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Memories of an out of body experience.

January 29, 2013

I was in an ambulance carrying me from the hospital in small provincial town towards the big hospital in the capital. I had bad pneumonia which was not responding well to (weak, old and not very effective) oral antibiotics doctors were giving me. In the ambulance I was choking, unable to breathe from (what was later found to be) 750 grams of fluids accumulated in my lungs. The ambulance was jolting, I was short of breath, and next thing I remember was I felt SEVERE blow that kicked me out of my body. I later read stories by other people in similar near dead situations who reported seeing a tunnel and a light, but this was not what I experienced. It was just a blow, a kick which threw me out of my body. I was looking at my body from the side, and also seeing a medical sister which was trying to put a breathing mask on my face.

At first I thought that something happened with my vision and I panicked. I was seeing everything in 2D, like on a movie screen, and also nearly black and white. It was not completely black and white, it was like the colors were very darkened, as if everything was a shades of gray with very little color in it. I know that this seems strange, I mean, I looked at my body from the side and yet I panicked for my eyes and vision, but that was what I thought then. I was 14 year old at the time, and in a state of panic, and I guess my logic was weak and weird at this moment. I severely panicked for my eyes and vision and that was a moment when I thought of my mother, and in an instant, I was looking at her.

She was traveling together with my father and my uncle in a car following the ambulance on a road to the capital. It was my uncle’s car. I started talking to my mother, telling her that my eyes are not ok, that something happened to my eyes and I cannot see well. She did not heard me. They continued to talk, cursing and lambasting the incompetent doctors at provincial hospital, discussing how those doctors tried to coax them to sign some papers after the ambulance left, how they refused to sign, and how they arranged for me to be admitted in the department led by an experienced and very competent doctor with strange name (assoc. prof. Koiundurliev). This was unique name which I remembered.

At that point the gravity of situation hit me. I finally realized that something weird happened, that I shall not be in this car, and I panicked even more. I began to think of my friends at school and of the girl I liked, and as soon as thought of someone was really “sharp enough” in my mind (I don’t know how to explain this in writing), but as soon as thought about someone was “sharp enough” I instantly saw them as if I was standing next to that person in this very moment. Then the panic hit me even harder, I started jumping from place to place, from memory to memory, in an ever increasing pace, and everything became a kaleidoscope of people and places.

This jumping from place to place abruptly stopped when an old lady came. She was very old, with a white hair, white like completely snow white, not white like the grey shadows of other colors I was seeing. She took me by the hand, insisted that I looked at her and repeated several times that I should calm down my mind so that this random jumping from place to place stops. I realized that she was somehow helping me to remain calm, to look only at her and to set at rest and be quiet.

Then she proceeded to explain that now I am going to fall asleep, and when I wake up I will be at the hospital. She told me that doctors will start giving me injections, that some of them will be painful, but I shall be brave like a man and endure the pain, and that my condition is going to improve. But after two months doctors will propose a surgery. She insisted, several times, that immediately when I wake up I MUST tell my mother to refuse to sign papers for the surgery, to refuse to let them do the surgery. She told me that if they do the surgery I am going to die, and insisted again, several times, that I should explain this to my mother as soon as I wake up. She also told me that if I am a good boy and do as she told me to do, my uncle is going to bring me a lot of delicious chocolates in the hospital.

So, long story short: I woke up at the ER, told everything to my mother, she was shocked by my detailed description of what they talked about in the car, I distinctly remember her eyes grew WIDE OPEN when I told her the strange name of the doctor, and she listened to my frenetical demands from her to refuse to sign the papers for the surgery. She was not understanding what I am talking about, as at this moment no one was talking about any surgery. My mother told me that everything is going to be ok, that there is not going to be any surgery and generally tried to calm me down.

I slept a lot in the hospital, was very weak. Doctors drew up the fluids from my lungs using long and thick needles inserted through my back. It was indeed very painful. Christmas came and passed. They gave me strong antibiotic injections and I recovered. 45 days later they saw on X-Rays one particular spot on my left lung which was refusing to heal. Two months later is was still there – still same size. On next X-Ray – again. They proposed a surgery to remove this spot.

