

I was laying in my bed, having just woken up to a full bladder. I was pretty nervous to walk down the hall though to relieve myself because I knew there was something in it (the hall). So I lay there for a few moments, trying to psyche myself up to piss. “It’s probably just scary because it’s dark” blah blah blah THEN BAM!

This mother fucker peaks into my room. Some shadow guy this time, all black. It was like he was standing just outside my door and just peaked in with his head and upper body. This dick just stares at me! Just peaking in and staring at me! No features, just blackness.

After the gut dropping shock wore off I screamed like the child I was. My parents came into the room, but just before they did, he pulled back around the corner. My parents would have to have run through him to come into my room. They didn’t notice him.

A year or two later, I had moved rooms. It was night again and I was laying in bed with that same creeped out feeling. Something shitty was afoot. And just as I start to get really worried it happens.

Some fucking shadow “child” walks into my room and stands by the side of my bed. My mind is blown, my guts are churning, if I knew profanity back then my inner dialogue would have been a monolithic “FUCK!”. I can’t express how creepy this was.

So this pure black shadow being, the size of a kid, just stood there, staring at me even though he didn’t have eyes that I could see. The only thing I could do was shut my eyes and shut them hard. I could still feel the thing though, nasty. And every time I dared to peak to see if it was gone, it wasn’t.

Eventually I rolled over slowly and just lay there for a really long time until it had left and I got sleepy again. Holy shit, I hate those guys haha.

I guess when I was even younger, I don’t remember this, but my mother told me this. I was in the tub hanging out, taking a bath and my mom hears me talking to someone.

“Who are you talking too” she asks.

“That guy there, he is black and has a funny hat!” I say.

She is worried….

“Uhhh, don’t talk to strangers” she says.

So that is my brief retelling of most of my young history with fucking creepy shadow beings. Weird guys, never feel good to be around. Not sure what they are all about.

I will relate to you now a couple of things that used to happen in a cemetery a buddy of mine lived, literally, next door to.

This was a little cemetery. Maybe close to 100 folks beneath the dirt. However, there is a mass grave in the back full of children from a local group home who all died of the fever plague of farmer days or whatever. And for whatever reason, there can be found a small headstone marked of a 3 month old girl with an inverted pentacle as her symbol. Very odd.

So, being teenagers we used to fuck around down there all the time. Looking for ghost trouble. Had a little camp out back in the small forest even. Although, at night, it could get really, really intense.

The first thing I saw in that place was pretty spooky. We were hanging out by the roadside, looking into the cemetery. Not much was going on but we were waiting and yelling at the ghosts do entertain us. Then we noticed a car coming down the road.

So we stood just in the cemetery off the road. The car passes and as is it does I look at it. Then I look back at the cemetery and some fucking guy is standing right next to me wearing some 18th century long coat and grinning! “WHAT THE FUCK!” I boldly proclaimed and jumped half way across the god damn road in a single bound.

My buddies didn’t see him but I sure as hell did. Why did he have to be such a creepy dick? Oh well, his loss.

There was actually a ghost there that we had a name for. His name was “Peeper”. He would always be around and what he would do is peek around the side of trees or whatever he could. He would always be a ways away and when you saw him he would duck back into hiding. Nice guy really, he looked like a shadow man but he didn’t have the skin-crawling vibe they do.

HAha, one night, and I know you will think this is made up, but we were hanging out there again. I’m pretty sure we were all trying to get something out of the ghosts again. “Fuck you ghosts! Your all dead because you suck! AHahahahah” You know, teenagers.

So, after we did our best to piss them all off, they reacted.

In the forest behind the cemetery, we heard something big absolutely blast off from one end to the other. It ran/flew through the forest, breaking sticks and stirring up leaves all along the way. WOOOSHHHH! And then, I’m totally serious, a fucking loud moan came out of those woods. We could hear it from the damn road!


Fuck that, we ran.

I posted this one in another thread so I will paraphrase here now…

Same cemetery, same fucking around. This night a huge storm was on the way. Lighting, thunder, cemetery, ghosts. Awesome.

This night though, it had the feel that it would get once in a while. Walking down to the cemetery sometimes you would just know it was a bad night for it. You would feel so nervous and sick. But this night, it just spurred us on.

So we get down there, fucking lighting is blasting all over the place. Winds are coming in. What the hell are we doing down here? Witnessing fucking high weirdness as it turned out.

