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“I’m sorry I couldn’t help you this morning.”

October 3, 2011

In early 2007 I was on a traveling singing group. There were eight of us on a team, and the team members were switched every year. We were invited to stay the evening at the house of a previous member named Drew. Drew wasn’t home, so it was his mom, his sister and his brother who hosted us.

Now we’d all known that Drew’s dad died about four years earlier, but he’d died of a heart attack and not IN the house. I generally try not to be superstitious, but I went into the house and immediately felt a little uncomfortable. I blamed it on the fact that Drew and I had never really seen eye to eye, or that I felt bad for his mom who had been widowed so young and left with three children.

As sleeping space was limited, I got put down on a cot in the basement, along with another girl in my team. The basement wasn’t a creepy basement by any means; it had been refinished and was pretty comfortable. My cot was only about a foot from the wall and there was a small, old, digital clock between the wall and the cot. I fell asleep in my usual manner: facing the wall, back to the room.

At 2:48am (I’ll never forget the clock, since it was the only thing I could focus on) I woke up very suddenly. I was immediately frozen in bed, my heart was racing, my throat went tight and I couldn’t swallow. It was primal fear at it’s best. I couldn’t roll over to check but I swear, even now, that something was standing over me. EVERYTHING in my instinct told me NOT to turn around. It felt like my life depended on me staying right where I was. During this time of intense fear, I kept seeing images in my mind, flashes of gore and plain out horrible things. I could hear a laughing in my ears but not the voice of just one person laughing. It sounded like I was in a room with thousands of …things…laughing. I remember for the first time having suicide cross my mind during this overwhelming, fear driven time.

I should note that I am not and have never been suicidal.

When ‘The feeling’ went away, the last thing I remember hearing in my mind was, “Not this one.” I looked at the clock again and only nine minutes had passed. Longest fucking nine minutes of my life.

A few hours later when I got up, I decided I was going to get the hell out of there as quickly as I possibly could. I skipped a shower and breakfast and sat in the van waiting for the rest of my team. As I was waiting, Drew’s brother came out and spoke with me. He said one sentence. “I’m sorry I couldn’t help you this morning.” As he said it, he had tears in his eyes. He honestly looked like he was going to be sick to me. The look of hopelessness in his eyes still haunts me.

Two weeks later, we got word that Drew’s brother killed himself just before 3am.

Ever since the incident, I still have dreams of the laughing. Part of me wonders if I would have just tried talking to his brother…maybe things would be different.

I’ve never spoke about this to anyone but my husband. It brings back a chill to my spine…and a sense of guilt. I don’t know what to make of it or what the hell really happened in that house. Part of me never wants to know.

TL;DR Stayed in a house where I had a creepy as fuck experience that compelled thoughts of murder and suicide. Two weeks later, the teenage son killed himself.

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“I was haunted, not the house”

August 6, 2011

Hey fellow nosleep-ers, just thought I would share some experiences here that I’ve had throughout my life- I never talk about it, and figured this would be a good place to vent since y’all enjoy creepy stories 🙂 Some experiences were just plain creepy, others life-changing, but here goes nothing (this is going to be pretty long, if you make it all the way to the end, thanks for reading!).

Ever since I was a young child my mother would tell me that my psychic “door” was “half-open,” meaning that I always had this intuitive sense of things going on around me that many other people could not feel/pick up on. As an adult this is a pretty cool talent to have, but when I was a kid I didn’t know how to use it and I was very vulnerable. My mom still tells me to this day that I’m “haunted” and always have been, it won’t matter where I go. This all started when I was about 8 years old, moving into my family’s new house in Southeast Texas. This house was very creepy- the guy who created the floorplan must have had some weird sense of humor. The downstairs portion of the house was fairly open and there were no doors between rooms, because all the bedrooms were upstairs. The stairs were in the very middle of the house, and it was really more like a stairWELL in the middle of a house. The upstairs portion was just one long winding hallway, completely claustrophobia-inducing, with bedrooms leading off of it (obviously).