My mother resisted to them initially, but eventually, as time passed, there were many doctors insisting that surgery must be done, and my mother finally gave in to their pressure and signed the papers. But this delayed the surgery for many weeks, and when they did a final X-Ray before the surgery to see how big the spot is – it was gone, and the planned surgery was canceled. They all (my mother and the doctors) lied to me, my mother was telling me that there is not going to be a surgery, but they were actually secretly preparing to do it. I only later found out what really happened.

My mother also told me how she watched, not believing her own eyes, how my extremely stingy uncle was bringing me chocolate after chocolate in the hospital. This happened in a then socialist country (Bulgaria), my uncle was working as a driver of big truck for international transportation and that was where he bought the chocolates. On our country local market those chocolates were EXTREMELY expensive and nowhere to be found. And my uncle was (and is, to some extent, to this day) very stingy bastard. My mother told me that, above all, this particular piece of my story convinced her to refuse signing surgery papers for so long, despite the intense pressure from the doctors.

I have a lot of other weird memories from these events, but I decided to not share them, as I am not sure how reliable my memories are. I am only talking about memories I was able to successfully verify with my relatives. Years later I made my mother and father and uncle tell what they remembered, I recorded their words on tape, and I drew the line around what I consider to be the reliable part of the story and what may be the distortions of my memory from the time passed.

Note that I am not religious, my relatives are also atheists. Neither I nor any of my relatives became religious after this incident.

tl;dr: We humans do not (yet) know a shit about life and death.

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The Woman With The Long Black Hair Covering Her Face In The Astral Plane

March 24, 2012

Weird! I’ve seen that woman with the long black hair covering her face! Holy crap!

I think it accompanied the only out-of-body experience I ever had. According to Indian tradition and folklore from around the world, when people sleep, the “astral body” hovers about a foot or two above the physical body.

I’m not into New Age religion, crystals or any of that other stuff. But I have a friend who claims she’s had out-of-body experiences. I never gave it too much thought, until one night I was asleep with my wife and three year-old son. Through a succession of very normal dreams, I came out the other side and had the impression that I was now in a shadowy world that existed in a strange nebulous dimension about ten feet above our reality. I remember calling out for help and to my bafflement I heard a strange strained voice which reached me from a distance. It sounded strangled and faint. I looked down and saw my body. Every time I was yelling “Help” my body, drawing on only shallow breaths, was mouthing the words in an eerie puppet-like way. Now here’s where it gets weird. After I realized that my “astral body” (if that’s what it was) was controlling my physical body, I looked over at my young son, whereupon he started to utter “Help! Help!” in the same hoarse, choked-off voice. I was startled because it appeared that my consciousness was projecting my will not into my own body now, but my son’s. His sleepy figure—which was as corpse-like as my own body—seemed devoid of its spiritual essence and in its absence I appeared to be able to “possess” him. It shocked me. Now at this point, I’m starting to get freaked out–and then it happens. Already struggling with disorientation and perplexity, my very presence seemed to have attracted the attention of some strange, small woman who kept trying to jump on my back. I had the uncanny impression that she was trying to “feed” off me, in some way I can’t even begin to articulate. As if she could absorb the energy that seemed to exist in my solar plexus. She had straight black hair and it was brushed over her face, as if to hide her features. I had the intuitive understanding that she was a denizen of the Astral Realm, and that she wasn’t human. She wasn’t even a “she”. She was an It. A creature. An intelligence just as natural and just as normal as us, but from a different order of Nature. And she had the capacity to absorb our energy, if given a chance.

Not a religious man, I found myself praying to God to help me. And, after several false attempts, I was finally absented . . . first sucked away from the imp and into some black abyss. I wavered back and forth between this Void and the Astral Realm. The she-creature expressed dismay at my sudden vacillation between places. It seemed to be as confused as I was. Then finally, I was drawn back down into my body. I sat up, terrified, between my still-sleeping wife and son. My chest heaved. My forehead was covered with sweat.