We are on the road again, looking into the place. A couple feet away from me, in the cemetery grass, just off the ground I see a small green light.

“Firefly” I wonder to myself. “Too cold…what the hell…”

Then everyone else clues in on it and looks. Man, this little green light, just grew into a softball size green light ball. Just like that! So now we are all watching this mind blowing orb of green light (which oddly enough it didn’t give off light, it just was light) rolling around a few inches off the ground, a few feet from us.

Then another one popped on. Oh shit. Once again we all ran as hard as we could away haha. What the hell man.

Now, there are more stories of this place that I can share, but I will leave you for now with my favorite happening there.

To preface this one, I don’t know if this was supernatural or normal, but it was fucking awesome anyways.

So, this night, we are playing hide and seek in the cemetery. Tons of scary fun and I’m sure the ghosts were enjoying it as well (maybe). I ran around to the tool shed away from the seeker and climbed on the roof. Surely no one would find me there.

So I watch everyone below me, running around and yelling. Everyone is having a blast. Then I look out across the field on the opposite side of the road. What is that? Looks like something…a …

It was a wall of dark black fog, absolutely rushing across the field and at the cemetery. It was exactly the hight of the roof I was on. This body of fog totally just, I can’t find the words to describe the swiftness of it.

Anyways, it seemed to stop in the cemetery. Everyone at the same time they got hit by it went totally silent and all left the cemetery. So there I am, on the roof of the building all by myself and I have to walk all the way across the cemetery now alone through this mist….ugh.

I hop down off the roof and man, it felt like I was on mars, it was totally alien. You couldn’t see very far in front of you, a few feet maybe. I would see the headstones come into my vision but they were just scary shapes at first. So I walked very very briskly through this shit back to the road without any event.

And man, JUST the very second I got to the road with everyone else, BAM. Fog left. Totally gone. Just zipped away as quick as it came.

Now like I said, it might have just been some fog and good timing. But it didn’t feel that way haha

Pretty cool place. Their house was haunted too. If you were alone you would hear people chatting but you would never really find out the source of the sound. Always seemed to be coming from another room, like you were close to the noise, but never quite there.

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“Mommy, there is a a magical man on the deck!”

May 20, 2011

We built a house on a lake in Michigan. The house is actually on an island in the lake, no roads on the island, no roads to the island. You have to get there by boat. There are 10 houses on this island & about 10 empty (wooded) lots, plus the center of the island is wooded, no houses.

When we were first building, my kids & I found some really old (prob. from the 40s or 50s) marbles in the water, right up by shore where we were putting in our dock. Sorry this isn’t exciting yet, have to give a little background first.

Well, we have been seeing the ghost of a man on the island for about 12 years now. My daughter first saw him one day…yes in the day…while we were walking around the island. She asked me “Mommy, who is that man”? I didn’t see anyone, but she said she saw a man sort of standing behind a tree, with a large black bag in his hand. He had a hat & a long coat on that came down just past his knees. I thought he might be a neighbor, but when we got to his house, he was mowing his yard in shorts & no shirt (no hat either). Well, I didn’t know what/who she saw, so we sort of just “dropped it”.

About a year later, my son started seeing the same man at night. We had
finally gotten the house finished enough to actually live in & many nights I would hear footsteps coming up the stairs (outside), walking across the deck & then down the path. At first, I figured it was one of our neighbors, but this happened even when we were alone on the island. I was sleeping there with my kids one night. I was having a very vivid dream and in it, I was watching a man checking out our boats on the dock. He then started walking up the stairs to our deck. It was night in my dream & because of the shadows made by the moonlight on the trees, shadows covered part of him as he came up the steps.

In my dream, I watched him walk up the steps& onto the deck. He walked across the deck, stopped and looked into the windows. Just then, my son woke me up saying “Mommy, Mommy, there is a a magical man on the deck!” I asked him what he meant & he described exactly what I was seeing in my dream, a man in a long dark coat & a hat coming slowly up the stairs, onto the deck & looking in our
windows! I asked him what was magical about the man & Jake (my son) said “I could hear him walking, but he had no legs”. In my dream, the shadows covered him from the waist down, so I couldn’t see his legs while he was on the deck! It was like Jake was seeing exactly what I had been dreaming, or was dreaming what he was seeing!

