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The white coyote and the star.

January 30, 2013

Waiting for my daughters’ dance to finish down by Lake Ontario I decided to go near the water’s edge to check out the stars (I’m into amature astronomy and looking over the lake is the darkest sky in my city).

I’m looking at Orion and I notice a very bright “star” about 20 degrees up, due South. I thought it was Sirius except that night Sirius was more Southwest and about 40 degrees up in the sky. So I’m thinking to myself “What the Hell is that?” It wasn’t moving so it wasn’t the ISS, it was WAY too late to be Venus, Jupiter was high in the sky and Saturn was not in view. This thing was as bright as the ISS… really bright.

So I’m wondering what “it” is when I hear a noise closer to me and notice a pure white coyote/wolf (it was bigger than a normal “brush wolf” or coyote, but not as big as a wolf) walking along the water’s edge. It’s odd to see a coyote in the city, but not beyond expectations… it can happen. Since I was only about 20 feet from it I decided that it was better if this animal knew I was there so I made a bit of noise… no reaction, so I made louder noises… still no reaction at all. The thing didn’t even look at me.

It continues along and I notice the “star” I had been watching go bright, then suddenly fade to black. There were no clouds in the sky and I sail so I’d recognize a ship’s light. It wasn’t that.

Perplexed, I turned my attention back to the wolf… it was gone too. The time was 12:30 am

I shook my head and dismissed it all then picked up my daughter and drove home.

The next morning (Sunday) I was woken up with a phone call. It was my best friend’s dad. He was crying. My best friend lived in Norway (6 hours difference) had passed away at 6:30 am Oslo time in his sleep from a heart condition.

After I hung up, I realized that my buddy had died at the exact same time (6:30 am Oslo time equals 12:30 am Toronto time) I had seen my star/wolf weirdness… then a bigass shiver went down my spine.

It could be a really freaky coincidence, but it makes me feel good thinking my buddy was saying goodbye to me.

RIP Dave.

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4:30 Rose.

January 30, 2013

Okay, mine isn’t creepy and it will be buried, but enjoy. My parents used to talk about the afterlife a lot. They once even had a convo about “if I die first, I will send you a sign so you know I’m okay.” They even agreed on the sign, and specified that said sign would have to occur at the same time everyday to confirm and rule out randomness. My dad’s sign to my mom was to be a single red rose.

So, years later my dad dies. After the wake, my mom was sitting on a bench outside, and a strong wind blew up and a rose, maybe from the cemetery across the street, rolled across the lot and stopped at her feet. It was 4:30. The next day, after the funeral, we were carrying the flower arrangements into my uncle’s house, and found a red rosé in the driveway. None of the arrangements had roses. It was 4:30. The next day, my mom goes to a bank to make a deposit, and the cashier name was Rose. She stamped the deposit slip, and it was 4:30.

Nothing happened for a few more days, but that next weekend, we went to a dance event, and some close friends of ours performed a tribute dance to my father. They presented my mother with a bouquet of flowers… All assorted, but with one single red rose. They did not know the story. The video is time stamped… Guess what time it was? 🙂

So not creepy, actually a feel good story. But I know dad is looking out for us wherever he is. And tried very hard to let us know that be was okay, and that he loved us.

EDIT: on a sidenote, sometimes my mom will still recieve a rose…like a certain picture she has of a rose (bought after the funeral/episodes as a “remembrance”) will fall of the wall for no reason. Once, she went to have a Glamour Shot taken, and the photographer handed her a rose to pose with. Or a license plate on a passing car will reference “rose” in some way. This usually also happens at 4:30. It’s been 13 years since his death, but maybe he is still sending reminders of his love. And maybe it’s just random shit. Don’t care!

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Memories of an out of body experience.

January 29, 2013

I was in an ambulance carrying me from the hospital in small provincial town towards the big hospital in the capital. I had bad pneumonia which was not responding well to (weak, old and not very effective) oral antibiotics doctors were giving me. In the ambulance I was choking, unable to breathe from (what was later found to be) 750 grams of fluids accumulated in my lungs. The ambulance was jolting, I was short of breath, and next thing I remember was I felt SEVERE blow that kicked me out of my body. I later read stories by other people in similar near dead situations who reported seeing a tunnel and a light, but this was not what I experienced. It was just a blow, a kick which threw me out of my body. I was looking at my body from the side, and also seeing a medical sister which was trying to put a breathing mask on my face.

At first I thought that something happened with my vision and I panicked. I was seeing everything in 2D, like on a movie screen, and also nearly black and white. It was not completely black and white, it was like the colors were very darkened, as if everything was a shades of gray with very little color in it. I know that this seems strange, I mean, I looked at my body from the side and yet I panicked for my eyes and vision, but that was what I thought then. I was 14 year old at the time, and in a state of panic, and I guess my logic was weak and weird at this moment. I severely panicked for my eyes and vision and that was a moment when I thought of my mother, and in an instant, I was looking at her.

