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2012 in review

December 31, 2012

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 56,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 13 Film Festivals

Click here to see the complete report.


The Man In The Grand Canyon Photo

December 22, 2012

Nobody knows about this story, but I will tell you reddit!

This is about my Uncle. I think it was the late 70s or 80s; I cant remember which, but my uncle is old hes like 50 now. Anyway he took a trip to the Grand Canyon with his friends. They were driving along the grand canyon and stopped near this area with hedges/brush on the side of the canyon and decided to take one of your standard funny Grand Canyon pictures. They had a really funny idea; my uncle was to stand on the side of the canyon with a fishing rod and pretend to fish off the side of the canyon. So they ended up taking the picture, and shortly after packed up and drove off. So they took the roll to be developed and when they saw the picture they noticed something very strange. In the picture, not far behind my Uncle, was a man dressed in all black with pale white skin standing there in the brush just staring at the camera with a knowing smirk on his face. He said he and his two friends were in that spot for about 15 minutes. My Uncle and his friends claimed that they did not know this man, that they were the only ones in the spot, and the Grand Canyon was vacant of tourists at this time of year.

They still know nothing about the man and the picture still exists. I will post it if there is enough demand. I have to find it first I think its on his facebook or something.

EDIT: Here it is. My uncle is standing on the edge of the canyon and the black arrow points to the phantom gentleman. It is not exactly how I remembered. He is not fishing off the side of the canyon and the guy does not have a knowing smirk on his face or maybe he did in the original and it doesn’t show up clearly on the scan. I saw the original when I was like 14 and apparently my memory of it is a bit hazy. I know you are thinking it was probably extremely difficult for the photographer to not notice the man, but my uncle and the photographer swear by the story. He’s pulled my leg in the past but I am not a child anymore and he still tells the same story. many members of my family have seen the picture and say they do not know the man either and know the majority of my uncle’s friends especially the two on the trip.

– Posted by ZombieGadaffi; Reddit


Two psychic moments

December 22, 2012

I have two. I’ll start with the less freaky of the two.

When I was about 13 years old, I was home watching my younger brother and sister. Out of nowhere I had this looming feeling that something terrible happened to my mom on her way home. It felt like a weird dream where I was watching her get into an accident at an intersection leading from a local shopping center in our town. Immediately I called my mom, but there was no answer. Being a young kid, I immediately feared the worst, and start having a headache. Moments later the house phone rang and it was from her phone. I answered the phone and immediately said, “Mom! Are you alright?!” My mom quickly responded, “Thankfully! I heard my phone rang and when I went to grab it I swerved into the other lane, but when I did that some jackass on the other side of the rode came into my lane. If I didn’t swerve by mistake I would have been hit by an oncoming car.” I paused, stunned at what she said. “Imhometakemedrunk, why did you ask if I was alright?” “I don’t know, mom. I…I just thought something horrible happened and had to check on you.” Too this day my mom is convinced I can see things before they happen. But this wasn’t the nail in the coffin for that belief of hers. This next story is.

This took place when I was maybe 11-12 years old, right as my parents were getting separated. About once a week I would wake up sweating from a terrible reoccuring nightmare and immediately go to my moms room to tell her about it. (Yes guys, I used to be a mommas boy…) In this dream I would be walking down a set of wooden stairs with a wooden banister. The walls were covered in a floral pattern wallpaper with family pictures littering the wall. Each time I looked at the pictures, everyones face was blurry. I could never make out anyone in the pictures, the only thing that stood out was the frames. These cheap golden thin frames that were all falling apart and looked very tacky. At the bottom of the stairs there was a door in front of you that led to the back yard and a doorway to the left that led to the kitchen. As soon as I would turn to the kitchen I was filled with terror, almost piss myself, and then wake up sweating. This happened for several months. Neither myself or my mother could ever make sense of it. After several months of these dreams happening, my mom received a call from one of her few close friends that she wanted us (my mom, myself, brother and sister) to come visit her at her new house that her and her boyfriend just moved into. Nobody really wanted to drive an hour out there just to stop by, but since my moms friend had a very cute daughter around my age I begged us to go. So we all got there and were hanging out upstairs in the kids room while my moms friend and her boyfriend were downstairs talking. My mom was with all of us looking at their rooms and catching up. I wanted something to drink so I decided to go downstairs for some soda. As I rounded the first turn of the stairwell, I was struck with the worst case of deja vu. It was the stairwell from my dream. Same picture frames, same door, same wallpaper. Instantly I felt dread. I did NOT want to go down those stairs into the kitchen in fear of what might be in there. As I was about to turn around I hear a “WHACK” come from the kitchen and what sounded like gentle sobbing. I decided to investigate and as I rounded the corner, there was my moms friend, getting the shit beaten out of her by her boyfriend. I gasped and they heard me and looked over. The boyfriend shouted at me and went after me, so I hauled add up those stairs towards my mom. I screamed for her to help and she caught him coming after me. We immediately called the cops on him and he was arrested for domestic abuse. Apparently this had been going on for over a year and none of her kids or herself said a word to anyone in fear of being killed by this maniac. Had I not witnessed it myself, I may have continued on until my moms friend or one or her kids was dead. This, was the moment my mom thought that I must he psychic.

