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Not That Grandma

October 11, 2011

It is a very personal story and has fueled my belief in ghosts.

One night, my mom awoke to my baby sister crying. She went into my sister’s room to comfort her, asking her if she had a bad dream. My sister said ‘grandma said she won’t be able to come see me anymore’. My mom was a little confused and told her that she’d take her tomorrow to see grandma. Turns out, my sister wasn’t talking about my dad’s mother; she told me mom ‘not that grandma, your mommy’. My mom will never forget this story – my baby sister had been having conversations with my mom’s mother.

I am only two years older than my younger sister. Neither of us got to know my maternal grandmother, she had died of a heart disease well before we were born.

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he couldn’t come in because he has to leave soon.

October 6, 2011

My dad was 18 years old when he left jordan. The day my dad left he was talking to his dad and he was really unsupportive of my dad leaving. They hugged and my dad said Ill see you again soon and my grandfather said no this is going to be the last time we’ll see eachother. Fast forward a few months my dad got out of work early and went to take a nap at his apartment in new jersey. He had a dream that he was laying on the couch and someone knocked on the door. He went up to get it and it was his dad. My dad invited him in but he said he couldnt come in cause he has to leave soon. My dad kept protesting asking him to come in and where he had to go but all his dad would say is I just wanted to come check on you before I left. They said their goodbyes. My dad then woke up to a phone call and it was his brother calling from Jordan telling him that their dad just died.

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Of Course They’re Dead.

October 6, 2011

My family moved across the Pacific when I was in high school and we weren’t able to go back to visit for years. One night I dreamed about my favorite grandmother (mom’s side). She came to visit me and take me to the night market. At the night market we met her older brother and the two of them apparently “live together” now, so she introduced her older brother. (Her older brother was not able to escape communist China and died before she was able to go home and visit. Her entire family died during the war, only her and her husband survived.)

We walked around the night market, she got me one of my favorite snacks (caramel coated tomatos on a stick) and we walked around some more. Then I noticed something wasn’t right. The food carts were not the normal modern day food carts. They were ancient looking with bamboo roofs. People were holding candle lamps and shops were lighted up by candle lamps too.

Then I realized the patrons were a bit weird. I was sure one guy was holding his head, and the father with his daughter sitting on his neck looked as dead as his daughter. Everyone looked moderately calm/happy/content, but they were soooo not alive.

I asked my grandmother if everyone here is dead and she said, “Of course they’re dead! why wouldn’t they be?” For some reason I didn’t question her at all and we hung out for some more. I remember we hung out for a few more hours before she dropped me off (can’t remember where) then I woke up.

Two weeks later my aunt called to ask my mom if my dad told her her mother died two weeks ago (the exact day I dreamed of her), and if we were going back to attend the funeral.

My dad didn’t call. He just didn’t care enough to tell us my grandmother died. My mother decided we were NOT going back to see her because we had school and it would be unthinkable to miss school over a funeral.

This was the only grandmother who recognized the abuse my parents placed on us and tried to stop it. (Mom yelled at her and told her to stop meddling, since mom was helping with her living expense she couldn’t do too much to help us.)

Before we left the country she spent 4 hours telling me how she escaped the Communists in China when she was 18 (with a child). I told her I’ll see her again. We’ll be back to visit. She sighed and said she’ll never see me again. She was right.

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October 4, 2011

This didn’t happen to me, so I don’t tell the story very well and I may have a couple details off, but I always found this a little creepy. It’s really out there, so I don’t blame you if you don’t believe it. I do simply because I know the guy it happened to very well and he’s extremely skeptical.

A friend of mine, Brian, used to do investigations with a couple other people. They were very skeptical and would never assume anything they couldn’t explain was a “ghost,” they’d just say “welp, there’s something going on here we can’t explain” and leave it at that. They very seldom got a case that even ended in that.

A couple friends of Brian’s kept bugging him to check out their apartment because they had apparently made several contacts on a Quija board and kept having weird things happen around the place(doors shutting randomly, stuff falling off counters). Of course, Brian’s first reaction was “A Quija board? You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.” However, his friend was really insistent and finally he went to check it out. Brian had the guys use the Ouija board and they “contacted” several different spirits or whatever you want to call them. One of them spoke Spanish, which intrigued Brian because none of the guys spoke Spanish.

The building the apartment was in used to be a hotel, and across from the apartment was a closed off hallway where all the rooms used to be. Brian, still skeptical but curious, took the Ouija board and some equipment into the hallway. Supposedly he had several long, confusing conversations with several different entities. All of the entities expressed fear of one called “CZ”, and when Brian asked why they’d be very cryptic about it. Eventually one of the entities told Brian to search room 8, when he asked what he would find, it answered “CZ.”

So Brian goes to room 8, breaks down the door, and finds a whole bunch of scribbling on the wall. The only legible markings are “Making Howlers” and “Chuck Zolner.” Through a mix of Ouija conversations and inquiries at the historical society, Brian discovered that Chuck had killed someone in the hotel in the late 1800s. Chuck died in another state, but supposedly hid the murder weapon in the hotel. As for the making howlers thing, when he mentioned it to the entities he only got fearful responses and no answers.