She was traveling together with my father and my uncle in a car following the ambulance on a road to the capital. It was my uncle’s car. I started talking to my mother, telling her that my eyes are not ok, that something happened to my eyes and I cannot see well. She did not heard me. They continued to talk, cursing and lambasting the incompetent doctors at provincial hospital, discussing how those doctors tried to coax them to sign some papers after the ambulance left, how they refused to sign, and how they arranged for me to be admitted in the department led by an experienced and very competent doctor with strange name (assoc. prof. Koiundurliev). This was unique name which I remembered.

At that point the gravity of situation hit me. I finally realized that something weird happened, that I shall not be in this car, and I panicked even more. I began to think of my friends at school and of the girl I liked, and as soon as thought of someone was really “sharp enough” in my mind (I don’t know how to explain this in writing), but as soon as thought about someone was “sharp enough” I instantly saw them as if I was standing next to that person in this very moment. Then the panic hit me even harder, I started jumping from place to place, from memory to memory, in an ever increasing pace, and everything became a kaleidoscope of people and places.

This jumping from place to place abruptly stopped when an old lady came. She was very old, with a white hair, white like completely snow white, not white like the grey shadows of other colors I was seeing. She took me by the hand, insisted that I looked at her and repeated several times that I should calm down my mind so that this random jumping from place to place stops. I realized that she was somehow helping me to remain calm, to look only at her and to set at rest and be quiet.

Then she proceeded to explain that now I am going to fall asleep, and when I wake up I will be at the hospital. She told me that doctors will start giving me injections, that some of them will be painful, but I shall be brave like a man and endure the pain, and that my condition is going to improve. But after two months doctors will propose a surgery. She insisted, several times, that immediately when I wake up I MUST tell my mother to refuse to sign papers for the surgery, to refuse to let them do the surgery. She told me that if they do the surgery I am going to die, and insisted again, several times, that I should explain this to my mother as soon as I wake up. She also told me that if I am a good boy and do as she told me to do, my uncle is going to bring me a lot of delicious chocolates in the hospital.

So, long story short: I woke up at the ER, told everything to my mother, she was shocked by my detailed description of what they talked about in the car, I distinctly remember her eyes grew WIDE OPEN when I told her the strange name of the doctor, and she listened to my frenetical demands from her to refuse to sign the papers for the surgery. She was not understanding what I am talking about, as at this moment no one was talking about any surgery. My mother told me that everything is going to be ok, that there is not going to be any surgery and generally tried to calm me down.

I slept a lot in the hospital, was very weak. Doctors drew up the fluids from my lungs using long and thick needles inserted through my back. It was indeed very painful. Christmas came and passed. They gave me strong antibiotic injections and I recovered. 45 days later they saw on X-Rays one particular spot on my left lung which was refusing to heal. Two months later is was still there – still same size. On next X-Ray – again. They proposed a surgery to remove this spot.

My mother resisted to them initially, but eventually, as time passed, there were many doctors insisting that surgery must be done, and my mother finally gave in to their pressure and signed the papers. But this delayed the surgery for many weeks, and when they did a final X-Ray before the surgery to see how big the spot is – it was gone, and the planned surgery was canceled. They all (my mother and the doctors) lied to me, my mother was telling me that there is not going to be a surgery, but they were actually secretly preparing to do it. I only later found out what really happened.

My mother also told me how she watched, not believing her own eyes, how my extremely stingy uncle was bringing me chocolate after chocolate in the hospital. This happened in a then socialist country (Bulgaria), my uncle was working as a driver of big truck for international transportation and that was where he bought the chocolates. On our country local market those chocolates were EXTREMELY expensive and nowhere to be found. And my uncle was (and is, to some extent, to this day) very stingy bastard. My mother told me that, above all, this particular piece of my story convinced her to refuse signing surgery papers for so long, despite the intense pressure from the doctors.

I have a lot of other weird memories from these events, but I decided to not share them, as I am not sure how reliable my memories are. I am only talking about memories I was able to successfully verify with my relatives. Years later I made my mother and father and uncle tell what they remembered, I recorded their words on tape, and I drew the line around what I consider to be the reliable part of the story and what may be the distortions of my memory from the time passed.

Note that I am not religious, my relatives are also atheists. Neither I nor any of my relatives became religious after this incident.

tl;dr: We humans do not (yet) know a shit about life and death.

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Your friend called.

January 26, 2013

So I have one, I figured I should post it before getting lost in the sea of other stories on this page. It’s not very long like some of these.

So I was a freshmen in high school I believe, My mom and my step dad separated because me and him didn’t get along. But they still shared a friend. That friend had 2 strokes recently and was in rough shape. They went to do stuff and left me at my mom’s house alone at the time. So lets focus on me at the moment.

I was sitting at home, playing computer games. I heard the phone ring, and the answering machine was a US Robtics 56K Modem that had a built in answering machine.

Picture of someone elses machine.

So I didn’t pick up the phone but muted my game to hear who it was so I could tell my mom when she got back, that someone called. So it was the friend of theirs, Saying he was okay, and not to worry. Also don’t worry about calling back. That he missed them, etc. What I did find odd at the time, was the phone’s caller ID was blank, but lit up like someone was calling. This didn’t phase me at the time since caller ID was still a new thing.