My bedroom was at the very end of the hallway. I remember being a little kid, about to go into the 3rd grade, and the first day I stepped foot in the house I had a feeling of uneasiness. No big deal, I was used to my tiny old house, this new place was just unfamiliar to me. Well, the first time I ever went into my bedroom I just remember noticing that I had 2 closets in my room, being very puzzled, and very much NOT wanting to turn my back to the 2 doors. Walking down my stairs that first day, I was overwhelmed with a sense of dread and wanting desperately to look behind me, because I knew something was watching or following me. I thought it came from my closets. Being the little kid that I was and still being a Christian, I imagined the light of Jesus protecting me and ran down the stairs and outside as fast as I could.

For the next few years the situation stayed pretty much the same- just a general feeling of being watched anytime I let my guard down- falling asleep, taking a shower, blow-drying hair, etc. Things really started happening out of nowhere when I was in 8th-9th grade. My mother was recently divorced and would go out on dates multiple nights a week, leaving me to watch my little brother (5 years younger than me) sometimes all night long. He was a little shit back then and would always mess with me. One night I was watching TV and he came up behind me, pinching me on the shoulder. I brushed him off and ignored it until he started pinching me on my side, at which point I turned and yelled “RYAN, CUT IT OUT!” only to see him walking out of the kitchen… all the way across the room. My initial thought was “AW HELL NO,” lol, etc., but these things don’t easily leave your mind when you’re laying in bed looking for sleep.

Things got worse. Items were moved around the kitchen, no one could wash dishes at the kitchen sink without feeling some heavy presence directly behind them, phones would ring, doors would open or close. Now, to folks reading who haven’t had a “haunting” experience themselves, the worst part is the trickiness of it all. I had a loft bunkbed (desk on bottom, bed on top) and would turn off my light by reaching through the railings of my bed and pulling the chain to my ceiling fan. Almost every night while I was in bed with the light on (it comforted me to sleep with the light on), sometimes multiple times a night, my light would turn off, independent of the chain and light-switch. This would cause me to have to get up out of bed, walk across my room to the light-switch in the darkness, and turn the switch to “off” then back to “on” to turn the light on again. The whole time I could feel this “thing” in my room watching it all happen. That was the worst part- knowing that this thing had enough consciousness to anticipate a specific reaction from me. It truly frightened me.

Things went from frightening to terrifying pretty quickly. I was home alone on a bright, beautiful day, listening to loud music and cleaning my room (loud music was the only thing that would keep me from being paranoid of every small sound I heard throughout the house). Keep in mind that at this point I’ve been completely stressed out for months due to all this stuff going on. Being scared all the time is really exhausting. So anyway, I’m heading down my rat-maze hallway with a bag of trash and pass by my mom’s bedroom. She had a large vanity mirror on the wall opposite to her door, facing the hallway. Every time I passed it I made it a point to look directly into the mirror, because if I didn’t I would see myself out of the corner of my eye and get one of those jumpy scares (like I said I was truly paranoid 24/7 at this point). So I look into the mirror, and instead of the seeing the white wall behind me I see a blackness. Within a millisecond I’m turned around and directly in front of my face is a black figure, from floor to ceiling. It looked completely empty, like the sky in between stars. It looked like nothing. The worst part was the feeling that it gave me- I felt like I had been punched in the stomach. I didn’t feel like a human at all. I didn’t know what it was to be alive or dead. All within one second- then came the feeling of terror. That’s the only time I will use that word in this post, because that is what it was. True terror. I have never again felt fear that pure. I ran outside as fast as I could, stopped at the end of my front yard and literally vomited. I called my mom screaming and crying and she came home from work early. From that day on I was never alone in the house again, not even alone in a room. I was 15 years old and slept with my mother on the couch downstairs.

After that incident I started waking up with scratches on the fronts and backs of my legs. I stopped eating and would sleep walk throughout the house, often waking up in one of my bedroom closets. After the scratches turned into carvings of “Fuck” and “cunt” on my legs, we moved to a new house.

