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First Sentence.

December 4, 2012

My first words were a sentence. We were at a parade, and suddenly, after never having said anything before, I turned to my parents and said “before I picked you guys to be my mom and dad, I was a soldier, and we used to march like that.”

This came out about 16 years later in family therapy.

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Take Me To Church

July 30, 2011

I grew up in a small Massachusetts town, raised by a stay-at-home Mom. No babysitter, and only a few neighbor friends that were my same age. My parents (both of whom are atheists) love to tell the “creepy” story about how I started asking to be taken to church pretty much as soon as I could talk. It took them upward of 6 months to figure out what I was asking for because it started as baby talk and because I really had no way of knowing what a church was at that point – no TV in the house, no relatives I’d spent time with, pretty much 99% of interaction with other humans in the presence of my Mom. When they asked me why, I told them because the people were nice and I missed the singing. Go figure that one out. 

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World War 2

July 25, 2011

My parents told me that when i was really young (2 1/2 – 3) I started telling them about world war 2. I told them i was 16 or so during the bombings on London, and told them about how i went to get my drivers license and such.
My parents thought it was odd, due to the fact that i was way too young to know what WW2 was, what a drivers license was, and the age you needed to be to get one. Meh, weird.

Unrelated story:
My grandfather was in town in fredericksburg, va visiting us. We all decided to go visit the chancellorsville battle field. He said he was reading one of the historical monuments, then felt someone tap him on the shoulder. Turned and saw that there was no one around him for 50 yards. Kinda creeped him out.

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My Name Is Amelie

June 26, 2011

I am currently a nurse at an independent birth center. At the time of this story, there were three nurses that took turns taking call, and three docs/mws who took turns with call. Meaning that a patient could end up with any combination of nurse and doc/mw at their birth.

I got called in one night to the labor of a woman who had five children, all boys, and the last pregnancy an “ooops.” She wanted a girl (even though we all figured she was having a boy, since her previous 5 had been), so as a joke, we put pink sheets on the bed. When she and her husband arrived at the birth center, we said, “Look, D., pink sheets for your little girl!” and her dh looked at us very strangely and said, “Did she tell you about her dream?” And then she got upset with him and said “No, no, don’t say anything, I haven’t told anyone but you, if I tell, it will spoil it; it won’t come true!”

So fast forward three hours, when her baby makes an entrance. It’s a girl! We hand her up to mama and are drying her off, and I say, “Wow, I think that’s your smallest baby yet! She can’t be over 6 pounds!”

And she says, “She is, too, she is 6# 4oz and her name is Amelie. Last night I dreamed all about this, that I would have the baby tonight, that you and N (the mw) would be on call, that you would put pink sheets on the bed for my baby, and that it would be a girl. When she came out, in my dream, she looked up at me and said, my name is Amelie. And I said, no it isn’t, I don’t like that name. And then she said to me, I don’t care, that is my name, you have to name me that!”

The mw and I just looked at each other and had goosebumps. Later I weighed her; she was 6# 2oz. I said something to the mw that “Well, she was two ounces off!” and the mw said, “No she wasn’t, the baby peed right before you weighed her!”

Okay, it gets even better. One and a half years later D walks into the clinic, unannounced, no appointment, and asks me if I have time to listen to see if I can hear heart tones. I said, “I didn’t even know you were pregnant!” She says, “I’m still nursing, but Amelie keeps coming up to me and pointing to my tummy and saying baby. You probably think I’m crazy!” I said, “D, I was at Amelie’s birth, I have never seen anything like that. If I hear heart tones, I wouldn’t be surprised.” Sure enough, I could get heart tones. I looked over at Amelie and said, “Are you going to have a little sister or brother?” And that kid, all 1 1/2 years of age, said, “Baby – Me!” I looked at D and she said, “She’s saying, the baby is a girl like her.”

We did an US this time for unsure dates; sure enough, that baby is a girl.

I have never experienced anything like that. It wasn’t scary or creepy, and I don’t get an odd feel from Amelie; but there is no doubt something special about that little girl.

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and his roommate who jumped out a window/bell tower

June 3, 2011

My brother used to say strange things when he started talking too. He’s sixteen now, doesn’t remember a thing except us chiding him (as we still do) about his “friend in college”. He would go on and on at length about being in college in Seattle (we’re in Canada and I don’t think he even knew where Seattle was at the time) and his roommate who jumped out a window/bell tower. He’d always be really somber talking about it, which is weird for a 3 year old… and if you’ve ever heard a toddler use the word “suicide” it can be pretty creepy. Again, I don’t know where he got that word from. My mom was pretty strict about us kids using bad words around him, but maybe he heard it from my sister? I was only 10 or so at the time, so I couldn’t really ask him about it, nor did I have any interest in it besides my baby bro being a weirdo and getting a laugh out of it.

