They started talking to me.

January 8, 2012

As I was turning 8 ( 16 years ago) I started to get ill, coughing, sneezing, started to eat less. So they got me to the hospital and the doctors did some standard tests for allergies and other stuff I don’t remember. But they noticed something: I have strange spots on my lips, like those brown ones on the rest of your body but these are black. eg:http://www.pjms.com.pk/issues/julsep08/fig_tab/peutz_fig1.gif (not me but almost the same)

So they discovered I had peutz jeghers. Nothing to worry about, they told me, just needed some more tests done. I got those done on a Wednesday and they discovered I had a telescopic small intestine which was dying and was gonna burst and kill me. So got an operation on Thursday (went really fast). Afterwards doctors came to ask me if I had any pain prior to the operation. Never felt anything except for really hard cramps but not dying pains.

since then I have to go for a check up every year.

Fast forward to 4 years ago. (actual story) I was in the hospital again for the annual thingy. Always fully sedated so I don’t remember shit about sticking camera’s in my exit and thus creating man-tears. I wake up after the checkup, and there is a doctor there. He tells me they removed a very big but flat polyp. The removal may have caused a perforation in the intestine. The doctor left and not more then 30 seconds later I get hellish pain. It kept growing worse. So they gave me morphine and made a scan, revealing nothing. So they send me home and told me to “man up”. I tried but couldn’t. 24 hours later I was at the ER where they discovered the perforation and started to give me meds and painkillers (really strong ones). And then it happened. I started to drift away in conscious and unconsciousness because of the painkillers I thought. I started to see and feel things that didn’t belong. Strange figures appearing at my bed. Once there was this figure, dressed in hospital clothes. But it had no face, just skin. I sometimes asked my girlfriend who was standing next to her. She never knew what I was talking about. 1 week later I could go home and enjoyed being outside in a week.

Went to bed early but sh!t got even worse. Woke up at 3am. Throwing up blood, enormous amounts (or so it seemed). Rush to the ER (ffs again :P) insta check up. note:I don’t remember anything from me waking up till the next morning, I was in shock and most of the times unconscious. The doctors told my parents I wouldn’t have made it if I had stayed half an hour longer in bed fighting the nausea due to the amount of blood loss.

What I do remember of those few hours is those same figures. But now it gets even stranger. They started talking to me. I don’t remember every thing, but this one I remember clearly: “We are ready for you. Come with us.”. I was not afraid, it was even kind how they talked. But I refused. I struggled to stay. And then there was this man. Tall, dark hair, and he just smiled at me, turned around and left through the door. Later I found out, the guy next to me died. And when I asked to describe him, they described the man I saw.

Next day all this stopped and I could go home a week later.

I think I came close…

I told you guys about my encounter of 4 years ago. And here is another one I would like to share:

March 2010. I get my yearly routine colonoscopy and endoscopy. So after the checkup I end up in my room pretty woozie from the anesthetics, love that. Everything was fine, I just needed an extra x-ray and echo of some organs. Nothing I wasn’t used to. The next morning I wake up and see some food… after 2 days of not eating I was hungry. But I know I can not eat that much after what has just happened. So I eat one sandwich and that is it. Started to feel funny inside so i called the nurse. She couldn’t tell what was wrong. And they called my doctor. “every thing is fine, it are just light cramps.” he assured me. Wen’t home… (oh never do that) and came back 1 hour later with allot of pain, shitting blood and what not… (but not as worse as 4 years ago)

So they gave me a room, and put me up for an endoscopy. I asked for some light sedative to put me in a twilight state. I really do hate endo’s. So they took a quick look, and saw there was a small wound of a removed polyp that had started bleeding. Notthing to worry, but I couldn’t eat for a week and had to stay there.

After the endo, they put me in a wheelchair and put me outside in the hallway to be taken to the room. That is when things started to get “weird” It felt like I had been there for a whole day. Just fading in and out of the world, because of the light sedative. I started to see people again. A few faces looked familiar. But couldn’t think of where I have met them. Some looked upset, others friendly. And then I saw this man. Standing in a doorway a few feet away from where I was. I looked at him and recognized him right away, and started crying. It was my granddad who had died in 2005. He came over, grabbed my shoulders and looked me in the eyes. He knelt down before me and just… smiled. And I was just sitting there crying, and it lasted for minutes. He then stood up, turned around and started walking away. I felt myself zoning out again. The nurse that took me up to my room asked me why I cried… I couldn’t tell.

To this day, I can still feel his hands on my shoulders, and see his eyes so clearly. I feel like he protects me from all evil.

– Posted by tokke; Nosleep

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