The Little Boy In His Room

November 12, 2011

My youngest son was just a baby and it was the middle of the night, I was going across the hall to his room to nurse him. I saw a little boy standing at the other end of the hallway. At first I thought it was my older son (3 years old at the time), but when I turned back he was gone.

I didn’t mention it to anyone figuring it was my sleep deprived state making me see things. Shortly after my older son started complaining about the little boy in his room that kept waking him up and teasing him. I asked how big the boy was and he said the same size as him. So I told him next time the boy did it to just tell him he needed to leave him alone because it was time for bed. My son told me the next time the boy did it that he told him to go it was time for bed and the boy did.

Fast forward 3 years later my then baby now three year old was in the room my older son used to sleep in. He complained one day of the little boy that was in his room at night…. I gave him the same advise I gave to my older son. I asked my older son about this figuring he told his brother, but he had no memory of this happening.

Not too long ago my older son was complaining about people talking to him while he was going to sleep every night, they were saying his name and whatnot. We thought maybe it was noise from outside or something and he insisted that no it was right in his room. When he went to school that day and I said “I don’t know who is bothering my son, you are welcome to be here but you need to leave my children and us alone. If you keep bothering him you will have to leave” I asked him a few days later if it was still going on and he said no it stopped. About 6 months later complained again about this happening and I went in his room and reminded the voices about what I said, again it stopped.

My husband and I have seen a black shadow in the shape of a large man in the house. My husband has told me he frequently hears me calling his name when it’s not me… which creeps me out totally.

We are only the 2nd owners of our home and the previous owners are alive and well, but a former pt actually told me he used to graze cattle in the area where our neighborhood is, so I’m guessing there were maybe deaths on the land?

Have another from college but will save that for another day.

– Posted by Mom2boysRN; Allnurses

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