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I Used To Love Elvis

June 3, 2011

Ever since I was a kid I have always been very close with my aunt. She is a very level headed woman and really isn’t creeped out by much. She had her first and only child (daughter) about 10 years ago when I was 25. My mother’s side of the family is old school Italian and tends to believe in myths and old wives tales and things of the such (to clarify we are not talking about ghosts). Regardless they have never really been scared easily and for the most part are street tough, especially the women.

This past weekend I had my aunt to my home for a visit. She lives far away and her and my cousin came to stay at my home for a long weekend. I recently had my first child and they came down to meet him. My cousin has always been a nice sweet kid and as far back as I can remember I can’t recall one thing out of the ordinary that I have witnessed. Never the less I would never doubt anything my aunt told, or has told me, about her daughter. While my cousin was in another room watching TV my aunt and I started discussing children. During the conversation about young children my aunt told me some very odd stories about my cousin when she was toddler.

When my cousin was less then a year old my aunt had her at the local mall. She was in a stroller and asleep. My aunt said she had stopped to look at something, or get something and out of nowhere she looked down and some strange old lady was peering into the stroller looking at my cousin. My aunt said there wasn’t anything physically odd about the lady’s appearance, but she was definitely caught off guard by her presences. My aunt said hello to the lady. She responded friendly but wasn’t very fluent in English. She told me aunt with a thick accent “you have such a beautiful baby…she has such and old soul”. My aunt said her initial reaction to the comment wasn’t out of the ordinary and she didn’t find it threatening, but looking back on it she said it was rather strange.

Sometime later when my cousin was old enough to speak she was in the living room helping my aunt clean out the entertainment center where they had their TV. My aunt said that she distinctly remembers this event. Her and my unlce had an old drawer that they had thrown Cds into, ones that they hadn’t listen to often and wanted to be out of the way to save space. They had decided to sort through them and get rid of the ones they didn’t want and use the drawer for my cousins kiddy movies. My cousin was just barley speaking, but couldn’t read for sure, and was helping to move Cds and put them into boxes. My aunt said without any prompting she grabbed an Elvis Cd, looked at the picture of Elvis on the front, started to giggle and then said in and adult manner “ Ah….I use to love Elvis”. My aunt said she was instantly creeped out by her own daughter. As her mother she was pretty sure that he daughter had never been exposed to Elvis at that point in her life, and knew for a fact that she wasn’t far enough developed to be able to read Elvis on the front or back of the Cd.

My aunt said as her daughter got older she had a lot of night terrors and she would often talk in her sleep. My aunt said it was around the age she was getting ready to go to preschool, so I assume it was around the age of three??? She said one night my uncle was coming home from work late and both my aunt and cousin were home asleep. Right before he was about to fall asleep he heard my cousin talking in her sleep. He woke my aunt up and she said that my cousin was randomly throwing out strings of curse words in her sleep. She said it wasn’t in a creepy voice or anything scary. There was no context behind it, almost like she was just reading the words off a list with no meaning at all. My aunt doesn’t curse much and she wasn’t sure where she picked up the language, but just chalked it off to exposure and since it wasn’t a recurring problem never gave it much of a thought. I personally found it odd when she told me.

When my cousin was to young to really right my aunt had bought those little letters magnets for the fridge. She was teaching my cousin how to spell out her name (Victoria). My aunt would talk her through spelling out her name and help her slide the letters into place on the fridge. She was doing this for a few days and said they were really just doing Vicky. One day she said she came into the kitchen and she saw my cousin in the corner of her eye moving the letters around on the fridge door. My aunt said this was nothing really new because sometimes she would just fool around and slide the little magnets all over the place. My aunt said later on while cooking in the kitchen she went over to the fridge door. She said neatly (almost perfectly, unlike a child would do) spelled down the door was Katherine, Katherine, Katherine. My aunt said at first she thought nothing of it because my cousin could barely even spell out her own abbreviated name and figured it was my uncle doing something. At a later time she asked him about it and he said he had nothing to do with it.

