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Man, You’re Fast.

August 17, 2015

Back in 2003 while stationed in Portsmouth, VA I was going through a divorce and as such, had moved back into the barracks. Reeling from the stress of the divorce, I had trouble sleeping and would go for a run at all hours. One such morning around 4:00AM I took off for quick 5 miler. Portsmouth has some pretty dodgy areas and my run took me straight through one of them. As I got to the top of a bridge I saw someone standing on the side of the road. It was odd but not completely unheard of that I would see a non-runner standing somewhere other than a bus stop. Anyhow, he watched me the entire time I ran closer to him and as I got closer he turned his back to me but continued to watch me over his shoulder. Since I tend to become more friendly in awkward situations I said hi as I ran past him but I picked up my pace.

After a couple minutes I had pretty much forgotten about the encounter. As I continued my run there was a bridge that went over an interstate. After I crossed the bridge, I about shit myself as I saw the same guy standing on the side of the road again. No cars passed me and there was no way he could have gotten from where we first met to here in that amount of time without driving past me. Again, being nervous all I could say, was “Man, you’re fast.” I’m pretty sure I broke personal speed records after that.


Ruby Tuesday’s, New Mexico

March 9, 2013

My best friend found this subreddit. He told me I need to share this story. It’s kind of weird and unbelievable. I have no proof it happened, but if you want to hear a story…gather around.

In the winter of 2009 my brother and I took a road trip from Portland, Oregon to Port St Lucie, Florida and back again. We made the trip to visit my sister who lives in Port St Lucie. She and her husband just had their first child and my brother and I were excited to see the newborn.

On the trip to Port St Lucie we took a combination of freeways from the northwest all the way down to the southeast corner (basically a diagonal route), but several times throughout our voyage we were tremendously delayed by snow. The trip which should have taken no more than three days ended up taking five. Because of this delay, we had to cut short our visit with our sister’s family.

On the trip back to Portland we decided to take I-10 the entire way. This stretch of freeway runs all the way from Florida to Los Angeles and would completely keep us away from the snow. The I-10 route added several hundred miles, but we both needed to be home for work the following Monday, and this was a sure fire way not to be delayed.

The first day of the return trip was uneventful, but we did manage to drive 1,300 miles from Port St Lucie to San Antonio before stopping for the night. The plan was to make it all the way to Las Vegas the next night, which would leave us with about a fourteen hour final day drive. The trip was going well. It wasn’t until we left San Antonio that the glitches started happening.

The car we took on this trip was a 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid. The entire trip we had been getting right around 35mpg (this is digitally displayed on the dash), so we had become very aware of how many miles we could squeeze out of a tank. We knew to refuel around 350 miles, but we also knew we could stretch that number into the low 400’s if need be.

About 100 miles outside San Antonio, I notice the fuel gauge was dropping noticeably faster than usual, so I clicked the button to change the dashboard display only to see the car was getting barley 26mpg. At first I was shocked, but I reasoned it to possibly driving uphill the entire way (I still don’t know)? I thought throughout the course of an entire tank of fuel that it would eventually balance itself out and we would finish the tank within that 35mpg range. I was wrong.

I kept a very detailed log of this entire trip, and this one stop in Fort Stockton, Texas is the only anomaly in the entire book. The car which had consistently held around 35mpg suddenly finished an entire tank off at 25.8mpg. That is over 100 mile difference in the vehicles normal range. I still to this day cannot figure out why there was such a drastic shift in fuel consumption in that 300 mile stretch from San Antonio. I’ve reflected on that tank of gas several times since this happened, and I have almost come to the conclusion that it was an intentional glitch in order to make us pullover where we did.

Our original plan was to refuel about 50 miles later in a town that I cannot remember, but we obviously ran short on fuel. Anyway, with our GPS programmed to Las Vegas, Nevada, we headed back onto the road in which the GPS directed. Pretty soon after we got back on the road we realized we were no longer on I-10 heading west, instead we were north on highway 285 (here’s a TIL for some people. Evenly numbered highways and freeways are heading East/West while odds are north/south). We didn’t think much about being off the interstate because many times throughout the drive we had been directed onto bypass highways. We assumed this was just another such instance.

After about an hour and a half of driving on highway 285 we crossed into New Mexico, which was about two hours earlier than we should have crossed the border. By this time we realized the GPS thought this was a more efficient way to go to Vegas even though by all accounts it is about an hour faster if we had stayed on the 10. We were annoyed, but decided to just stick it out with the GPS and keep heading north through New Mexico.

Nearly five hours after refueling in Fort Stockton, my brother and I were hungry and decided it was time to find somewhere to eat. Driving through this part New Mexico is kind of lonely. There are very few towns, and where there are towns, they are small and on the verge of becoming ghosts. I think their economies are built around helping travelers fill up their gas tanks. Other than that, I cannot see a reason for them to exist.