In the new house things were relatively normal- I could definitely still feel when there was a presence in the room, but it was nothing similar to the pure evil that lived in that fucked up house across town. One night, after driving by my old house, I had one of those sleep-paralysis dreams in which I was being possessed. It was really vivid and totally meta- in my dream I woke up from a dream in which I was being possessed, only to find out that it was real. There was something sitting on my chest and I couldn’t breath. I wanted to cry for my step dad to come help me. I knew he was just on the other side of my bedroom door, but I couldn’t draw in breath to scream. I was being dragged upon my ceiling and raped. I wanted to kill myself. I was falling from the bell tower of this church in a river of blood, I could even smell and taste it. I have never wanted to die so badly. All of this was happening in my head, while I could still see my bedroom around me. When I finally woke up I was convinced that it was real, my mom came upstairs because I was screaming and I didn’t believe that she was really my mom. I locked myself in the bathroom, afraid that I was still in this alternate dream-world in which I could actually be possessed and sent to hell. I started automatic writing and was sent to the psychiatric ward for evaluation for a few days.

My point is that this stuff can really fuck up a person’s life. I love creepy/horror stories and anecdotes as much as the next nosleep-er, even still! But my experiences will stay with me for the rest of my life. It caused me to literally go crazy for a while. I realized that the scariest thing in the world isn’t some negative energy in your house, it’s letting it get a hold of you so tightly that you don’t even know what’s real anymore. I tried to cut my wrists twice because I was being sucked into this world of the dead- or maybe things that were never alive in the first place. People think ghost-stories are cool, but some of them are truly dreadful. Thanks for reading.

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Plant Man

July 5, 2011

When I was about 10, my family lived on an old farm. The farm was out in the middle of no where… On an Indian reservation (haha…..). We weren’t country people or anything, my parents just decided they wanted to live on a farm for a few years. Anyways, the previous owners left a lot of stuff behind. The barn was filled with old tools, the drawers were filled with old papers, and every once in a while I’d find an old toy out in the fields.

My parents worked a lot, so they hired a nanny to watch me, my two younger brothers, and my cousin who was staying with us while his dad found work. She was from Hawaii, as were we. She was also very superstitious and claimed she had encounters with the supernatural all the time. She wasn’t really phased by it and kind of accepted it as a part of life.

Another point to make, is that despite having a nanny, I was left home alone frequently. I was so afraid of this house, that I’d sit in the van and listen to music until someone came home, just so I wouldn’t have to sit inside.

A lot of strange things happened at that house, but I’ll share a few things. I remember everything pretty vividly.

-When we first moved in, I was getting ready for school early in the morning, while it was still dark. I looked out my foggy window and saw a face. It was a man, and he was starring at me. His face looked as if it were made out of a bush… I’m not sure how to describe it, but to me he just looked like a plant. I ran out of the room and didn’t return for the rest of the day.

I was a pretty logical kid, so later that day I went outside to see if there were any bushes or trees I could have mistaken the man for. Obviously, there were none…

After seeing plant man, I almost never slept in my room again. Instead, I’d sleep on the floor of my Nanny’s or brothers’ rooms >.<.

-There was a light under the house that would randomly turn on for hours at a time. There was no consistency to the timing of this light being on, but it seemed that it would always go on as soon as someone brought it up.

-The barn was just creepy as fuck. My parents would send me out the barn which was like 300 ft. away to get stuff from our extra freezers all the time. They were just cruel and I’d always walk as slow as possible to the barn, then run full sprint all the way back.

-We had two dogs. One day one of the dogs went rogue and attacked one of my little brothers (he was maybe three? four?). My dad shot the dogs four times in the head and it would not die and would not let my brother go. My uncle ended up knocking the dog down with a 2×4, and was advised to chop its head off. For whatever reason, they decided to have our other dog put down.

Everyone ended up going to the ER, except for me and my cousin. We stayed home, and watched TV. I was really scared for my brother and did not really know what to do. When everyone got home, things were really somber and everyone went straight to bed. My cousin and I decided to fall asleep watching TV in the living room.