My mom came home with my ex-step dad, and I told them the friend called and they looked at me with angry and thought I was joking or something, I told them the message, and that it was on the machine and I was serious. So they checked the machine, and all the previous messages was gone, with 1 new message. They played it, and it was pure static.

They told me it wasn’t possible, because he died just a 2 hours ago [while they were out for 5 or so hours], because they got a call on their cell phones from the family members of the friend. He wasn’t able to make it though his 3rd stroke and his body just gave up. Based on what my mom says, which I take with a gain of salt. Her said of the family has always been sensitive to this type of stuff. This wasn’t the last time that friend tried to contact them, that’s a whole other story…

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Every single toy in my son’s toy box goes off.

January 25, 2013

So, mine happened July 4th of this past year.

I was in bed with my already asleep one year old. I was in that place between being asleep and awake. I had the TV on with the volume really low because I can’t sleep without it. Just as I’m really falling asleep, every single toy in my son’s toy box goes off. EVERY toy, at the same time. Anything with batteries in it is lighting up and playing music and going crazy. I literally fall out of bed and run to turn the lights on and as I do, everything turns off at the same time. I figure with all the noise going on, my son would wake up. Nothing. Kid is sound asleep.

I grab my cell phone and start heading downstairs to call my dad and generally freak out. As I’m coming down the stairs, I hear the garage door open and the door leading from the kitchen to the garage slam. I screamed as loud as I could and ran back upstairs and locked my bedroom door. The baby and I were home alone. Who the fuck came into the house through the garage? Or, who just left the house through the garage?

I can’t get a hold of my dad and finally get my step mom on the phone. She comes over with her mother and they’re both really shaken. Now, they’re very Mexican, and very Catholic. So, my step mom’s mom brings over holy water and a rosary and comes in the house and starts praying and throwing holy water everywhere. I go up stairs to get the baby, and leave the bedroom door open. As I’m picking up the baby, I look out my bedroom door, and as soon as my step mom’s mom sets foot on the landing outside my bedroom, the lights in the house start to flicker and my one year old starts laughing hysterically. She keeps walking towards my room and when she steps inside of my room, every light in the house went off.

Needless to say, we got the fuck out of there and spent the night in a hotel. Lights didn’t come back on for days. Electricians couldn’t figure out why in the world they were off in the first place. My son and I still live in the house and the only odd things still happening are doors opening and closing on their own and floors creaking like someone’s walking on them. I’ve dealt with it by basically staying away from home until right before dark, then locking ourselves in the bedroom. Moving out next month and I could not be more excited.

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The piano playing.

January 25, 2013

I’m super skeptical but my friend does all kinds of ghost hunt things. I go along with him sometimes because it’s very different and always a silly experience.

Except once, when we were ‘going over the evidence.’

I do a lot of his sound work, and I was with him this particular time so we’re going through the audio and he hears something that sounds like a piano playing, I stick it into goldwave and clean it up immensely. It fades in slowly, and fades out slowly; it’s clear as day.

There was no piano in the house, no power in the house, no access to radio (this was in the middle of NOWHERE), and the closest neighbor was approx 1 mile away. We also didn’t hear it during the time it was playing, so only the equipment picked it up.

Goddamn it gave me chills with zero explanation. There were several other unexplainable pictures/noises that we picked up but NOTHING to that magnitude. I think I still have it on my computer and I’ll post it later if I can find it. Not a creepy clip at all, but the context makes it so I think.

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Goodbye, Annie.

January 25, 2013

There was this lady (we’ll call her Annie) that was a friend of my mom’s and I lived with her for a few months after college.

I worked 2nd shift, so I was up late watching TV after everyone else was in bed. Annie comes walking into the living room, half asleep. I say, “What’s going on, Annie?” and she says, “My grandmother just called.”

I’m like, “Nooooo, no one has called.”

She insists that she just talked to her grandmother and that her grandmother called to tell her goodbye and now she wants to call her family to check on her.

“Nonsense,” I say. “It was just a dream. Don’t bother your family in the middle of the night. Go back to bed and call them in the morning.” And she goes back to bed.

About an hour later, I’m just getting into bed when the phone rings. No, shit. And it’s her family calling to tell her that her grandmother died about an hour ago.

The grandmother was old, but not sick or on death’s bed or anything. Annie did not remember any of this the next day and we never spoke of it. I thought about this for years and struggled with labeling it a ghost story or just an eerie coincidence. My skeptical and logical tendencies decided to label it a coincidence. The only times I have re-told this story have been to people who do not know Annie in situations where everyone is telling their “ghost-stories.”


About a decade later, Annie died unexpectedly. I went to her funeral and her brother delivered a eulogy. In it, he tells this story.

When Annie was about 4, her great-grandmother died. All the family was gathered in the house and someone noticed that little Annie had disappeared. After a brief search, they found her in a bedroom, rolling on the floor laughing.

“What on earth are you laughing about, Annie?” and little Annie replies, “Great-grandma was tickling me. She came to tell me goodbye.”

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