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And we did get a sign.

February 18, 2012

When I was younger, my father used to rent an old cabin, which was part of an old rectory, to spend some weeks there during the summer holiday. There was several other kids there from the other cabins, and as soon as we got to know them, they claimed that this place was haunted, which I didn’t believe in.

Anyways, they managed to talk me and my brother into playing with an Ouija board one night. One of the girls participating had a grandmother who was recently dead and used to spend a lot of time on this place, so we asked to talk to her, and asked for some sort of sign for her presence. And we did get a sign.

We heard someone in wooden shoes walking up the stairs to the small room we sat in, calling the name of the mentioned girl with a hoarse voice, and the steps stopped right outside the room. By now, everything could easily be explained be something natural and logical, but after this shit started to get unexplainable.

A few seconds after the sound stopped outside the door, the person sitting closest to the door starts to hyperventilate, we sit around shocked and frozen by fear. After what seemed as 15-20 second, she stops to hyperventilate and the person to the right start almost immediately to do the same. I don’t remember if I understood that I would probably be next by where I was sitting, but suddenly I felt a weight on my shoulder and chest as if someone was hugging me from behind and I froze in fear and started hyperventilating.

Anyways, this went through half the circle we sat in, before it jumped on to mentioned girl, door opens, luckily it was a parent wondering what we did and it stopped. Me and my bother agreed to never tell anyone about this, since I prefer not to be viewed as a nutcase by the majority of the people I know. That’s why it feels nice to vent this anonymously, regardless of people believe it or not.

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God Is Here

February 18, 2012

A few years ago, I was standing out in the front lawn, talking with my mom while she watered her garden. Suddenly, we hear a loud moaning coming from the upstairs window, my sisters room.

My mom laughs a bit and yells up “Hey what are you doing?” to my sis, assuming she was playing some kind of prank. Curious, we both head inside and walk upstairs to the source of the moaning.

My mom attempts to open the door to her room, but it’s stuck. She starts pushing hard to get it open, and says “this isn’t funny, open the door”. Finally she’s able to wedge it open enough to peek inside, and she sees my sister laying on the floor in front of the door, foaming at the mouth and making strange noises.

My mom screams and calls 911 immediately. I peer into the room, and see a homemade ouija board laying next to her body. She had been playing with it by herself in her room almost every day for the past month. I didn’t think about it much at the time.

Paramedics show up and say she’s had a seizure and take her to the hospital. They do every test under the sun on her and conclude that she’s perfectly healthy. She’s never had a seizure before and she has no underlying issues that could have caused it.

When she gets home from the hospital, she tells me exactly what happened. She had been playing with the ouija board, and she said it was extremely excited that day. Something about the piece moving faster than usual. She says she was talking to a demon, and it kept asking to take her clothes off. Then the piece started freaking out and moving everywhere, and she heard multiple demons start chanting “The devil is here, the devil is here”, and her body locked up. Soon afterwards, she said everything went black.

The next part sounds a bit corny, but I’m just repeating what I was told. She said that she heard the demons say “God is here” and there was a white light, and then everything went blank.

I’m an atheist, but that story gives me goosebumps every time I retell it.

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October 4, 2011

This didn’t happen to me, so I don’t tell the story very well and I may have a couple details off, but I always found this a little creepy. It’s really out there, so I don’t blame you if you don’t believe it. I do simply because I know the guy it happened to very well and he’s extremely skeptical.

A friend of mine, Brian, used to do investigations with a couple other people. They were very skeptical and would never assume anything they couldn’t explain was a “ghost,” they’d just say “welp, there’s something going on here we can’t explain” and leave it at that. They very seldom got a case that even ended in that.

A couple friends of Brian’s kept bugging him to check out their apartment because they had apparently made several contacts on a Quija board and kept having weird things happen around the place(doors shutting randomly, stuff falling off counters). Of course, Brian’s first reaction was “A Quija board? You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.” However, his friend was really insistent and finally he went to check it out. Brian had the guys use the Ouija board and they “contacted” several different spirits or whatever you want to call them. One of them spoke Spanish, which intrigued Brian because none of the guys spoke Spanish.

The building the apartment was in used to be a hotel, and across from the apartment was a closed off hallway where all the rooms used to be. Brian, still skeptical but curious, took the Ouija board and some equipment into the hallway. Supposedly he had several long, confusing conversations with several different entities. All of the entities expressed fear of one called “CZ”, and when Brian asked why they’d be very cryptic about it. Eventually one of the entities told Brian to search room 8, when he asked what he would find, it answered “CZ.”

So Brian goes to room 8, breaks down the door, and finds a whole bunch of scribbling on the wall. The only legible markings are “Making Howlers” and “Chuck Zolner.” Through a mix of Ouija conversations and inquiries at the historical society, Brian discovered that Chuck had killed someone in the hotel in the late 1800s. Chuck died in another state, but supposedly hid the murder weapon in the hotel. As for the making howlers thing, when he mentioned it to the entities he only got fearful responses and no answers.

Another entity he contacted, Beth, claimed to be 19 years old and thought it was still the late 1800s/early 1900s. After some research, Brain discovered a girl named Elizabeth had been run over by a stagecoach in front of the hotel.