To this day, I have the irrational conviction that it wasn’t a dream . . . that I entered a dream-state, yes; but that I used it to essentially leave my body and enter some strange parallel world that flows concurrently with our reality. I know this makes me sound like a nut. But I still can’t shake the feeling that it was real and that that “thing” was real, too.

I wonder what the hell it was, and why other people seem to have seen her, too.

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and I was no longer seeing through my eyes.

January 27, 2012

I have two stories that are just weird as fuck. Both of them are things I just would not believe if someone else told them to me, but I can swear with every fiber of my being that they happened as I write them here.

The first happened a couple years ago. I can’t remember the occasion, but my mother and I had gone to A&W for lunch, and we were both sitting there eating our meals. We happened to be seated pretty close to the washroom doors, so I noticed everyone going in an out. First person to come out is this old man who’s kind of hobbling along. He walked past and I looked at him and went on with my meal. Not 30 seconds later, another man comes out of the bathroom, and at this point I get a little freaked out because I realize it’s the exact same person. Same limp, clothing, face, everything.

A couple minutes later, the same thing happens except it’s an old woman this time. She comes out, then 30 seconds later comes right out of the bathroom again. My mom took a look at me and said “You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” I just kind of stammered a bit then wrote it off as me being crazy.

The next story is more weird, in my opinion, and is the single strangest occurrence of my life. This happened when I was about 9 years old, but I can still remember it… vividly.

We were visiting family in Nevada with my dad, and they lived out in a very dry area in a fairly good sized trailer. A couple days in, I was playing outside with my cousin, pretty much just messing around in the dirt. At some point, I look up. Right next to the house is a… field I guess? Surrounded by wire fence, probably originally for livestock. But anyway, there’s this guy standing there. This is a good 300 or more feet away, so I cannot see him clearly at all.

Queue the weird.

As soon as I look at this guy, I have what I can only describe as an out of body experience. My body pretty much just went into lockdown, and I was no longer seeing through my eyes. And I wasn’t just floating there or anything… I was in that man’s body. Through his eyes I could see two little shapes playing across the field, but I could just FEEL that he saw the shapes as animals.

And then I realized he was holding a fucking shotgun.

After that I regained my body and blurted out “we have to go indoors,” offering no explanation to my cousin, who thought I was nuts.

I didn’t tell anyone because I just didn’t know how to express it to other people back then. I’ve only since told my brothers but I don’t think they believed me. Still freaks me out when I think about it today because it’s the only time I’ve ever lost control of my body. It was almost like a dream but the whole thing felt like it was happening in slow motion.

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a dream where we were napping together outside in the sun.

January 17, 2012

Back when my husband and I first got together, we used to work opposite shifts. One day I was napping in our apartment before I went to work. As I was drifting off, I had this strange feeling like he was right there, laying with me. It was really comforting and warm, so I drifting right into a dream where we were napping together outside in the sun.

I woke up about 30 minutes later, feeling totally refreshed. My phone vibrated with a text message from my husband. It said, “Just took a nap on my break. Thanks for joining me. Cool, huh?”

I decided to marry him in an effort to absorb his powers.

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Dead At The Bottom Of The Stairs

December 25, 2011

I’ll throw this one out there, since I’m idle at the moment and enjoy reading the other stories. I hope someone enjoys mine.

One of my high school friends, Jim, turned out to be a friend that lasted beyond those formative years. We were in a band together back then, and ended up working together at the same restaurant a couple years after graduating.

Jim’s father died a few years before we met in high school–Jim was, by the way, a likely unplanned pregnancy as his mother was fairly older than all my other friends’ parents, and Jim’s sisters were adults with kids of their own.