At some point in the night, someone turned off the TV for us, so when I woke up at 3 or 4 the house was totally quiet, and quite dark – besides the light of the fireplace. I wiggled around, trying to get back to sleep, but wasn’t really tired. I guess I decided to sit up, and when I did, the piano in the adjacent room was in full view.

On the bench of the piano, was a boy. He was wearing all blue, and was very… Grey looking. Freaked out, and almost paralyzed I started shaking my cousin. He woke up and saw the boy too. He’s a little older than me, so he wasn’t nearly as freaked out. We both starred at the boy, for what seemed like hours. Eventually, my cousin told me to just go back to sleep. I have no idea how, but I did.

To this day, my cousin confirms what I saw. Whenever I talk about it, I get extremely teary eyed. I’ve had him describe what he saw to me, and our descriptions are consistent. My cousin and I are polar oppisites, and haven’t been close for a long time. I’m a nerdy, do well in school, etc.. He’s ‘gangster,’ and makes a living off ‘hustlin.’ The guy has no reason to lie about this shit.

I saw the boy several more times as did other members of the household, but those memories aren’t as clear as my first sighting. I have no idea if my parents were bullshitting me or not, but they said the previous owners had a son who died while playing with explosives or something.

The day after the incident and my brother’s attack, they bagged up the dog’s corpse and left it at the end of our 500 ft. driveway to be picked up by animal control or something. This was also where I got picked up by my school bus. Standing at the end of the street, next to the corpse of my dog for about a week sucked. I was so scared, I was afraid to even look at the bag – for fear it’d move.

Anyways, a bunch of paranormal stuff happened to me, right up until I was about 16. I decided that I didn’t want any of it in my life. I forced myself to not believe, or be scared. In a short period of time, things stopped happening. I will probably share my other experiences in the comments. I love reading the stories on here, and felt it was my time to share. I apologize for errors and what not, but I’m a pharmacy student – not a writer 🙂 !

I am now a full blown athiest, and question what happened. As far as I can tell, my memories of the paranormal are just as real as my memories of the mundane.

Another experience I had, was actually pretty recent.

Over the summer, I stayed at my grandma’s house. Her house is pretty old, and creepy. My cousins and siblings literally NEVER stay there, but I love my grandma and enjoy being around her. The house creeps me out, so I sleep in her room… With her 😀

Anyways, me and my aunts and uncles always joke about the creepiness of the house. One of these talks ended up prompting my grandpa to tell us a story about something that happened to him while he and my grandma were still together. He’s a pretty serious guy and whenever he speaks he expects us to take him seriously. This was his story:

My grandma lives in Hawaii, in a city called Wahiawa, and supposedly the area her house was built on was an old Hawaiian cemetary.

My grandma loves renovating her house and changing things up both outside and inside. My grandma decided she wanted a deck, so my grandpa ended up having to dig some things up in the back yard. As he was working, he found a jaw bone. My grandpa, being the dude that he is, decided to keep the jaw bone.

A few weeks later, things began to happen to him while he slept. He started experiencing sleep paralysis, and every time he’ wake up he said this Hawaiian woman was sitting on him, angry. It’s a pretty generic sleep paralysis situation, but he began to see this woman more frequently. Standing over his side of the bed. Looking at him in the hall. He was just scared.

No one else ever saw this woman. Apparently he had been telling his coworkers what was happening, and they advised him to re-bury the jaw bone. After its burial, things were back to normal. After that point, my grandpa decided that he didn’t like that house, and a few years later he and my grandma divorced.

My grandma loves that house and swears that it isn’t haunted. She gets mad when we talk about it 🙂

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“Think quick: you’re the witness to a violent crime. What do you do?”

June 18, 2011

I experienced what I think was sleep paralysis not too long ago.One morning I woke up, but I was still in that groggy, half-asleep state that leaves you only slightly aware of everything. So I’m laying in bed and in my head I start to hear an argument between what I somehow instinctively know is a man and his two parents. The arguments gets heated and I hear the son kill the two parents. As the parents die their voices fade and a narrator talks directly to me:

“Think quick: you’re the witness to a violent crime. What do you do?”