On Brian’s last visit to the hotel, he could only get ahold of one entity (one he’d never had contact with) and it kept saying “I’m trying to kill you, etc etc.” Then a really strong, foul odor enter the room, the candle he had with him started burning sideways, and Brian decided it was best to leave.

A couple weeks later, Brian was talking to a supposed psychic and out of nowhere she said “you’ve been getting into things lately, haven’t you? You really need to clean that stuff of you.” She told him some spirit named Elizabeth had attached itself to him.

We tried to gain access to the hotel a couple years ago, but Brian’s friends moved out (meaning we couldn’t get in the building), and the new owner didn’t want us poking around. I really wish I could have checked that place out, just to see what it was all about.

Edit: The place was called The American House Hotel and it’s located in Norwalk, Ohio.

– Posted by mMelatonin; Reddit


Farrokh Bulsara

July 29, 2011
When we were in the 9th grade, my friends and I (pathetic wimps, all of us) finally got up the courage the have a seance. It was a Friday night in about May of 1992. Freddie Mercury had died the previous November, so we decided to try to contact the spirit of the recently departed Queen frontman.

3 times, we tried to contact the spirit of “Freddie Mercury” to no avail, until yours truly, a Queen fanatic, asked for the spirit of Farrokh Bulsara
(Freddie’s real name). At that moment, the 10 candles we had burning in a circle in front of us all changes. They were burning straight up initially but after I spoke the 10 flames all started to burn sideways, and they all pointed at me for a good minute. It was very weird.

Years later we tried the same thing during a late night drinking binge, and while our efforts to contact John Bonham were unsuccessful, at least two of the people present nearly choked on their own vomit.

 – Posted by northernpike; Fark



July 22, 2011

Here is a OUIJA story, so everyone panic….

My mother’s family has a hunting camp in rural central New York State. It was built in the 1860s, on land that was often traversed by Civil War union troops and I’m sure we can throw some Native American burials into the mix as well.
Every July we have a “chowder party” where the familty gets together, gets drunk, and cooks “chowder” in a modified 55 gal drum. (Western New Yorkers will understand, this ain’t your Boston Clam Chowdah, it’s more of a stew, but I digress…)
In 2004 I took my friend to the family gathering. We, along with my uncle have an interest in the paranormal, while everyone else just thinks we are stupid.
The three of us were using the Ouija board in the upstairs front bedroom. The board was very active and moving quickly and smoothly.
About halfway into the session it stopped abruptly and spelled out J-O-K-E. We all looked at each other, as soon as we took our eyes from the board, we hear this banging at the window.
My family who doubted us were in the front yard. They had put a ski mask on a pole and were tapping on the glass of the second-story window.

The board had warned us…. and we just laughed and thanked it.

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June 24, 2011

I’ve got one, my college roomate told me this story, his great grandmother died when he was starting middle school, at the funeral he ran into a cousin who he had not seen in a long time, this was the 2 years older than him cool cousin with a motorcycle, so anyways the funeral is going on and they get bored so they decide to go talk and have some burguers at a place near the funeral home, they go they talk and come back. Long story short, the funeral ends and the cool cousin goes back to wherever he’s from.

Fast forward one year, cool cousin got in a bike accident and dies.

Fast forward a couple of months after that, my roomates sister brings a ouija board to their house they play with it, when they ask the spirit’s name it spells out R-o-d-r-i-g-o, the cool cousins name, my roomate freaks out and his sisters too, they start feeling nervous.

My roomate tells them that you’re not supposed to joke with that kind of stuff, thinking that they were spelling out his name on purpose, and he said “if you really are Rodrigo, when our grandma died, we went for some burguers, what did we have to drink?”.

Now the girls hands are on the planchette and it moves and spells out H-O-R-C-H-A-T-A, horchata which my roomate knows that that’s what they drank, he never told anyone about that and he’s freaking out, he says he just ran out screaming totally freaked out about this, he insists that his sisters had no way of knowing that detail, what they drank.

After that the girls started to believe that the ouija was real and started playing with it more and more and more fucked up things happenned to their family, dad’s alcoholism, loss of a sweet job, one sisters schizofrenia kicked in, just a list of bad luck or unfortunate events.

It could just all be a coincindence but I’ll never fucking touch a ouija board.

– Posted by Watanabex ; Nosleep


June 24, 2011

A couple of my friends and I went to Vegas on a budget-trip (three days and $100 to spend). We stayed in the Vegas Hotel on Freemont Street, which we had heard was haunted. We brought along a Ouija board a friend of mine had found in a dumpster (in perfect condition), and decided to try it once at night and once during the day. First night we’re there we try to use it at 3:33 AM, but don’t get anything. The following day we use it at around 2 in the afternoon. For a few minutes we don’t get anything, but then the planchette jerked slightly and all of the lights go off in the room. Understandably a little scared, we throw open the impenetrable hotel shades and let some light in. We go outside our room and look down the hall – it’s pitch-black. None of the emergency lights have turned on. We hang out in our room for a few minutes before we get tired of waiting in the dark, then decide to walk the ten or so stories down to the street. We get to the huge fire doors separating us from the elevators and stairs, and find it locked.

There was a total electronic shut-down in the hotel. Something had caused the electricity to fail completely in the hotel – even the backup generators weren’t working. We were trapped for about two hours in our hotel.

– Posted by SapientPearwood ; Nosleep