He never talked about his father. I would imagine that losing a parent at such a young age is a more traumatic experience, but I’m no expert. Anyways, Jim and I would hang out when we weren’t working, smoke pot, drink… the usual early-twenties kind of stuff. Jim liked to drive around aimlessly and i was always happy to tag along. His car at the time was his father’s before his death. his mother didn’t drive, and only got her license recently–to the best of my knowledge, the only people who ever drove Jim’s car were Jim and his father (and probably his sisters, whatever).

So late one night, Jim gets his automotive wanderlust on and I tag along. Nothing out of the ordinary there, except that this evening we are not under the influence of any kind of intoxicant. That WAS out of the ordinary for us, as we usually did our best to spend as many hours of the day as farked up as possible.

He decides to drive south of town. I’m from a medium-to-small sized city in Pennsylvania; the kind of place where you don’t have to travel very far to find yourself out in the sticks.

We drive for a ways and get to a crossroads where a sharp left will take us back to town on a different road. We get to about the area on this road where there are a series of sharp bends–one of those “dead man’s curve” kind of deals that many people have in their towns and where many serious accidents take place.

I’m risking a tl;dr situation already, I know, but I need to state at this point that while I don’t necessarily believe in psychic powers and all that, I do believe that at times we can know a little more than we should. Call it a gut feeling or whatever–most of us have had it, and some have it stronger or more often than others. I never thought I was particularly special in this regard.

Back to our drive: I start to have a vision. I’ve been in Jim’s house enough times to be able to call to mind what it looks like. With an older parent, the decor of his mom’s house was “vintage” to put it nicely. The basement was finished, and we spent a lot of time down there as that was where our band would practice. I spent enough time there to be able to vividly the room’s details in my minds eye… I’m doing so now as I type. It had a very 70’s feel and was actually his parent’s “club room” where they would hang with their friends, play cards at the big, round table… maybe grab a drink at the wet-bar in the corner. Good times, I’m sure.

My vision is of me walking down the stairs to the finished basement room, but it’s off a little bit as if my visual perspective is just a bit higher than I’m accustomed to seeing that trip down the stairs as I had so many times before.

I’ve got a corded drill in my hand. Interesting, that seems kind of random for a “vision” that I seem to be being forced to have–I do have a vivid imagination, but this scene is playing in my head like a movie over which I have no control.

Halfway down the stairs, I acknowledge the fact that my chest hurts like a motherfarker. I’ve just had what can only be a massive heart attack and I fall the remainder of the way down the stairs, landing on the floor in a twisted, unnatural position. The drill I was carrying beside me, it’s cord tangled about my body just a bit from the tumble down the steps.

I realized that I had been narrating this vision as I was experiencing it. I knew I was in the car and was in motion, but there was this detached sense to reality at the same time. I was there, but I was also somewhere else. When the episode was over, I looked to my left to get Jim’s take on that little scene and he is quite pale, both hand gripping the steering wheel at 10 and 2. He’s staring forward out the windshield with a look on his face that was along the lines of someone desperately stifling a much-needed fart.

Silence for a hot minute, then Jim starts to speak. He tells me he’s seen that same scene too, just not the actual motion but the result. He came home from school one day many years previous to find his father, dead at the bottom of the basement stairs. Earlier, his father had asked him to bring some tools in the house from their shed in the backyard. Jim didn’t do as he was instructed, so when he found his dead father with those tools around him, his young mind came to the conclusion that had he done as he was told, his father wouldn’t have tripped down the stairs and could possible still be alive. This kid lived for years until that moment believing that he had essentially killed his father.

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Reading Notes In Dreams

October 3, 2011

One night me and a friend were drinking some beer at my place. Forget how this came up but he claimed he was able to leave his body during sleep and basically travel around in his spirit form. I took it with a grain of salt for obvious reasons but I didn’t dismiss him right off the bat because I knew him pretty well and he wasn’t the type of kid that would try to troll me about these things. At the end of the night, I told him hey, why don’t you prove to me that you can really fly around as a spirit and come to my room tonight. He agrees. I came up with the idea that I would write a note on a post it and he would have to guess what I wrote. He agreed so after making sure he wasn’t watching, I wrote something random and posted it up facing away from him(in my room there was this huge vent that protruded from the top of the ceiling where I could stick the post it facing away from him.) I did all this making sure he had no idea what I had written. We say our goodbyes and fast forward to the next morning. I get a call from him telling me that he had came and read the note. And yeah, you guessed it. He got it right.

