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She Dead.

January 25, 2016

I had a patient one night who was mentally disabled. She was a young, dark-skinned black woman with these huge eyes. I don’t know if she always looked like that or if she was just genuinely spooked, but they were open wide. The first thing she said to me when I walked in the room was “She dead. That lady dead”, nodding her head at the woman in the next bed. The woman in the next bed had apparently been dealing with this all day and was fed up. “I’m not dead!”, she yelled. I tried to calm her down, to no avail. The day shift nurse told me she’d been doing that all day. I felt so bad for her roomate. I considered trying to transfer her, but that would just put someone else in the room to put up with it. She did this all night. She would even put her call light on to tell me her roommate was dead.

So this was creepy on its own, but guess who died the next day? It wasn’t an expected death either. I don’t believe in the supernatural, but damn, that was quite a coincidence.


May 14, 2014

This one is from a friend– she swears it’s true.

Her dad is a hospice nurse. He got a call from the agency that a patient was in the process of dying and was expected to pass very soon. They asked that he attend to the family. Apparently the nurse who was supposed to be there could not make it for some reason. He complained that it was all the way across town, and it was not his usual day to work, but he went anyway. When he was nearly there the agency called him to say the family had reported that the patient had passed but to please go there and help with family support and start postmortum care. When he arrived he introduced himself by saying “Hello I’m Marty, I’m from Hospice.” My friend said the family’s mouths fell open and the all looked shocked. He apologized that their usual nurse could not make it. They said, “No that’s not it. Grandma kept mumbling that Marty was coming. We thought she was just talking nonsense but here you are!”

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The Elevator

May 14, 2014

Another time I was at the nurse’s station and we heard the bell in the elevator ringing. Someone was yelling “Help!” and we heard pounding. We called security to tell them someone was stuck in the elevator. I then walked over to the elevator doors and was shouting to the person to try to stay calm and help was on the way. She just kept yelling for help, banging, and ringing the bell. Security called the nurses station to say all of the elevators were working and they didn’t find anyone stuck. At this moment, whoever was in the elevator was suddenly quiet.

A few times I have been on the elevator and for no reason it went to the 5th floor. The 5th floor is totally unoccupied, but used to be a hospice unit. I would be going up from the ground floor and the only button lit up would be 3. But the elevator would pass my floor, go to 5th, open the door…. no one there. I never was brave enough to step foot onto the 5th floor.

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Please don’t cry, we’re all okay.

June 25, 2012

I work in a hospital, and in a place where death is common, I kind of learned how to just shrug things off and move on. This is different, and kind of both creeps me out, and brings tears to my eyes.

A cardiologist at our hospital died a couple of weeks ago. His house caught on fire. His wife, along with their 2 children also died during the accident. All four of them were found in the bedroom hugging each other.

There’s this kid, 7 years old, his doctor was a pediatrician at our hospital, been there a lot actually. The pediatrician was at a loss to with what to do with the kid. He was brought there by his mother, because the kid insisted he has been talking to his father a lot. His father died a couple years ago, and I’m not sure how or why. The pediatrician found nothing wrong with the kid.

A couple of days ago. the kid insisted on seeing his pediatric doctor, he didn’t say why, but was persistent. He kept bugging his mom to bring him to the doctor immediately. End of the day, she brings his kid to the hospital. Upon entering, the kid just stopped. In the lobby there was a photo of the deceased cardiologist, with flowers and well wishes. The kid sees it and tugs at his mom, “That’s the guy who talked to me a couple of days ago, he told me to tell [pediatric doctor] not to cry anymore, he said they’re all ok and happy.” So the mom takes the kid to his doctor, and the pediatric doctor is just, shocked and overwhelmed at the same time. The pediatric doctor was close friends with the cardiologist, and have been in a sad state these past couple of days.