Well, from then on, my son started sleeping in the living room almost every night. He would sleep there so he could see the “magical man”. The man always did the same thing, walk up the steps, across the deck, pause to look in the windows & then go off the deck & down the path. When I found out Jake was sleeping in the living room just to see the man, it really bugged me, I didn’t want him becoming friendly with a ghost! But Jake was never afraid of the man, he said he felt the man was just coming to check on us, make sure everything was ok. My daughter saw him a few times too, and said it was the same man she had seen in the woods that one day. But, she was afraid & would not sleep in the living room very often because of it. I continued to hear the footsteps on the stairs, deck & down the path.

This went on for years & we tried to find out who the man could be. There is another island on the lake, right across from us, called Snake Island by everyone on the lake, but maps label it as Strawberry Island. A friend happened to give us an old map of the lake & we saw that Snake Island was labeled Scout Island on that map. We asked around about that & found an explanation for our ghost I think.

Back in the early 50s, Scout Island was owned by the Boy Scouts & they used to camp out there. One night, while they were camping, really big storm came up. The wind & lightening was really strong & because of the fear of fire & falling trees, the scout master decided to get the boys off the island. Back then, they used large row boats to cross the island. The scout master got all the boys in the boat & started rowing for the main land. They didn’t make it, all 8 boys and the scout master drowned. I don’t know for sure where the boatsunk, & I assume they recovered all the bodies. After hearing that story & since then finding several written accounts of the event, we decided our ghost might be the scout master. Maybe he really is just “checking on Jake”, making sure he is ok. Jake has always had the feeling that the man was just checking on him. I think the marbles we found were “boy scout marbles”.

We continue to see the scout leader on a regular basis every summer. I have also seen what I think is the boy scout boat a few times. I like to sit on the dock at night & one night while sitting there, watching the stars, I noticed a long-boat about midway between our island & snake island. The boat was in the shadow of snake island & had no lights on. thought “what are those guys doing?” So, I shined my flashlight on the boat & when I did, the part of the boat that should have been in the light, was NOT THERE! There was nothing there, but the part of the boat my light was not shining on, WAS! I could see 1/2 of a boat! I freaked & ran up to the house. But, since then, I have seen the boat a few more times & am not so scared. It just “floats” in the shadows between our island & snake island. When it gets past snake island, it disappears.

Sorry this was so long, & I will tell the story of the other ghost on the island another time.

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Tall Skinny Man With A Hat

May 19, 2011

I am a LVN and a few years back I was working at a nursing home.I worked the evening shift 2pm til 10pm, when I was asked if I could fill in on the night shift for awhile.  I needed some overtime so I gladly jumped on the extra hours.  One night while I was standing in a patients room in the cornerof my eye I saw a tall skinny old man with a hat on walk by out in the hall. I don’t know what you call those kind of hats– they were the kind that everyman seem to be wearing in pictures from the 40s or 50s.  Anyway it was about 3 am and visiting hours were long over.  I stuck my head out of the room and quietly called “Martha” she was one of the nurses aids that also worked on thathall.  Martha popped out of one of the other rooms and I motioned her to thenurses station.  I asked her who was that man?  She said she hadn’t seen anyoneand so I went and checked the front door to make sure it was locked.  Yes itwas locked already just like I thought.  Martha told me, “maybe it was the ghost”  she went on to tell me that  other people had thought they had seen atall skinny man with a hat on.

Martha had been working this night shift forseveral years, so she went into several stories about the different people that had seen this guy.  She also told me about room 36 on B hall.  She said all the nurses aids know that there must be a ghost in there that takes care of the patients in that room.  Both of the patients in that room were comatose and both had been in that room for about two years.  Neither one of  the patients were able to press the call light (at this nursing home, there was no intercom system that would call directly to the nuses station, the patient would push the call light button and a light outside  of their door would turn  on and that’s how the staff would know they needed assistance.  Of course with patients that are comatose, nurses make rounds and check on those patients every two
hours.)  Martha went on to tell me that room 36’s call light will come on at all hours of the night and when ever they go to check the room and turn off the light sure enough one of the patients will need to have their linens changed due to incontinents.

