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Doug is in trouble.

January 25, 2016

My mother was a teenager and had a dream where my uncle, Doug, was banging on some large doors while laying down. He was trying to yell something but was injured badly. My mother says what woke her was the pounding noise on the door. She wakes up and runs to my grandparent’s room crying, “Doug is in trouble! He is hurt!” She tries to explain her dream and they comfort her back into bed.

Not long later my mother wakes up again, but this time the knocks are real. My grandather opens the door to two policemen. They tell my family that Doug had been stabbed in a parkinglot at a local bar and was at the hospital.

Apparently my uncle Doug had some words with four other guys in the bar about his girlfriend. They went to leave and the four guys jumped him at the back of the bar. He yelled for his girlfriend to drive off and get help. So she did. But after the assault he was found by one of the employees at the back of the bar, knocking with his little amount of strength on his stomach. They narrowly missed a main artery, too. He still had visible scars he showed me as a kid.

Take what you will from the story, but it still creeps me out a bit.


January 25, 2016

I spent the night at my best friend’s house and had a horrible, vivid nightmare about her step-dad attacking and raping me. I remember waking up and thinking it was real so I sprung up and locked the door before a “second” attack could occur.

A couple months later she confessed that he had raped her multiple times (and “he thinks you’re hot”).


“Maggie, you have to wake up!”

January 25, 2016

This is my friends story. She was sleeping in on Halloween morning. She was having a vivid dream that she was having an out of body experience. Floating above herself, she was trying everything to wake herself up. She was screaming (we’ll say Maggie) MAGGIE WAKE UP! You have to wake up right now, you have to buy the kids Halloween candy.

Getting up early, especially on a weekend morning, was extremely out of character for Maggie. She woke up in a panicked sweat, throws on some clothes and leaves in a hurry because for some reason, getting Halloween candy is super fucking important right now.

Once she comes back home, she opens the door and is hit immediately by the strong scent of gas. Her roommate accidentally left the gas stove on and gas had filled the entire house. She believes, as do I, in some unconscious, last-ditch effort to save herself, she had this out of body dream to wake herself and leave the house immediately.


She Dead.

January 25, 2016

I had a patient one night who was mentally disabled. She was a young, dark-skinned black woman with these huge eyes. I don’t know if she always looked like that or if she was just genuinely spooked, but they were open wide. The first thing she said to me when I walked in the room was “She dead. That lady dead”, nodding her head at the woman in the next bed. The woman in the next bed had apparently been dealing with this all day and was fed up. “I’m not dead!”, she yelled. I tried to calm her down, to no avail. The day shift nurse told me she’d been doing that all day. I felt so bad for her roomate. I considered trying to transfer her, but that would just put someone else in the room to put up with it. She did this all night. She would even put her call light on to tell me her roommate was dead.

So this was creepy on its own, but guess who died the next day? It wasn’t an expected death either. I don’t believe in the supernatural, but damn, that was quite a coincidence.


May 14, 2014

This one is from a friend– she swears it’s true.

Her dad is a hospice nurse. He got a call from the agency that a patient was in the process of dying and was expected to pass very soon. They asked that he attend to the family. Apparently the nurse who was supposed to be there could not make it for some reason. He complained that it was all the way across town, and it was not his usual day to work, but he went anyway. When he was nearly there the agency called him to say the family had reported that the patient had passed but to please go there and help with family support and start postmortum care. When he arrived he introduced himself by saying “Hello I’m Marty, I’m from Hospice.” My friend said the family’s mouths fell open and the all looked shocked. He apologized that their usual nurse could not make it. They said, “No that’s not it. Grandma kept mumbling that Marty was coming. We thought she was just talking nonsense but here you are!”

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The big park in the sky

May 18, 2013

Man… like a week before my sister died she said she had a dream that someone took her up to play in a big park in the sky, but that they told her she had to come back to live there. She said she asked if her family could come, and the person told her no. Then, the night before she died, our parents literally couldn’t pull us apart – as in, we were screaming and crying wouldn’t let go of each other, and that hadn’t happened before.

Edit: More on the story. I guess it makes it more curious, being that she was a healthy, young girl. That day my dad send her and my other (half, but I call them “sisters,” because we lived together on and off) sisters out to the park to play with their mother. He was suspicious for weeks that someone had been breaking into the garage, so he wanted my stepmother to take the vehicle and the kids out, while he waited with a gun in the night stand next to him. They came home early, because she was crying that she wanted to see our father, and she went in his room while he was asleep, took the safety off (supposedly), and shot herself through the heart and into his leg. He always had guns just laying around the house. I remember them taking them and playing with them, pretending to shoot each other, while he was off doing…whatever it was he was doing. In the weeks prior, all she could talk about was going to live in the big park in the sky. I’m not religious whatsoever, but it’s still really strange.

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“It’s my last time on earth here”

May 15, 2013

Hindus believe in afterlife or rebirth to be more exact, strangely no one has mentioned that here.

I’m not a practising Hindu so I never really thought deeply into such matters until I met a very kind lady (father’s friend’s wife) when I was 14 years old. She had the ability to see into the future and I’m not shitting you guys when I say that whatever she’s told me as happened so far to the T. She just held my hand and basically saw my future (this is the part I don’t want to accept/like – since this would mean our fate has been set in stone or something to that extent) I’m 28 now and I’ll never forget the sensation I got from her – that warm vibration/energy she radiated.

I also asked her why she’s able to see into people’s future or something along those lines ( I was such a cynic, because there are tons of ‘astrologers’ out there promising you lies) and she said “It’s my last time on earth here”

This would explain it I suppose “The soul, called “Atman” leaves the body and reincarnates itself according to the deeds or Karma performed by one in last birth. A person stays with the God or ultimate power when he discharges only & only yajna karma (means work done for satisfaction of supreme lord only) in last birth and the same is called as “Moksha” or “Nirvana”, which is the ultimate goal of a self realised soul.”

So I do believe there’s something more – we just don’t know what. But I do know that death is the only certainty in life and that’s morbidly comforting to me. 😉

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