The Owner Of The Handprint On The Arm

November 20, 2011

i hate being the nut with the ghost stories, i dont believe 4/5 ghost stories i hear. but i can tell you that everything in here is what i experienced. if it was truly paranormal, i really dont want to know

about 5 years ago i was living in a house that was haunted, mostly in my bedroom. i experienced alot of things but the only thing that relates to the dream is that one morning i woke up, stood up to stretch and noticed a small hand mark on my left arm. it looked as if the hand had been there the whole night and was very red and was indented in, like if you sleep with clothes crumpled up beneath u and it leaves that mark. anyway, the hand had only a thumb and two fingers, and looked like a childs hand. it was a left hand, and it was imprinted on my left bicep (therefore impossible for it to have been my hand, it was very distinct and i tried to recreate it but couldnt). i wasnt able to get a witness because by the time i got downstairs it was gone. every night in my room i would hear footsteps above my bed, and a general feeling of fear and anxiety all the time when i was alone. sometimes i thought i could see eyes from my closet. one day we heard what sounded like large furniture being thrown around (like dressers/bedframes) upstairs, in my room. my stepfather walked upstairs with a bat, but noone was there.

anyway about a month ago i had the first dream. i dreamt that i woke up to go get a glass of water, and immediately i realized i was inside a dream. i looked down to realize i had no body, then saw my body still lying in bed behind me. i went out of my room and started wandering my house, things seemed to be happening just like they normally do at my house, i saw my brothers playing xbox and all that jazz. this dream was the clearest i had ever experienced, and my dreams are pretty vivid. the thing that was different about this one though was that i could not control my surroundings, at all. i could only control what i did, which is very unusual for me, idk if anyone else has had a dream like that but it was new to me. i decided to leave my house so i started to fly over my field. not long after i left the house i began to feel a burn on my arm that was excruciating. i felt like it was melting my skin and i wanted to cut my arm off rather than deal with the pain. id never experienced pain in a dream before, but id experienced other feelings i didnt think were possible in dreams beforehand. i decided the best idea was to go back to my body and wake up. when i entered my room i saw a figure standing next to my bed.

the figure was completely black. although that is an understatement. it was a void, completely absent of any color or reflection. from the shape it looked like an 11 year old boy. my body was looking directly into the face of it with my eyes open, and completely glazed over grey. the figure was holding my arm (the same one that burned, and still did). it didnt notice that i entered, so i assumed it couldnt see me, i only felt a little safe because i knew it was my dream. i floated to the wall beside my body and looked into the face of the figure and saw the eyes, that couldnt be seen unless looking directly at the face, because the eyes seemed to be looking out from far into the void of the body, rather than being on it. i looked into its eyes, and it made me feel like id never see anything beautiful again. an image flashed in my mind right after i started to look into them. it was an image but it carried alot more than sight. i saw 2 men, trapped in a cell together, who had lost all hope of ever living a life outside the room, and each of them refused sleep in fear that the other would kill them, and each of them was planning on killing the other based on this fear. i started to hear a whispering in my head that got progressively louder, until it became a shout, and yanked me off the bed. i woke up as soon as it started pulling, and got that feeling that i was still being pulled sideways (ive experienced falling backwards when waking, but sideways was new.)

the second dream was worse. much worse. my friend C was staying over at my house and was sleeping with me in my bed. once again i woke up and started to go get a drink, this time however i did not realize it was a dream and when i looked back i was not in my bed like last time, it was just C. i remember thinking how beautiful she looked and how much i was gonna miss her (i was bringing her to the airport later that week, so it was about the last time id see her) before i walked out. i got a drink and when i came back the black figure was in the room and the walls were covered with blood. its was tearing C apart, ripping off her skin and hair and tearing out organs. i could hear her screaming to help in the beggining, and i could even feel the warmth of the blood that was getting on me. i stood in shock for a second and tried to jump on the back of the figure, in hopes off pulling it away. the second my body made contact with the figure, the burn came back, but it went through every part of my body. i felt like i could feel every individual cell in my body exploding. i fell to the ground and started crying because i couldn’t budge the figure an inch or stop its rage. i started hitting it with my fist, and it felt like i was punching underwater, but even slower. every hit i made did nothing except send shots of pain down the bones of my arm. i shouted “why are you doing this” and it stopped, turned to me and stared at me with those fucking eyes that i see in every dark corner and i heard the voice in my head yell “BECAUSE YOU’RE MINE”

– Posted by doomroka13; Reddit


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