The part that freaks me out is that the cardiologist never met the kid patient ever. I do believe that science can explain most things, but maybe not everything. If there was an “I see dead people kid” in real life, I’d bet that’s the kid.

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Sam Through The Window

May 6, 2012

I was working the 11-7 shift as a charge nurse in a nursing home. There was a patient named “Sam“. Sam had come to the home after a mugger had attacked him with a tire iron. The doctors had saved his life by removing the left side of his skull and part of his brain. Sam’s head looked like a basketball that was deflated on one side. Despite not really being able to take care of himself, he could read, watch TV, and engage in his favorite pastime, watching the young female nurses and aides. He wouldn’t do anything but put his arm around a girl’s shoulder to say ‘Thank You‘ when she picked up his dinner tray. That was it. So Sam became something of the nursing home mascot. But as it happens in this business, Sam died of a blood infection six months after I started there.

The night of his death, we were gathered around the desk for the report from Sandy, the 3-11 nurse, as she gave her report to me and three nurse’s aides. When Sandy came to Sam’s name, she said “Sam died at about 3:30 this after…”. Suddenly a call light came on. Everyone stared at the light board. The call was coming from Room 30. That room had been locked ever since the relatives had taken his belongings away. The call was coming from Sam’s empty, locked room.

We all went down the hall to see what this was about. We thought that another patient had probably gotten into the room and put on the call bell. Sam’s room was open, lights were on, call bell was pushed in ( old fashioned call light. Shape like a bell, you had to push the button in the center to call and turn it off by twisting the edge of the bell). Only one problem, no patient was up, the door was not forced, it was unlocked, all the staff were at the desk, the only one that had the key was the charge nurse and the door was locked when I made rounds not more then ten minutes before.

I mumbled something about loose wire. I twisted the call bell off, turned the room lights off, locked the door and went with the rest of the staff back to the Nurse’s Station. Sandy started the report again. She didn’t get more than 3 minutes into the report, when Sam’s call light came on again. We went down to find the room opened, lights on and call bell on, all patients in bed. I turned the call bell off, the lights off, and locked the room up again. Back to the desk. Report started again. The light came on again. By this time it was more nuisance than scary. So we decided to leave it on, continue report so that the other shift could leave.

After report, I went down to the room, turned off the call bell, replaced the old cord with a new call bell cord, turned off the room lights, and locked the door again. The bell stayed off but the signal on the board stayed on. We went down the longest hall- Sam’s hall- to start our work. As we passed Sam’s room the door was open but the lights were off. The Nurses aides felt a cold breeze up their skirts( remember Sam liked the ladies.) At that I went into the room to check if someone had opened a window. No window was open and no air conditioner was on in the room. I closed the door and locked the door again. And we continued. After we finished down that hall, we went past Sam’s room again. The door was still closed and locked. By the time we finished the 1st round it was 2 AM. Back at the desk, the call light in Sam’s room was off. We forgot about Sam.

We drank our, by now, cold coffee. I did my paper work and the aides exchanged small talk. At 3 AM, we started the second round down the long hall again. This time Sam’s door was open and the females felt an even colder breeze. I went into the room. It was like a vacuum as if the air had been sucked out. I opened the windows but no air could dispel the vacuum. I had had enough. I yelled, “Sam you’re dead! You spent enough time in this place. Get out of here!” I closed the windows, locked the door again, and joined the aides for rounds. I didn’t go in that room until around 6:00 AM. All four of us went for one last look. No vacuum, no breeze, sun shining through the window. Nothing to prove anything happened that morning. We didn’t want to tell the 7-3 shift and risk the whole day looking at ink blots, so we kept the occurrences to ourselves but this was only the beginning. We were not prepared for what was going to happen next.

The following night, I get a call at home from Sandy. She asked me if anything happened on 11-7 shift. I said “why?” Sandy stated this tale.

“Well when we were picking up the dinner trays we were one tray over. We passed out 26 trays and we picked up 27 trays.”
“Somebody miscounted.” I said.

