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“hey mom…”

October 15, 2015

I’ve been a person who never was sure what to believe in when it related to ghosts, but my experience has boggled my mind. I was around 12 or so and my cousin, my brother, and I were all hangin out in our family room watching movies. (Crudely drawn layout of house).

It was like midnight and my mom had been in bed for a few hours. I looked up and saw (at least what I thought was)my mom walk past the entryway to the family room, from the living room to the kitchen. My brother even called out “hey mom…”. No response, she just walked right past without acknowledging us and into the kitchen, and out of view. She was wearing a long, flowing, white-ish nightgown. Keep in mind the entire house is pitch black except for the light of the TV. A couple seconds later, we were wondering what was going on so we got up and glanced in the kitchen. Nothing, just darkness. We started freaking out and all three ran down the hallway, through the living room, and burst into her room. She was lying in bed passed out asleep.

We woke her up and asked if she was just in the kitchen. She leaned up to figure out what was happening and she was wearing blue pajamas-NOT wearing a white nightgown. We freaked out. I didn’t know what to think. There’s a door that connects the kitchen to her room, but that door was always wedged shut and would make a loud creaking/scraping noise once it was shoved open. No one used that door.

We were up and heading towards her room in a matter of seconds. She wouldn’t have had time to walk past, shove open and close that door, and change her clothes. We have no idea who or what we saw walk past that kitchen that night. I would have convinced myself I was seeing things, but my brother CALLED her name– HE saw it too.

I am not making this up.

It’s been over 10 years, I am 24 years old and the thought STILL gives me weird goosebumps and for some reason I start to tear up when I think too much about it. I’m an intellectual and rational person, but if you ask me if I believe in ghosts, I can’t comfortably say “no”.

– posted by rstallard91; Reddit