My brother and I have talked about what happened next so many times, but we still cannot figure it all out. We passed through a small town with a couple gas stations and we know the town was named Vaughn, NM, and then about 20 miles later we drove through a town call Encino, NM which did not have a gas station (that we can recall). In fact, the second town didn’t really seem to have much there if anything. I wasn’t sure if anyone was living there. I seem to remember questioning why it existed in the first place, but then quickly dismissing it and driving right through.

Not even ten miles after passing through Encino, NM, we surprisingly came upon a city/town that wasn’t loaded in the GPS. This wasn’t a big deal, because I was using a cheap handheld that lost its signal all the time, but usually the only things it didn’t display were newly built roads and recent construction areas. This city was definitely not brand new, so I figured the GPS was being buggy. The oddest part of finding this city, neither of us remembers seeing any warning we were coming up on a town of this size. It had several fast food joints, restaurants, hotels, motels, grocery store (Albertsons maybe) and even some bars. If I were to guess, I would say this city was roughly 10-20k people.

We decided to pull off and grab a bite to eat. Normally we probably would have grabbed some fast food, but my brother saw a Ruby Tuesday’s and really wanted to try it out. There were a couple Ruby Tuesday’s around the Portland area at the time, but neither of us had been there. We had just heard they had a pretty good salad bar, and I guess my brother was in the mood for something other than fast food. I went along with the suggestion because I was sick of eating junk.

((((((for the rest of this story, I will be N and my brother will be G)))))

We pulled into the Ruby Tuesday’s parking lot, got out of the car and walked in the restaurant. Immediately upon entering a waitress who was milling around the hostess station says, ‘Oh my word, is that N and G?’ Both my brother and I answered that it was indeed us, and the waitress went on to ask how life was in Portland. Suddenly it clicked, this girl knows who we are, but we are over 1,000 miles from home. Did we know her from back home?

My brother and I both gave very basic vague answers to her question, and I could tell she was kind of unsettled that my brother and I were being evasive. When we were seated, my brother immediately asked me where we knew her from, which was the same question I was going to ask him. I told him that I had no idea who she was, and that she obviously had mistaken us with some other people. Not more than a minute later this guy bartender comes up and says, “No fucking way, G and N. You back for jobs?”

What? My brother went on to tell the guy they had us mistaken with some other people. He laughed and dismissed my brother’s response as a joke. The bartender continued on seamlessly and started asking us how we fared in the three month anatomy and physiology course we had taken at Oregon State.

I remember thinking all of the sudden; this is not a coincidence anymore. My brother and I had taken a three month 15 credit A&P class at Portland State University when we were in our early 20’s (We were late 20’s when this interaction happened). Finally, I asked the guy exactly where they knew us from, and he just kind of paused and started looking me over. Then he said, “Oh damn, you guys just look really similar to some people that used to work here.”

He apologized and claimed he had to get back to work. After a bit, our food came and my brother and I noticed they had switched out our waitresses from the girl who recognized us when we walked in. That wasn’t a big deal, although a bit strange. Next a guy who I can only guess was the manager starts walking over to our table with a big smile on his face. As he gets within about ten feet of us he kind of starts looking over my head and stops. I think someone behind me was directing him not to talk to us. After he received the message he sharply turned 90 degrees and walked away without saying a word.

This had quickly become the most awkward meal of our lives. It went from people acting like it was a celebration for us to have shown up to everyone avoiding eye contact with us at all cost. After we finished up with our meals the waitress came told us the cash registers were frozen and that our meal was on the house.

I really wanted to ask the waitress what the name of the city was that we were in, but I also really wanted to get out of there. After leaving the restaurant we were running pretty low on gas, so I decided to refuel before we got back on the highway. I assumed the name of the city would be printed on the receipt. We were not that lucky.

This city strip was a one way road on the eastern side of the highway. When we left Ruby Tuesday’s the only way to turn was right, and it headed straight back to northbound 285. In order to refuel I would have to head north on the one way street and turn right on a side street to head back to the southern part of town to the gas station. The only available right hand turn off that one way street was closed so I was forced back onto the highway without fueling up. About 20 minutes later we found a truck stop at the intersection of 285 and I-40 where we finally filled up.

The rest of the trip was very ordinary. We talked at length about how weird that Ruby Tuesday’s was in the middle of New Mexico. We came up with solutions about how we had doppelgangers with the same names. We joked about how people that look similar follow the exact same paths in life regardless of their upbringing. We talked ourselves into it being a major coincidence. When we finally got back to Portland we decided to do a little research and find out the name of this town.

Here is the google maps picture of that stretch of highway.

