One of the shooters was a friend of mine

May 12, 2011
When I was in high school we had a major school shooting my sophomore year [Columbine].One of the shooters was a friend of mine and the sound designer for our theatre. The year after the shooting I was the technical director for the theatre and was the only student with a key to the space. I would go in there just to sit and think or do homework during my off hour. One day I had a really awful day with people just being creeps and went into the theatre to work on some stuff when I heard footsteps on our catwalk. The only access to the catwalk is a door in the outside hallway with only 4 existing keys (I had one, 2 teachers and the janitor had the others). Also, it is a physical impossibility to get on the catwalk without turning on the lights (which you need a key to do – to prevent students from possibly getting up there during shows). It only lasted a minute, so I thought it was my imagination. Then it started again, louder and faster. I called out, and the footsteps stopped. All of a sudden the stage lights blared on (the booth was locked, no one was in it, and the board was off) I called out my friend’s name and the lights turned off, and I didn’t hear anything else.There was another time when this guy’s ex best friend and I were driving down from the mountains going really fast, when a black BMW like the one this guy used to drive zoomed by us, then pulled in front of us and slowed down, making us slow down as well. No matter what we did we could not pass him, speed up, or see who it was. In about 10 minutes we hit a freak snow storm, and would have spun out if we were going faster. Just after we went thru, there was a 25-car pile up. We didn’t see the BMW after getting thru the storm.

Freaky weird. And true. And stuff like that kept happening.

– Posted by MissDev; Fark

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