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Girls In The Bathroom

June 28, 2012

My friends house is haunted. I normally don’t buy peoples’ bullshit ghost stories, but his entire family (and anybody that stays in the house a few nights) would agree that weird shit went on in that house. There are dozens of stories, but I’ll tell mine:

One night I showed up to my friends house for a party. I was about 18 or 19 at the time. Everybody was in the basement getting drunk and as I walked to the basement door to go down there I passed the bathroom. The light was on, the door was closed, and I heard 3 or 4 female voices inside the bathroom. “Awesome”, I thought, “there are girls at this party. I hope they’re hot.”

I stopped to listen to them for a minute. I was trying to figure out if I knew their voices or not. I could actually hear what they were saying; they were talking and laughing. I listened for about a minute.

I then went downstairs and started drinking. About 20 minutes passed and I asked my friend where the girls were that were upstairs and everybody (there were 5 or 6 guys there at this point; it was early) just stopped and stared at me. There were no girls in the house and the night before my friend had been woken up my girls’ voices coming from that bathroom. Everybody else was thrown because my friend had told them about it before I got there.

We went upstairs to check the bathroom. The door was open and the light was still on. The water was also running (?).

What kills me is I actually heard what they were saying but I don’t remember it because it didn’t seem important. I fucking heard ghosts having a conversation and I don’t remember it. Lame.

– Posted by qwop88; Reddit


A banging on the door, followed with suffocating voice begging for help

June 26, 2012

I like to think of myself as a pretty skeptical person. Someone who doesn’t claim every other, seemingly unexplainable event to be occult, just because it simply is easier to explain things when claiming the “unexplainable” being of supernatural nature. You could say that I prefer fact before fiction. Despite this, there have been times in my life, where logic and common sense just didn’t fit in.

In Sweden most people are atheists. We’re born in to the Christian church, and stay there, only to take part of the four main events the typical swede attends to during his lifetime. These are baptism, confirmation, weddings and funerals.

This story takes place at my confirmation camp. I was about 15 years old, and although most kids are in it for the celebration party (meaning presents) after the final ceremony, I actually somewhat did believe in God. This is quite irrelevant for the story though, so I’ll just skip to the strange event that took place.

It was mid-day, and I’m on my way back to the dormitory, after just having stuffed myself with a nice meal at the dining hall. I was all alone, which was quite nice after spending the last few days with people around you at all times. I was strolling, taking in that weird old smell that all old houses seems to have, and listening to the floorboards creak under my weight. It was all kind of peaceful.

To get to my room, I had to walk up a staircase, which was next to a door. No one had a clue what was behind that door, since it was closed at all times, and my guess is that no one even cared. It was just an old door, in an old house.

Without even thinking about said door, I started to walk up the stairs. As I did, there was an instant banging on the door I just mentioned. With it came a raspy, suffocating voice, which cried out “Help! Help!”. While standing there and listening, the whole procedure did repeat itself. The banging, the begging. As a 15 year old boy, in a house filled with other 15 year old pranksters, I just shrugged it off. I assumed that a couple of my friends were behind that door, trying to scare anyone who was passing by, and with that I started to walk the stairs again. Half way up, when the banging and crying for help, still hadn’t stopped; I had to second think my decision to just leave. What if there actually was someone in there, in need of aid?

With that I made my way back down the stairs. As I reached the door, I started to talk back to the person inside. I asked some basic question like “Who is this?”, “what’s wrong?” and so on. As no one answered, and the banging and the raspy voice were constant, I grabbed the handle. The door was locked.

This is where I turned to logic. If this person was truly in need, he would have responded to my questions, or at least attempted to unlock the door. After all, he was banging on it, which meant that he was right by it. Satisfied with my conclusion, I finally made my way up the stairs.

As I passed the girls dorm, I did notice that they were all worked up about something. Some of them where screaming, others hugging, and some just jumping up and down. Naturally, as the gentleman I am I asked what’s wrong. Two of the girl start repeating a story that’s identical to what I just experienced, and this is where things actually started to get really weird. It turned out that unlike me, the girls actually took the banging and cries for help really seriously. In fact they panicked and started to pull the handle as soon as they heard the noises. The door was stuck, but they were not giving up. As they repeatedly were pulling the handle and pushing the door, it finally gave in. At that very moment, the noises abruptly stopped. There were just the two girls, staring into a completely normal, totally empty, office-like room…

– Posted by SonOfJacob; Truthisinhere


On All Fours

June 25, 2012

My boyfriend’s friend told me about something that happened to her about five years ago.