– Posted by imhometakemedrunk; Glitch in the Matrix


The Shared Car Wreck

December 4, 2012

back in high school, my parents went out of town for the weekend, and left me with one of their cars to drive instead of my junky beater. The night before they left, I had a dream I was driving their car, and got t-boned. When my parents left, my dad says jokingly “Don’t wreck the car, or we’ll kill you!”. He’d had a dream the same night that I’d gotten in a car accident in said car.

Things are getting a little odd at this point. I think nothing of it, drive around, and get t-boned by a drunk driver who ran a red light. So my dad and I both have dreams I wreck their car in the same fashion, then it happens. This is freaky and weirds me out. THEN the really weird thing happens…

Monday morning, go back to school. In first period, my super crush (now husband) rushes up to me and says “Defectiveburger, are you ok? I had a nightmare you got in a car wreck.” Then proceeds to tell me all about his dream – which he’d dreamt the night before the wreck. He got the location, car make/model/year/color correct, manner of impact, impacting vehicle, everything correct. This is weird – he and I knew each other for ~3 months at the time, were friendly at best, and he had no knowledge I even owned a car similar to the one involved in the accident.

– Posted by defectiveburger; Reddit


First Sentence.

December 4, 2012

My first words were a sentence. We were at a parade, and suddenly, after never having said anything before, I turned to my parents and said “before I picked you guys to be my mom and dad, I was a soldier, and we used to march like that.”

This came out about 16 years later in family therapy.

– Posted by hedgomatic; Reddit


Headless Dog

December 1, 2012

Copying and pasting this from a previous post:

Here’s the story. So, where I live in VA is on the edge of city and country. 5 minutes one way: cows. 5 minutes the other way: one of the biggest cities in VA. My neighborhood was built in 20 years later than the neighborhood behind us–which is a bunch of shacks on a dirt road basically. The people behind there were nuts when I was first born in my house. I’m talking they were extreme redneck to the point where it was unbearable. They would drive their four-wheelers through our property (with little me running around), they left junk everywhere, they were drunk constantly… every negative anything associated with “rednecks” were these guys in the neighborhood. There was one in particular who was just bat shit insane. He abused his family and animals to the point where bruises could be seen on everyone. These dogs are important. They died before I was even born, but the dad was kind of a cult leader. He had one of his get togethers and his dog was barking like crazy. So what did he do? Go around back, bring the dog to his get together and slit its throat, drained it of blood, and cut off its head. Yeeeep. My mom hears this story from his daughter (who was her hairdresser, they started talking because she realized they lived only 100 meters from us).

So then I’m born after crazy father leaves the neighborhood behind us (can’t remember why. running from the police? He was never caught on anything…) and at the age of 2 I began having horrific night terrors. It was of this dog (that had only a head and no body) and it would be sticking out of a window at the top of my front door. He would try and take the bodies of other people because he had no body and he was just horrifying. I was terrified of my front door, I mean, at 2 I would point at the front door and cry “dog-eee” (I couldn’t even realy speak at this age). This went on for 10 years. I constantly refused to go up our stairs alone (it was right next to the front door) until I was 12. I had horrible night terrors from age 2 to 12 of this one dog. Every night. Different dream, same dog, same ordeal. Then one day when I was 12 we “made up” (he apologized for terrorizing me for years) and he became my protector in my dreams. Literally. I have some nightmare syndrome where I have nightmares at least 5/7 times a week and in about 10 of those since age 12 he has been there to knock down the baddies. This bodiless dog.

Only after telling my mother about this did she connect the story and, well, I think it’s weird for a 2 year old to have a nightmare about a bodiless dog and have this continue for a decade. The dog breed was the same as the dog that was brutally murdered too, by the way.

I’m horrific at telling stories, so if something is confusing sorry.

– Posted by FFandMMfan; Reddit


Kick In The Gut.

December 1, 2012

When I was in 6th grade, my grandfather died. I was in English class, sitting in the front row and doing my classwork. All of a sudden I felt a strong kick in the gut. What ever happened, it was forceful enough that it made me bend over my desk in pain and brought me to tears. But it went away as fast as it came, and I was just fine a moment later. Out of curiosity, I looked at the clock in the back of the room, and it was about 10:30. I went home at the end of the school day and found out that my grandfather, who I was very close to, as my grandparents raised me, had died around 10:30.

I really wish I could have an explanation of what happened.

– Posted by gimmiefue; Reddit