“That may have happened. Only the 27th tray was outside Sam’s Room just as he had left it when he was alive…exactly as he left it.”

“Somebody is pulling a prank on you, Sandy”, I said.

“I don’t think so because when I stood up from taking the tray, I felt an arm around my shoulder just like Sam had put it. I was the only one down that hall.”

I then told her what had happened the previous morning. She said, “Well, it looks like we have ghost to add to the census.”

That wasn’t the end of the story. A week later another patient was admitted to Room 30. A retired university professor. One night her light came on. She had seen a man staring at her from outside her window. When I asked her what the man looked like, she said that he was not normal looking. The left side of his head was deflated like an old volleyball (she used to play volleyball a lot in her younger days). I told her that I would go around the building and see if I could see him. The police were called to look for a potential prowler. They found no one and no footprints outside the window; no grass disturbed. But I knew who it was. When I told the Nurse’s Aides, they knew who it was. Sam was back! Over the years every female patient that was in that room saw Sam staring at them through the window. No male patient would ever see him. For you see, Sam liked the girls.

I left the nursing home some years later so don’t know how long Sam stuck around. But these events were experienced and/or confirmed by various employees and patients. In my career working in nursing homes, reports like this are relatively common. I don’t know what to make of this, except that we just don’t know what happens after death and maybe some people just want to linger where they felt most comfortable. Sam did.

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They started talking to me.

January 8, 2012

As I was turning 8 ( 16 years ago) I started to get ill, coughing, sneezing, started to eat less. So they got me to the hospital and the doctors did some standard tests for allergies and other stuff I don’t remember. But they noticed something: I have strange spots on my lips, like those brown ones on the rest of your body but these are black. eg: (not me but almost the same)

So they discovered I had peutz jeghers. Nothing to worry about, they told me, just needed some more tests done. I got those done on a Wednesday and they discovered I had a telescopic small intestine which was dying and was gonna burst and kill me. So got an operation on Thursday (went really fast). Afterwards doctors came to ask me if I had any pain prior to the operation. Never felt anything except for really hard cramps but not dying pains.

since then I have to go for a check up every year.

Fast forward to 4 years ago. (actual story) I was in the hospital again for the annual thingy. Always fully sedated so I don’t remember shit about sticking camera’s in my exit and thus creating man-tears. I wake up after the checkup, and there is a doctor there. He tells me they removed a very big but flat polyp. The removal may have caused a perforation in the intestine. The doctor left and not more then 30 seconds later I get hellish pain. It kept growing worse. So they gave me morphine and made a scan, revealing nothing. So they send me home and told me to “man up”. I tried but couldn’t. 24 hours later I was at the ER where they discovered the perforation and started to give me meds and painkillers (really strong ones). And then it happened. I started to drift away in conscious and unconsciousness because of the painkillers I thought. I started to see and feel things that didn’t belong. Strange figures appearing at my bed. Once there was this figure, dressed in hospital clothes. But it had no face, just skin. I sometimes asked my girlfriend who was standing next to her. She never knew what I was talking about. 1 week later I could go home and enjoyed being outside in a week.

Went to bed early but sh!t got even worse. Woke up at 3am. Throwing up blood, enormous amounts (or so it seemed). Rush to the ER (ffs again :P) insta check up. note:I don’t remember anything from me waking up till the next morning, I was in shock and most of the times unconscious. The doctors told my parents I wouldn’t have made it if I had stayed half an hour longer in bed fighting the nausea due to the amount of blood loss.

What I do remember of those few hours is those same figures. But now it gets even stranger. They started talking to me. I don’t remember every thing, but this one I remember clearly: “We are ready for you. Come with us.”. I was not afraid, it was even kind how they talked. But I refused. I struggled to stay. And then there was this man. Tall, dark hair, and he just smiled at me, turned around and left through the door. Later I found out, the guy next to me died. And when I asked to describe him, they described the man I saw.