She was driving with her friend to San Francisco from LA and was on the 5 freeway, about two hours out of SF at 3am. If you’ve never driven this, this is the area where there is NOTHING. You feel like you are in the damn middle of nowhere, and driving there at the right time (like 3am) can put you in complete solitude since it’s too early for people to be driving in/out to work, travel, etc.

They admit to being young and stupid at the time (they were both 17 when it happened) and they would drive up next to people that had hazard lights on as if they were going to help them, then they would drive away. Or they would drive through puddles (it was raining) and splash people.

They’re driving pretty fast, and catch up to a car very quickly, which turns out to actually be stopped in the very middle lane of the freeway with it’s regular lights on, but not hazard lights. So they slow down and keep driving at what she says was a steady 35 since she was looking back. Then a tall man gets out of the car and gets on the ground. So she keeps driving because all of the sudden they both feel extremely scared.

He starts running on all fours, like he’s galloping, after them. She says they screamed and sped up, and started driving 40, then 50, and looked back and he was catching up with them. Her friend starts crying and starts trying to decide if she should call the police, but didn’t considering how far out they were.

She fucking punches it and starts approaching 70 miles an hour, with this “galloping man” about 100 feet behind them. He gets closer, probably about half that (the friend says, as she was staring, not having to pay attention to the road). She starts crying too and thinking they are both going to get killed, so she hits about 80 miles and the “man” stopped in his tracks and stood up and stared, and she said for a split second, even from 80-100 feet away and only with the light emitting from her rear lights in the darkness, she looked in the rear-view mirror at him and they “locked eyes” and felt nothing like she has ever felt before.

As she was telling me this, the hair on her arms were standing up. She thinks he was possessed. They didn’t see him again, but that freaks me the fuck out.

She said they were both “good” during high school and they were not under the influence of anything and neither of them were sleep deprived. They slept before making the trip.

When she was talking about it she got all choked up when she was said she was wondering, “Just HOW fast do I have to drive to lose this thing?” I can’t imagine. Fuck.

– Posted by Killerzeit ; Reddit


“Don’t say anything. Don’t look at them. You need to be asleep.”

June 25, 2012

I’m one of those people that only rarely remembers their dreams. But when I do, they tend to be quite vivid.

When I was about 15, I went on a mission trip to Appalachia with my church youth group. We were all piled into a school bus, and the drive lasted at least a day and a half, so we had to stop and sleep overnight at other churches.

On the trip there, we got lost on the back roads of Ohio trying to find the place we were supposed to sleep that night.

It was about 1 or two in the morning (yeah, we were REALLY lost) and looking out the window, I must have drifted off – except the transition was so seamless I don’t remember actually falling asleep. Because one moment I was just looking out the window at the dark countryside, and the next there were all these pale, flickering people walking through the trees on either side of the road, just watching us. They were all white, and seemed almost luminous as they came closer to the road.

I looked around, and everybody else on the bus was asleep, except the driver.

The driver was this kinda stoic, old-school renfest goth guy named Christopher (NOT Chris), and he and I got each other pretty well, so I’d been sitting up front to shoot the shit with him. I remember turning around to ask him what was up with the people on the side of the road, but he was just staring straight ahead. He didn’t seem freaked out or anything, but before I could actually say anything, he said, in this really calm voice:

“Don’t say anything. Don’t look at them. You need to be asleep.”

I didn’t think the people from the road wanted to hurt me – if anything, I just felt sad for them. They all looked so lost, and their clothes were all in tatters. Some of them looked like they’d been burned. Some of them were kids.

But I believed Christopher when he told me it was better not to look at them.

I don’t remember going to sleep, but I did close my eyes, and when I opened them again we were in a small town, and the road-people were gone.

– Posted by fusionblonde; Nosleep


Please don’t cry, we’re all okay.

June 25, 2012

I work in a hospital, and in a place where death is common, I kind of learned how to just shrug things off and move on. This is different, and kind of both creeps me out, and brings tears to my eyes.

A cardiologist at our hospital died a couple of weeks ago. His house caught on fire. His wife, along with their 2 children also died during the accident. All four of them were found in the bedroom hugging each other.