This experience has really blown my mind. I know it would be hard for most of you to believe me but this really happened and I am 100% positive that there was no way he could have seen what I had written on that post it.

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I felt as if I was passing into a new stream of consciousness.

July 5, 2011

This is the first time I’ve ever written this out, or shared this story with people other than a psychiatrist or my family.

Four years ago, almost to the day, I was pronounced clinically dead for two minutes after undergoing cardiac arrest which subsequently was caused from a seizure.

I was 20 at the time. I remember it was incredibly hot that evening. Me, my boyfriend, my best friend, and a few other kids I went to high school with were all going to see a local band play in Newtown, Pennsylvania. It was around six in the evening and at this time I had only an espresso all day; no food, no water. We decided to smoke a blunt while we were waiting for the band to set up. All was good! It was my last last get together with friends before I left for school.

About a half hour later, after a few cigarettes, we decided to smoke some more. The band was almost ready to start playing. I was feeling really, really good. By this time, I had totally forgotten that my body was deprived of food and water for the entirety of this incredibly hot day in August…I was sweating bullets.

10 minutes later, the band is ready to go on. My boyfriend brings out a Monster energy drink from his bag. My breath starts to feel a little shallow. I grab to get a hold of the drink, but it slips from my fingers and drops to the ground. This is where things start to go awry. I looked at my hand in confusion, then at my best friend who was looking at me with a strange face.

“Are you ok?”

I thought I had answered, “I’m not sure” but I guess the response happened in my head. Not 15 seconds later, I felt the extreme urge to sit down right where I was. I hit the ground hard, landing flat on my ass, but barely feel it. I hear someone in the background go, “woah there!” but my body is failing me, and I can no longer react to the outside stimulus.

I don’t remember much of what happened to me in a physical sense after that. My best friend told me how things unfolded after that: she was trying to hold me up, to get me over to an EMT. The safety guys I guess didn’t notice that there was a problem so essentially my friends screams for help was useless. A big guy noticed the severity of the situation, slung me over his back, and pushed through the crowd to get me to help. Apparently I wasn’t breathing, my body had gone stiff, and my lips and fingertips were turning blue. I was having a seizure. I was put in an ambulance. During the ride I underwent cardiac arrest, and after two minutes of using CPR and a defibrillator, my pulse returned followed by my breathing. I regained full consciousness as I was entering the hospital.

While all of this was happening, my mind was somewhere else. As soon as my body hit the ground I felt detached from it. I could hear everything going on around me but I felt like my viewpoint was from miles away. The feelings themselves are hard to explain. It was peaceful, almost dreamy. I felt as if I was passing into a new stream of consciousness. I also “saw” myself. It seemed like my viewpoint was in “god mode” or something similar. I watched my body get carried out of the crowd, put onto the stretcher, and loaded into the ambulance. I suppose at the point when my heart stopped beating completely was when things got even more wacky. I couldn’t see myself anymore. I couldn’t see anything. It wasn’t black, it wasn’t white. I didn’t see a tunnel…it was just a feeling. An utterly tangible feeling of absolute peace and fulfillment. Later, as I regained consciousness in the hospital, I felt as if I had awoken from the best nap ever.

After getting a few tests done and telling my story to doctors, they really didn’t have a straight explanation for what happened to me. Here are some facts that I think attributed to my seizure: I was dehydrated, I had been drinking and smoking all day, I was also taking anti depressants at the time.

I do not believe in heaven, I do not believe in hell. I DO believe in a higher power, I do have faith. But I don’t really believe this experience proved or disproved those beliefs, for the record.

Whew…okay thats all I can think to write about right now. Its kind of overwhelming putting that entire experience into words.

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