Next day all this stopped and I could go home a week later.

I think I came close…

I told you guys about my encounter of 4 years ago. And here is another one I would like to share:

March 2010. I get my yearly routine colonoscopy and endoscopy. So after the checkup I end up in my room pretty woozie from the anesthetics, love that. Everything was fine, I just needed an extra x-ray and echo of some organs. Nothing I wasn’t used to. The next morning I wake up and see some food… after 2 days of not eating I was hungry. But I know I can not eat that much after what has just happened. So I eat one sandwich and that is it. Started to feel funny inside so i called the nurse. She couldn’t tell what was wrong. And they called my doctor. “every thing is fine, it are just light cramps.” he assured me. Wen’t home… (oh never do that) and came back 1 hour later with allot of pain, shitting blood and what not… (but not as worse as 4 years ago)

So they gave me a room, and put me up for an endoscopy. I asked for some light sedative to put me in a twilight state. I really do hate endo’s. So they took a quick look, and saw there was a small wound of a removed polyp that had started bleeding. Notthing to worry, but I couldn’t eat for a week and had to stay there.

After the endo, they put me in a wheelchair and put me outside in the hallway to be taken to the room. That is when things started to get “weird” It felt like I had been there for a whole day. Just fading in and out of the world, because of the light sedative. I started to see people again. A few faces looked familiar. But couldn’t think of where I have met them. Some looked upset, others friendly. And then I saw this man. Standing in a doorway a few feet away from where I was. I looked at him and recognized him right away, and started crying. It was my granddad who had died in 2005. He came over, grabbed my shoulders and looked me in the eyes. He knelt down before me and just… smiled. And I was just sitting there crying, and it lasted for minutes. He then stood up, turned around and started walking away. I felt myself zoning out again. The nurse that took me up to my room asked me why I cried… I couldn’t tell.

To this day, I can still feel his hands on my shoulders, and see his eyes so clearly. I feel like he protects me from all evil.

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She told him that he would be just fine, and that he had no need to fear the surgery.

December 18, 2011

I’m older, so I have several stories. Many are pretty out there, and most people believe I’m making them up, so I won’t bother you with them. I’ll just say that my kids have just gotten confirmation from an old friend of mine that several of the “ghost stories” I have told them all these years were confirmed independently. He remembered details that I’d forgotten, and told the same stories, just with different details. Now, they’ve heard the stories from two adults.

I’ll give you a simple one. My grandfather got sick a dozen sixteen years ago and went to the hospital. The doctors tried several things to make him better, but after a week or so decided that they had to operate. He was frightened, with good reason.

The day of the operation, he told my grandmother that after she’d left, he was visited by a nurse, one that he’d not seen before. He described her as being very pretty and kind. She didn’t take his temperature or give him any pills or anything, didn’t even check any of the equipment. She just stood at the end of his bed and smiled at him. She told him that he would be just fine, and that he had no need to fear the surgery.

He looked away for a moment, ashamed to have been so afraid, then looked back, but the woman was gone. He had not heard her go. He called the nurse on duty to ask who the other lady was who had come in and reassured him. The nurse on duty assured him that no one had been in his room. His room had been right outside her station, and she was certain no one had entered or exited.

The thing is, as soon as she told him that he didn’t need to be afraid, his fear left him. He was able to watch some TV, then turn in for a restful night of sleep.

He went through the surgery just fine, they removed his spleen. He called me two hours after the surgery, about as happy and upbeat as I’d ever heard him. He decided that he’d been scrimping and saving all of his life, and now it was time to spend that money and have some fun. We talked for an hour about what he’d do when he got out of the hospital. Our call finished about 9:00pm. He died at around 2:00am the next morning.

Who was the mysterious stranger that appeared as if by magic and told him not to be afraid? We will never know. I’m just glad his last 24 hours were without fear.

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