There’s this kid, 7 years old, his doctor was a pediatrician at our hospital, been there a lot actually. The pediatrician was at a loss to with what to do with the kid. He was brought there by his mother, because the kid insisted he has been talking to his father a lot. His father died a couple years ago, and I’m not sure how or why. The pediatrician found nothing wrong with the kid.

A couple of days ago. the kid insisted on seeing his pediatric doctor, he didn’t say why, but was persistent. He kept bugging his mom to bring him to the doctor immediately. End of the day, she brings his kid to the hospital. Upon entering, the kid just stopped. In the lobby there was a photo of the deceased cardiologist, with flowers and well wishes. The kid sees it and tugs at his mom, “That’s the guy who talked to me a couple of days ago, he told me to tell [pediatric doctor] not to cry anymore, he said they’re all ok and happy.” So the mom takes the kid to his doctor, and the pediatric doctor is just, shocked and overwhelmed at the same time. The pediatric doctor was close friends with the cardiologist, and have been in a sad state these past couple of days.

The part that freaks me out is that the cardiologist never met the kid patient ever. I do believe that science can explain most things, but maybe not everything. If there was an “I see dead people kid” in real life, I’d bet that’s the kid.

– Posted by jorgensnap; Nosleep


The Room At The End With The Coughing

June 5, 2012

This from a family of skeptics:

When my father was young his family moved to a large house in the city center with something like seven bedrooms (he came from a family of eleven children). My aunt took her room, by herself, in the last bedroom at the end of the hall. Within a few months she went to my Grandfather, who was a frightening man at best who didn’t have time for kids, let alone the crap they talked about, and told him she had been hearing strange noises in her room, she thought one of her brothers was playing a practical joke on her. She described the noises as coughing and choking and she was having a hard time sleeping.

Fast-forward fifteen years and my father is at a party talking to a girl, they get onto the topic of where they’ve lived and as it turns out she knows the house because she had been living in it up until recently. She seemed embarrassed but continued to ask him if he’d heard anything in the room at the end of the hall, saying she had slept in there and had heard heavy breathing and coughing. I think this is what really made my father believe but-

Backtrack fifteen years and my grandfather with all his skepticism goes to the man who is renting the house to them and tells him about the noise and wonders if it is the wind getting through or the pipes or something. As it turns out, the man had a daughter who had died of an asthma attack in the room at the end of the hall.

This is a story kept pretty hush-hush in my family, at risk of sounding strange. I wouldn’t have believed it myself, it sounds like something straight out of a book, but my father is a very serious man who wouldn’t fuck around with these things. The house was demolished sometime in the 90’s, unfortunately.

– Posted by toughnight; Reddit


Have no sympathy for the dead, they are free

June 5, 2012

Back when I was 17, I had just got my license and went driving around with some friends, as you do. Loud music, good times, random pitstops for no reason. The usual.

We decided that a drive through the back bush area in to rural area of Australia was a good idea at 10pm. Off we drove down the one road that would lead us out through the bush in to the darkness.

There were no lights along this road, only my high beams lit the way. As we were driving, we came across this elderly man in a cream suit with a bunch of slightly wilted flowers with his thumb out. He seemed harmless by all means, and we decided we would pick him up. It was no place for anyone to walk.

He was a really nice guy, well kept and trimmed beard. His eyes were incredibly bright aswell, a piercing blue colour. He said he was out this way because he was visiting the site of where his loved ones died. Apparently he didn’t drive any more, after the accident that had killed them. We were a little unsettled, but in the end we thought nothing of it, he was good natured and polite to boot.

We came up around a corner and he asked if he could please be dropped off there. We did so, assuming that the site was nearby. He got out of the car, we shook hands with him, wished him well and sent our sympathy to his loved ones.

He replied with “Have no sympathy for the dead, they are free. May God bless you all, children.” He turned and walked straight in to the dense bush and (I shit you not) disappeared within six steps. Like the darkness just swallowed vision of him.

It’s been a few years now, and there has been no news of any missing people in that area. My friends and I don’t know whether it was a dream, hallucination or what. We’ve gone past that same area a few times now, once walking out in to the area he went. Found nothing, though.

I won’t blame anyone for not believing this is real, because sometimes I think the same thing. But it’s a memory in my brain I can’t get rid of, so I guess it must have been true.

– Posted by JollyOldBogan; Reddit