As he talks, the words he says flash before my eyes. I can see police lights flash red and blue in front of me.

“This may seem like a real nightmare. But there’s just one thing…”

My vision clears and I can see my room.

“This is not a dreaaaaaaaaam.

As the voice says the last word it turns much lower, more distorted, more demonic. My body begins to shake violently and I feel like I’m about to die. Then suddenly, I’m thrust from my half asleep state and become aware of everything. It may seem relatively tame compared to some of these stories but at the time it was terrifying, especially since the voice seemed to be aware I was sleeping and wanted to make me doubt it.

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Just Close Your Eyes And Go Back To Sleep

May 29, 2011

When I was 10, my grandma came from Haiti to live with us. Since another relative was also coming soon, I had to give up my room, and share a room with my grandmother. I absolutely hated the room I was going to be sharing with her. Every time I went in it, I always felt odd tinglings and suddenly I would feel scared, even when it was daylight. I explain this to my mom but she brushed it aside. Since I’d be with grandma I figured it would be alright. One night as we’re going to sleep, my grandmother randomly asks me in Haitian creole(Didn’t know english), “Ever see something odd in this room?” I answered no, and she simply replied, “I see.” Eventually I fell asleep. I awoke to someone shaking my chest. I thought it was my grandma waking me for some reason, but when I open my eyes, a shadowy figure with grayish haze was apparently gazing down on me. As I laid there scared shitless, my grandma suddenly says, “Just close your eyes, and go back to sleep.” So I close my eyes while still trembling, and whatever it was presses more against my chest. Then I hear my grandma say in a heavily confident and intimating voice, “Whoever you are you better get the hell out of this house! This is God’s house, and he’s always watching over us!” Then she started saying a psalm in creole. I didn’t know which psalm it was at the time, but later found out it was psalms 121. Anyways, the weight that was pressed against my chest suddenly dissipated. Then my grandmother tells me not to worry, and it’s gone now. I stayed awake till morning. I tried asking my grandma about it, but she just shooed away my questions. The very next night, I was awoken by loud knockings coming from the window. I got up from the bed to see who it was, as my older brother sometimes did this when he forgot his keys when he went partying. Immediately my grandmother tells me to go back to bed. I explain that it could be Vladimir, but she just answers it isn’t. I didn’t ask any questions as I was once again disturbed. This continued for a few more nights, then it stopped completely. I also stopped getting those weird tinglings when I went to the room.

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“Do you want to know what the other side is like?”

May 29, 2011

A few stories for you all, one regarding a house that I used to live in, and another regarding an ex. Neither are drop-dead scary, but both kind of unsettled me at the time.

First, the house.

I lived in it with four others, so it was pretty busy. We were all students at the time, so as could be expected some of us a) got drunk a lot, and b) were awake at forsaken hours. So, when after a few weeks of living there we noticed that our basement light kept getting turned on, I didn’t really pay much attention to it, even though nobody could remember turning it on. The light for it was right next to the kitchen’s light, so I figured it would be reasonable to assume that we just kept accidentally hitting the switch or one of us was drunk and couldn’t remember doing so. Nevertheless, the basement light kept turning on. My room opened out onto the kitchen and basement; once, despite not hearing anyone in the kitchen, the light from the basement suddenly shone into my room. A little hard to explain, barring faulty wiring, perhaps.

We had a spare bedroom in this house. It was almost directly above mine, and out on a limb of the house. For my housemates to use the bathroom, they had to pass by this room. After a few weeks, they all agreed that there was something wrong with it. They shut the door to it, because it was creeping them out.

The next morning, the door had opened by itself. Nobody had any reason to go into that room, and the door was not one of these which swings open by itself. It was firmly shut. Fair enough, I think. It’s probably just the temperature changes at night, or something like that, causing it to open. So they shut the door again, for their own peace of mind. The next morning, the door is open again, and the cord for the room’s light switch is tied in an elaborate knot.

That was a little bit harder to explain.

