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Man, You’re Fast.

August 17, 2015

Back in 2003 while stationed in Portsmouth, VA I was going through a divorce and as such, had moved back into the barracks. Reeling from the stress of the divorce, I had trouble sleeping and would go for a run at all hours. One such morning around 4:00AM I took off for quick 5 miler. Portsmouth has some pretty dodgy areas and my run took me straight through one of them. As I got to the top of a bridge I saw someone standing on the side of the road. It was odd but not completely unheard of that I would see a non-runner standing somewhere other than a bus stop. Anyhow, he watched me the entire time I ran closer to him and as I got closer he turned his back to me but continued to watch me over his shoulder. Since I tend to become more friendly in awkward situations I said hi as I ran past him but I picked up my pace.

After a couple minutes I had pretty much forgotten about the encounter. As I continued my run there was a bridge that went over an interstate. After I crossed the bridge, I about shit myself as I saw the same guy standing on the side of the road again. No cars passed me and there was no way he could have gotten from where we first met to here in that amount of time without driving past me. Again, being nervous all I could say, was “Man, you’re fast.” I’m pretty sure I broke personal speed records after that.


White Horse.

August 17, 2015

This happened to my friends, but its quite creepy.

In 2009 a friend of mine was coming home from a different city at 11pm with his father and 2-3 kms before entering the city, they suddenly saw a white horse standing in the middle of road. He tried to save the horse and severed the car into the ditch below road. As they got out of car, there was no horse to be seen anywhere. He told me this the next day and we found it creepy.

Fast forward to 2015, some other friends of mine were coming home from a different city at 1:30am and doing 140km/hr. They reach the same place near the city border and suddenly see the same white horse standing in the middle of the road. Driver weighed in his options and decided its just best not try to turn. He hit brakes hard and the car just went straight through the horse, skidding. They came to a stop and realised it was a ghost horse or something and ran home. Told me about this the next day we talked.

Weird thing is, either of these friends never met each other and there is 6 years difference between both occurrences.


Wake Up.

August 17, 2015

This almost happened to my sister.

She was at the bar with her girlfriend, who ended up ditching her at the bar for someone else. At this point she is already super drunk, but because she was just ditched by her girlfriend, she decided to take a few more shots. The bartender kicks her out of the bar because she is being a sloppy black out drunk. It’s the dead of winter in MN, and this is before everyone had a cell phone. So she starts to walk, but it’s snowing and it’s icey, and all she has for warmth is a thin coat. She kept falling and landing in the ditch, eventually she just laid there and closed her eyes and started falling asleep. She told me that she was startled awake by someone yelling “WAKE UP”, but she didn’t see anyone around. Almost blackout drunk and covered in snow, she made it the two miles home. She woke up in the entry way of her house, soaking wet. I don’t believe in supernatural stuff really, but she thinks someone was watching out for her.


The Woman At The Door

August 17, 2015

Back when i lived in Ethiopia, the weekend I turned 11, I went to a lake resort place with my mom and my (then 20 year old) we stayed at an old hotel, built when the emperor was still around

So then, the creepy stuff happens (I was asleep through all of it and this is my cousins account of it)

We stayed in a bungalow, so there was a hallway with doors on either cousin slept in the room opposite my mom and I

So my cousin says he falls asleep and he wakes up in the middle of the night and sees a young lady at his his half asleep state, he mumbled “who are you”..she doesn’t answer..he asks her what she’s doing and again she doesn’t answer, just staring at him

So the girl starts turning away and closing the cousin jumps from his bed and throws the door the same moment he opened his door, my mom opened hers, and the hallway was empty

So my cousin and my mom just stare at each other and my mom says “a girl came into mine and SekouNyerere’s room and turned on the lights and just stood there”

The next morning, I woke up to hear my mom arguing with my cousin was hysterical, sayin that the girl was a demon, while my mom, more rational, was saying that it was probably a girl who got drunk and was looking for her boyfriend or something..

So I got filled in on what I had missed and that day, I’m wandering around the beach an see my cousin talking to a young man who I presumed worked at the hotel..I go up to them and the young man is talking about how “these kinds of things” are known to happen at that hotel..he said that at one point, some guy disappeared for several months and resurfaced in a village near the lake suffering from amnesia

8 years later, I recently asked both my mom and my cousin about it..I don’t think they were messing with me, although my mom maintains that it probably wasn’t a ghost/demon

My cousin thinks that the “girl” was at both his and mine and my moms doors simultaneously, hence him opening the door at the same the same time as my mom..

I think I should add that the door to our bungalow was locked (according to my mom and cousin)

The hotel was called Bekele Molla (I think it closed recently) and it was on Lake Langano, for anyone interested

Sorry for the long post, but this is probably the creepiest thing that (sort of) happened to me.


the nightmare about the man in the top hat and the black cat

August 15, 2015

Quite a few things, but one that sticks out in my mind right now is when one of the kiddos was a newborn and a little off. I slept on the couch with them upright and had a crazy dream about a disfigured man in a top hat and long nose creeping around our house and trying to get in. I then awoke into a sleep paralysis episode where a black cat was trying to jump on the baby. I woke up to me jerking the little one away from the cat/dream demon. The feeling was so incredibly horrible I’ll never forget it. I didn’t go back to sleep and took the baby to the dr. I was sent home. We went to the er the next day as the baby had developed a fever and it turned out was very sick and spent a couple days hospitalized. I felt stupid, but I had told the Dr’s about the dream both times and the first scoffed at me, but the second took it very seriously and said it was something he heard often. The entire thing gave me the creeps and still does, but a full recovery was made.

– posted by windchimemime; Reddit