I took what Martha said with a grain of salt, because I had never heard or seen any of this action on the enening shift that I normally worked.  A couple of nights later, the nurses aids and I were sitting up at the nurses station.  We had all just finished our different rounds and were drinking coffee and talking.  I looked up and as I looked I saw the light turn on for room 36, B-Hall.  I knew all the other girls that were working there that night were sitting right there with me.  I said “Look ya’ll there it goes”

They grumbled knowing that meant someone must be dirty and they were enjoying ther break.  They trusted that light that much.  I told them I wanted to go down there with them to see this for myself.  When we got to the room, one of the comatose patients was literally choking on their own phlegm.  I grabbed a suction machine and proceeded to take care of this woman.  The strange thing is — we had all just done our rounds, I had checked on that patient within the last hour.  If that call light had not went on, that woman may have suffocated.

I was astonished, but the nurses aids that are used to the gost of B-hall rm 36, were not astonished at all they merely said “See, he really does care about those patients!”   I’ll never forget that,  I was glad to get back to my evening shift but always was aware when I went into rm 36 that I may have someone watching what I was doing!


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A man in a hat and coat.

May 18, 2011

The house I live in was bought by my parents in about 1983, when I joined the Army. Off and on, between stints in the army, college, and various jobs, I have lived with my parents in this house for six months here, a year there, until I got married and moved out for good in the Dad developed brain cancer a few years ago, and I moved back to help my Mom care for him until he passed, since I was divorced by then. Ive lived here ever since (my Mom is getting up in age, so I help her out now. The house is technically 1/3 mine now, and I live upstairs and my Mom downstairs.its a big two-story, about 40 years old.)

Anyway, a restless spirit / ghost / poltergeist has been here with us the whole time. At first, in the 80s, it would be a drawer slamming shut in the kitchen late at night, or the cupboard doors slamming, or silverware rattling, at least weekly and sometimes nightly occurrence of noises of someone doing something in the kitchen in the dead of night. Loud enough to wake me from my sleep. But, no one there. It was creepy enough, and often enough, to convince any skeptic (and I am a skeptic) that we had a poltergeist. Often enough that it gave me the creeps, the shivers. But never malicious. Until.

It was about 15 years ago, before my Dad passed, that I was living here for a time during my engagement. The noises were still there, but one night, when my parents were out on the town, I was reading in bed upstairs, and noticed the outdoor porch light come on (it is motion sensitive.) Thinking my parents were back, I started downstairs to unlock the door, and as I was going downstairs, I heard the doorknob rattling, as if someone were trying to open it but it was locked. I reached the door, the rattling stopped, and I peered out the peephole..nothing. No one was there. There was no way someone could have been at that doorway, in the breezeway, and simply run off so quickly. That creeped me out totally, so much that I was almost shaking. It was the poltergeist. And it wasnt just in the kitchen anymore.

Fast forward 10 years.the year 2000 about, divorced now and just moved back to help my Dad. My then 8 year old son, who visits every weekend or so, was with me one weekend, and we were downstairs on a Sunday morning, me reading the paper, him watching cartoons. Well, the upstairs master bedroom is directly above the dining room, where I was reading, and it has some squeaky boards (the bedroom) and is unmistakeable hearing someone walking up there. The floor creaks. As I was sitting there, I hear footsteps upstairs, someone walking around..except no one was there. I asked Daniel (my son), I thought Grandma and Grandpa went to church? Him: They did. Me: Did you hear that? Him: Yeah, someones upstairs. Only, no one there. Goosebumps.

About a year later, my son asked me one morning, Dad, who was that man here last night looking at me?

Who do you mean?

There was a man on the stairs, looking at me when I was asleep. (The middle bedroom door opens onto the stairs.)

Maybe it was Grampa checking on you.

Him: No, it wasnt was a man in a hat and coat.

Me: Just a bad dream, there wasnt any man.

He blew it off, and went on to play games or watch cartoons. Me, I was pissed now. Its one thing to scare me, another thing again to be scaring my kid. Ghost or not, I was out to kick whoever-it-wass ass. No one scares my kid by looking at him from the stairs.

Well, I consulted my ditzy friend, she is into ghosts and ufos, sees them all the time. A real space case. She tells me, Just ask it what it wants, and if it doesnt tell you, tell it to leave. You might have to yell at it. But just tell it to leave, and it will! Simple, huh?

The next time I heard this thing rattling stuff in the kitchen, I marched downstairs, and I said to no one, What do you want? Why are you scaring us? LEAVE!! Silence. Hasnt been back since. True story.

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