We had a guest stay in that room, once. In the morning they asked us whether anyone else had heard the running and stomping, directly outside the room.

Nobody had.

But enough about that room. One of my housemates in particular was getting continually freaked out by these events. Things did not improve when she woke up one morning to find a dark, shadowy figure standing over her bed. She found she could not move. She shut her eyes, hard, opened them, and it was gone.

But honestly, I was never too impressed by any of this. I’m not one to believe in the paranormal. Nevertheless, I still felt a chill run down my spine when, as I was watching television one night, a pencil on the table in front of me began slowly rocking backwards and forwards.

Now, the ex. This particular ex claimed to be a medium, something which I did my best to ignore or tolerate where applicable. But two events in particular caused me to raise my eyebrows.

The first. One night, as we were lying in bed, she suddenly went very quiet. I asked her what, if anything, was wrong; and at that, she sharply sat upright, facing away from. In a quiet voice, she asked;

“Do you want to know what the other side is like?”

It looks silly seeing it written down, but her voice sounded… wrong. Distant, tinny. And as she started to talk about beautiful gardens and friends long gone, I actually felt the temperature of the room decrease significantly. The hackles on my neck began to raise. It may have been a trick of the light, but I am certain that I began to be able to see her breath in the sudden coldness of the air.

It sounds minor on paper, but it was genuinely creepy at the time. Particularly when combined with another event.

She’d been telling me that there was a spirit of some kind near a country house that we lived by. That’s rich, I thought, Spirits.

This country house was on the route of my run, and one morning out of the corner of my eye I saw what looked like a woman wearing a blue or grey gown. This is not normal attire for a morning. I looked again, and there was nothing.

Shrugged it off. Trick of the light.

A night a few weeks later, we walked past the house. As I talked to my ex, she suddenly became pale, and her gaze became fixed upon something in the distance.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.
“That’s her.”

I turn to see what she’s staring at, and in the distance I see what looks like a statue of a woman. The skin grey, the same shade as her dress. The statue seems to be almost glowing, which I attribute to a light catching it – country houses invariably having garden lights on at night. My ex is shivering, so I drag her away. It’s just a statue, there’s no reason for her to be getting so upset by it.

The next morning, to satisfy my curiousity, I go back to check on the gardens.

There was no statue of a woman there.

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Pet Cemetery

May 12, 2011

ok, ill just do a short little blurb of my experience.

i used to live in danville, was right near perryville, ky where there was a huge civil war battle. all the soldiers were shipped on over to danville – where our entire block of houses were once hospitals…all the houses were up to 200 years old.

we moved in..noticed things happening here and there. muffled running in the attic, cold spots, stuff falling, weird spots in photos – all that typical crap.

my sister, who was then in college, had a room that was on the left spire of the house. she’d stay there whenever she came back from college, and me being the annoying little sister that i was..i would camp out in a sleeping bag next to her bed because she was some supercool amazing sister. i just remember one night when i went in there and she was shivering in bed, reading a book, with 3 pairs of sweatpants, a couple sweatshirts, 2 or so pairs of socks, and some was just freakishly cold in there and we never figured out why.

she didnt want to sleep in there anymore because she always got these odd dreams about these silhouettes of people above her bed….6+ men just standing and looking down on here…so she slept in the living room that was in the new part of the house.
my bro then took over the room – all the same stuff happened to him, so he moved out.

i wanted that room so damn bad, so i started moving stuff in. mom wanted to replace the carpet and repaint it, since it was semi-crappy, so she started redecorating. we found bullet holes all over the walls (later, around the house) and a huge blood stain that was right in front of the bay windows – where the bed was. that was where they performed amputations – and then thew the body parts out the window into a pile.. – we found arm bones and leg bones under a tree we were cutting down, which was right outside that window.

in the back yard we found the remains of an old stable, and a makeshift cemetary. dead animal bones were always found in the dirt basement, and later we noticed that all the floors were tilted in different ways..we found this out when i was playing with our cats one day. the cats toys kept rolling in different ways.

it was an odd place..i loved it though.

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