We know we refueled at a truck stop at the intersection of 285 and I-40, which means that we had to have passed through Vaughn and Encino, so there should be a city between the truck stop and Encino. I don’t see anywhere on the regular map or the satellite map where this little city could possibly be. We have never really been able to answer what happened that day. I can still vividly remember the waitress’s face of unease by the way my brother and I were behaving, the bartenders’ voice change when he figured out we were not the people he thought we were, and thinking the manager looked identical to the actor Ken Moreno. My brother and I know this stuff happened, but we have never been able to find the solution.

Maybe some redditors can give me an answer or maybe this was just a glitch. Maybe someone has driven that stretch of road and knows the town.

tl;dr apparently my brother and I worked at a Ruby Tuesday’s in the middle of New Mexico

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“Make sure you stop at the sign ahead.”

March 5, 2013

When I was 16 and learning how to drive, I had something happen to me that I can’t explain and still creeps me out a bit to this day.

I was out in a driving school vehicle with the driving instructor. We were probably an hour into the two hour session. It wasn’t my first time driving and it wasn’t my first time driving with one of the school’s instructors, so I was pretty calm and relaxed and pretty much knew what I was doing at this point.

Anyway, we’re headed down this road and approaching a Stop sign. It’s still light enough to see what’s coming without headlights so it’s not like it’s hard to see. I was probably going maybe 35-40 mph. It was in a residential area, but on the edge of it. No homes were along the road I was traveling or down the cross street with at the stop sign. It was a 4-way stop because as we approached, I remembered seeing people stopped on the cross-street waiting.

Maybe 200-300 yards away from the Stop sign, the driving instructor says to me “Make sure you stop at the sign ahead.”

I think to myself “Why would just remind me to Stop at the sign?” And then say out loud “Yep!” just to humor her and be nice. It’s still pretty far away, so it was a pretty odd reminder.

The next moment I consciously remember is being on the same road but being 200-300 yards past the Stop sign. I don’t remember stopping. I don’t even know if I did or not. I have no memory of it. (We’ve all had the auto-pilot thing where you just suddenly realize you’re 5 miles down the road on the interstate going 60 mph…but this isn’t that kind of experience.)

Just as my conscious mind picks up and realizes that we’re past the stop sign and I have no memory of the past 2-3 minutes, the driving instructor turns to me and says “Did we Stop at the sign?” I looked over at her, and we both knew.

We didn’t even need to say it. We both knew. It didn’t need to be discussed.

Neither of us remembered if we stopped at that stop sign. We don’t know what happened for those 2-3 minutes.

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Pink Sweatsuit

May 2, 2012

Let me start by saying I worked in an Assisted Living center for the elderly. This is not a ghost story.

At my job we had one partner with us on every shift. This night I was working with Jessica. We were doing the ‘swing shift’ – 3pm – 11pm. I was in the kitchen cleaning up the grill after dinner and I see Jessica cleaning the tables in the dining room about five feet from me. I ask her if she wants to put another pot of coffee on or if we still have enough from after serving the residents. She doesn’t respond, which is unusual because we weren’t having a bad night or fighting or anything. I ask again and don’t see her in there anymore.

So five minutes later, Jessica comes down from a hallway and I say, “Hey, wait, where were you?” She says she was helping Helen to bed. (This is a common task for the time of night and takes about twenty minutes because she has severe dementia.) I say, “That’s crazy! I swear I saw you in the dining room while I was cleaning the kitchen… but it couldn’t have been you actually. The person I saw was wearing a pink sweatshirt and sweatpants.” As Jessica is standing in front of me, I can see she’s wearing a black top and blue jeans. She turned slightly pale and her mouth dropped open. Finally she says, “That’s what I was wearing last night. This lady from across the street gave us three bags of clothes she didn’t want anymore and I picked out the pink sweatsuit and put it on last night to see if it would fit. Then I kept it on for the rest of the night.”

So the tale stops here, because I’m pretty freaked out over this. The kind of thing hasn’t ever happened to me before in such an obvious way. First of all, let me say I live 20 minutes drive out of town and I only worked there on weekends. I was not even in town the night before when Jessica was on shift. Also, that outfit she got was new (to her, anyhow) so I wasn’t using a remembered image of her if my eyes had played a trick on me. I had known Jessica for about three years by that point and she wasn’t one to lie or weave stories for amusement.

I am still freaked out over what could have occurred. But, I know what I saw.

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and I was no longer seeing through my eyes.

January 27, 2012

I have two stories that are just weird as fuck. Both of them are things I just would not believe if someone else told them to me, but I can swear with every fiber of my being that they happened as I write them here.