Another entity he contacted, Beth, claimed to be 19 years old and thought it was still the late 1800s/early 1900s. After some research, Brain discovered a girl named Elizabeth had been run over by a stagecoach in front of the hotel.

On Brian’s last visit to the hotel, he could only get ahold of one entity (one he’d never had contact with) and it kept saying “I’m trying to kill you, etc etc.” Then a really strong, foul odor enter the room, the candle he had with him started burning sideways, and Brian decided it was best to leave.

A couple weeks later, Brian was talking to a supposed psychic and out of nowhere she said “you’ve been getting into things lately, haven’t you? You really need to clean that stuff of you.” She told him some spirit named Elizabeth had attached itself to him.

We tried to gain access to the hotel a couple years ago, but Brian’s friends moved out (meaning we couldn’t get in the building), and the new owner didn’t want us poking around. I really wish I could have checked that place out, just to see what it was all about.

Edit: The place was called The American House Hotel and it’s located in Norwalk, Ohio.

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The Ring

October 4, 2011

My stepmom died about 4 years ago. My father took it really hard. He had never been particularly religious, and I was never sure about his view on the afterlife or anything related to it. After she died, he would ask for signs all the time. He just wanted, like people do, to know she still existed somewhere.

He had gotten a chain to put her wedding ring on so he could keep it with him, but it kept falling off. He lost it on a baseball field once and my whole extended family had to scour the thing to find it. He eventually had to get a chain that had no clasp. It just barely fit around his head. He put the ring on it and had it soldered back together so it could not come off.

He went to bed one night and I woke up to him yelling for me to come in his room. I ran in and he points to the pillow next to his. The ring was sitting on it. He said he woke up and it was just sitting there. The chain was still around his neck, unbroken. I have no idea how that could be possible without some kind of paranormal fuckery, and I’m grateful to my stepmom for giving my dad that peace of mind. That incident really helped him.

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and he opened his mouth

October 4, 2011

I know people don’t believe in spirits. I myself never did until I lived in this one house.. It was a newer home too so it was odd to me. Perhaps it was just energy left over from a time long ago I don’t know. But my entire family saw stuff. It first started out with noises. The first summer there my sister and I were left alone all day while my parents worked. we were 15 and 10 at the time and one day I heard coughing in my parents room. My sister and I thought it was our father. We thought maybe he was home sick. So all day we kept hearing coughing and finally after about 5 hours I decide to peek in and ask dad if he needed medicine. There was no one in the room. We went in to check the master bathroom and nothing no one was there.

Then a few days later we heard the back shower open.. it was one of those rolling kind that made quite a bit of noise. We heard it open and close and we sat there waiting for my mom or dad to come out of the room. Again nothing they were not home. That summer my cousins visited and they too heard the coughing and shower.

We lived there for 5 years and things got worse and worse over time. Tapping on the walls, My sister and her best friend were having a sleep over and her friend saw someone walk out of my room. She said “hi” to me but it wasn’t me. My cousin saw someone walk out of the bathroom into my sisters room, she thought it was me but I was out front at the time.

My aunt stayed over on a new years eve once. She bitched me and my sister out for walking all over her air bed and waking her up. We did not do that..

My mother was walking down the hall way in the early morning she thought my dad was behind her and asked if he wanted a full or half pot of coffee… when she got out of the hall way she turned to see a man in a plaid shirt that then ran past her.

My sisters friend stopped coming over because she was in my sisters room and a Susan B. Anthony coin my grandpa had given her flew off the shelf and hit the wall leaving a dent in the wall. My sister was walking out the door at the time and thought her friend who threw it. She had been on the top bunk sitting down. Her friend got up and called her mom to leave right away and never came back over.

My best friend stayed over once for a week and she stayed in my room with her evil cat that hated me. I slept on the bottom bunk of my sisters bed. My friend asked why I kept coming in the room to bug the cat. Why I kept knocking on the walls, and why I would lay on the bed only to get up and leave. I did none of this. that cat hated me and would attack me. She said the cat would flip out and hiss and meow like I was in the room.

Then one time I got up to go pee in the middle of the night in our bathroom the way the mirror was.. if you looked over your right shoulder while on the toilet you could see in to the kitchen. I always did this when I left the door open. It was like 3 am so the door was left open and I looked in the mirror. I saw a man standing in the kitchen by the fridge at first I thought it was my dad. Then he turned around like he knew I was looking, and there were no eyes just dark patches and he opened his mouth perhaps to say something I don’t know.. I stopped mid pee and ran back into my room. all the while keeping an eye on the “guy” I never went pee at night again lol

I was so happy when we moved. I have no clue what all that was but so many people witnessed and saw things that it wasn’t just my imagination.

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A Rose

October 3, 2011

My grandfather had cancer for about 6 years. Towards the end of his life, he told my grandmother that if he made it to heaven after all that he had done, he would send her a rose. Now, he had always tended to a huge rose garden in front of the house and so this was his signature. A few months after his death, a lot of my little cousins were running around the house. They were about 1-2 years old at this time and the house is pretty massive so they disappear and reappear. Isabella went missing for about 20 minutes. After a while of searching for her, she came out of my grandmothers bedroom (where no one ever went in) with 1 solid red rose. She came up to my grandmother and handed it to her, telling her that Papaw wanted her to give it to her for him. He had made it to heaven.

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