The Camby House

March 4, 2013

I was 18 and my friend Ronnie was 20, we’re both from Mooresville Indiana. It’s fairly rural in most areas around there, and as most places like this, you always get all kinds of stories but it’s all mostly unsubstantiated crap.

There is however, or at least, was, a very old mansion out in the middle of nowhere on the outskirts of Indianapolis airport property. Here are some links.

The Camby House

More Modern

An Entire Page About It

Needless to say, the place is creepy as fuck. (A couple years ago, someone set fire to it for absolutely no reason, so it’s basically a ruin now). Quite a few times as a teenager and young adult my friends and I would sneak in, it was pretty terrifying inside. It had a chain gate all around it, but the woods behind the house had a gate that someone had bolt cut through, so you could sneak in the back. We’d enter through the basement, which looked like a tomb because the floor was complete dirt, and greatly changed altitude all over it and there were many rooms in the basement, like a stone and dirt labyrinth. There was a giant fireplace on the first floor, and two separate upstairs that were exclusive of each other, they each had their own staircases and couldn’t be reached except by going back down and up staircases.

I’d been multiple times, and creepy stuff always happened, but nothing supernatural, just a bunch of kids in a creepy house surrounded by woods with no light around for some miles, so it was dark as hell. Except one time…

Like I said, Ronnie and I were from around here, and one night we decided just to check it out because it seemed like fun. Was October, so that’s when things are extra creepy in Indiana. Not only is it halloween time but it’s always windy, a bit chilly, and the trees are extra creepy at night. So we head out there in his car, and after finally finding the road to the place (lots of roads back there), we move the road blocks and start heading down the gravel dirt road to the large patch of trees we know holds the house.

Right before the house, the road curves a bit into a little turnaround or circle where the house was. So as we turn the corner, the part I always loved, was the reveal of this super creepy house in the headlights, except this time, as we turned and the lights hit the house Ronnie slammed on the breaks and I immediately see why.

A man, in a full black cloak, was pacing back and forth, very slowly in front of the house, outside of the gates. Now when I say cloak, I mean like an actual head to toe cloak with a hood. He doesn’t even act like he sees us, and it was absolutely pitch black out here, and he had no light source and I saw no car of his or anything. He’s just pacing back and forth, and the creepiest thing of all, he’s holding a giant antenna or pole directly in front of him, just straight up vertically. He’s just pacing back and forth, and we have no idea why. Guy doesn’t even acknowledge the lights directly on him. The most unsettling part was how slow he was pacing. Like half of normal walking speed, like he was intently focused on walking this straight perfect line, and holding this pole or antenna perfectly straight in front of him.

I looked at Ronnie and said, let’s get the fuck out of here! He obliged.

Weirdest event ever for me.

– Posted by Azazel_The_Fox; Reddit


One comment

  1. You have two different houses linked calling them the same house. The red brick house that burned down was The Horace Reeve House.

    The white brick house is a completely different house that I’m not really sure of the name of, but I have visited both on several occasions and I am the author of the blog post on the Horace Reeve House.

    I felt like someone should set it straight that the white brick house is still standing today in the middle of a cow pasture.

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