The first happened a couple years ago. I can’t remember the occasion, but my mother and I had gone to A&W for lunch, and we were both sitting there eating our meals. We happened to be seated pretty close to the washroom doors, so I noticed everyone going in an out. First person to come out is this old man who’s kind of hobbling along. He walked past and I looked at him and went on with my meal. Not 30 seconds later, another man comes out of the bathroom, and at this point I get a little freaked out because I realize it’s the exact same person. Same limp, clothing, face, everything.

A couple minutes later, the same thing happens except it’s an old woman this time. She comes out, then 30 seconds later comes right out of the bathroom again. My mom took a look at me and said “You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” I just kind of stammered a bit then wrote it off as me being crazy.

The next story is more weird, in my opinion, and is the single strangest occurrence of my life. This happened when I was about 9 years old, but I can still remember it… vividly.

We were visiting family in Nevada with my dad, and they lived out in a very dry area in a fairly good sized trailer. A couple days in, I was playing outside with my cousin, pretty much just messing around in the dirt. At some point, I look up. Right next to the house is a… field I guess? Surrounded by wire fence, probably originally for livestock. But anyway, there’s this guy standing there. This is a good 300 or more feet away, so I cannot see him clearly at all.

Queue the weird.

As soon as I look at this guy, I have what I can only describe as an out of body experience. My body pretty much just went into lockdown, and I was no longer seeing through my eyes. And I wasn’t just floating there or anything… I was in that man’s body. Through his eyes I could see two little shapes playing across the field, but I could just FEEL that he saw the shapes as animals.

And then I realized he was holding a fucking shotgun.

After that I regained my body and blurted out “we have to go indoors,” offering no explanation to my cousin, who thought I was nuts.

I didn’t tell anyone because I just didn’t know how to express it to other people back then. I’ve only since told my brothers but I don’t think they believed me. Still freaks me out when I think about it today because it’s the only time I’ve ever lost control of my body. It was almost like a dream but the whole thing felt like it was happening in slow motion.

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“Beat”, by King Crimson

January 17, 2012

I had a friend in high school, lets call him Bob. Bob was a very nice fellow, and while we weren’t that close, we had similar tastes in music and we’d share CDs (this is in the late 80s, way before file-sharing). Anyway, we eventually graduated, and I moved several hundred miles away to college, and we lost touch. When I left for college, I had one of Bob’s CDs still in my possession (“Beat”, by King Crimson)

Fast forward 10 years… I’d graduated college and was knee deep in in my career, and finally saved up enough money and bought my first house.

In the new house and while unpacking, I see the CD in a box – hadn’t noticed it in many years, and thought… “gee, I really should track down Bob and return this”.

Right then, the doorbell rings…

It’s Bob.

And he says “hey, you wouldn’t happen to still have my King Crimson CD would you?”

I look down… I’m holding it in my hand.

I hand it to him, and his mouth drops open (mine probably already is). We exchange pleasantries. I probably asked him how he found me, but I no longer remember. He eventually takes off.

I haven’t seen Bob since.

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Quantum Cigarette

January 17, 2012

I was leaving work with a coworker who was going to give me a ride home. I’m a smoker and he is not so he definitely didn’t want me smoking in his car. I asked if he wanted me to throw it away and he said “Na go ahead and finish up”. So I planned to do just that.

As we stood, I was leaning against his driver side door and he was a few feet in front of me. We were having a conversation about this and that and while that was happening I was puffing on my cigarette.

I kept getting this feeling that I should just throw my cigarette to the ground so we could get going. Basically, he’s giving me a ride home and I’m inconveniencing him by smoking. So, each puff I took made me think of it a little stronger.

One of the drags I had a complete vision of just throwing the cigarette to the ground but I instead held onto it and dropped my arm after the puff.

He said “OK let’s go” thinking that I had dropped the cigarette and was finished.

I said “What are you talking about? I still have to finish.” and I held up my cigarette for him to see.

His eyes got very wide and he shakily pointed to the ground and asked “What’s that then?”

I looked at the ground and sure enough there was a cigarette still lit laying on the ground.

I exclaimed “You have got to be kidding me!” and then I took my own cigarette from my hand and placed it next to the cigarette on the ground. It was an identical length and an identical cherry.

He said “I don’t know how that got there but I watched you throw that to the ground”

We both puzzled over it for a while and eventually we didn’t discuss it any longer.

The thing is that if anyone were to be smoking and throw their butt, it probably wouldn’t be half finished. Also, it probably wouldn’t have been so close to the driver side door and instead in the middle of the parking lot. Furthermore, we were there for many minutes and it should have either burned out by then or at least had an inconsistent ash line.

Regardless of all of that, I to this day believe that if I were to have bagged that cigarette CSI style, it would have matched my DNA.

TLDR: My universe and a quantum universe collapsed in on itself leaving a cigarette that I was smoking to tunnel through to my universe through the intense thought of ridding myself of that cigarette.

– Posted by EnlightenedInsanity; Reddit