Finally my aunt recalled the oddest situation. My aunt took me cousin to a new Target in a neighboring town where she lives. It had recently become Target and now was much closer than the Target she used to frequent. My aunt said that she remembers the shopping area where the new Target was from when she was a kid and prior to Target, for as far back as she can remember there was always some sort of business at the location. While pushing my cousin through the parking lot heading into Target my aunt said my cousin was rambling on just talking about nonsense. She was talking pretty well at this time and informed my aunt that when she was a kid she used to come to that very spot and get in a rowboat. She elaborated by saying she use to bring left over bread and would feed it to the little fishes from the boat. My aunt just thought she was talking to talk which was the phase she was in at the time. The story really made little to no sense because there wasn’t water anywhere around and they were standing in a 300 space parking lot in front of a Target. My aunt just blew it off.

Fast forward a few months. My aunt is a business owner (hair and nail place) and she has some elderly clientele. My aunt said that an old lady (early 70’s) had brought her mother (very old) in to get her hair done. My aunt said that she and her mother were both regular clients. Somehow the conversation came up about the new Target and shopping there. My aunt told the old lady and her mother that she had been there and how nice and new it was. During the conversation the mother commented to my aunt about how things have changed so drastically since when she was a child. She then told my aunt that when she was a little girl the whole area where the Target and the surrounding businesses were was a public swimming hole. They use to have a little beach area there and a small restaurant where you could rent rowboats for the day for a quarter. My aunt said instantly she nearly almost had a heart attack right on the spot.

Since then my aunt said she couldn’t really recall anything odd. Obviously I was very interested in the stories and was prompting her for more. She said that she would have to think about it some more and get back to me.

After this weekend I have been thinking about it and I thought of another story about my cousin and family.

Every year my family, and extended family rent a summerhouse at a beach on the East Coast for half of the summer. We have been renting the same house for years. And my Aunt usually does the planning and has been in charge since I was about five years old (30 years). The house we always rent has 5 bedrooms and all of the bedrooms have bunk beds except for the master bedroom. Ever since my cousin has gone there she refuses to sleep in any of the bedrooms but the master bedroom with her parents. This summer she slept on the floor with an air mattress.

The house is very old and hasn’t changed much since we started renting but has been updated and looks modern for the most part. I have to say my family feels comfortable there. But I would almost say my cousin hates it there (even though she has never vocally said it). I can recall there is one specific bunk bed in the smallest bedroom which is located in the middle of the house. Because it’s smallest of the rooms it’s often used as the suitcase room when the house isn’t filled to capacity by my family. I personally have slept in that room on that bunk on numerous occasions and have never had a problem.

The summer my cousin was three or four I distinctly remember my aunt put her suitcase on the bottom bunk of the bunk bed in the small room. She had a horrible temper tantrum screaming “I want my suitcase, I want my stuff “, which is odd for her because she rarely has outbursts or misbehaves in my presence. I remember my aunt telling her “its ok you can get your stuff, go ahead” and she just continued to scream and shout almost like her suitcase was locked in there and she didn’t have the key. Anyhow the point is she refused to go into the room and get the suitcase and I can’t really recall how it all turned out, but I am sure it was fine.

About 3 years ago my Uncle got a little to much sun at the beach and went back to the house to take a nap. I remember I came back to the house around 5pm to my uncle sitting on the couch watching TV and burnt to a crisp from the sun. I cracked into a beer with him and after a few minutes he told me something that I thought was odd.

He told me I had this dream… I was in some sort of street gang or social group or something. We were hanging out and cruising around. I didn’t really recognize anything and I wasn’t familiar with any of the people or places in the dream, as if they were just unimportant. He told me that while he was sleeping he opened his eyes a little bit and there was someone above him. He couldn’t make them out but he was sure they were there and they told him “get up we are going”. He said that he wasn’t with it at the time being abruptly woken, but he figured it was just one of us telling him time to get up we are going out to dinner or something. So he got up but no one was there.

Long story short the owner of the house and my aunt were talking at some point about the rental contract or something and the story somehow came up. She told my aunt that when she was in her teens her older brother was in some sort of gang or something. One winter something happened where the gang got into a fight with another local gang and something happened prompting them to leave Philadelphia (where they were from) and head to the shore house and hideout (kind of reminds me of the story the outsiders). Anyhow she had been told that the gang somehow found out that the rival gang had found out they were hiding at the shore and headed east to find them. The rival gang knew the town, but didn’t know the exact house where they were staying and where basically riding around town looking for them. Somehow they found out and quickly headed back to Philadelphia neglecting to pack their stuff. While on the way back there was a car crash and one of the boys (not her brother) was killed in the accident. The owner didn’t recall what the cause of the accident was but she did remember the boys family and her parents had to go down to the shore house that winter to collect the boy’s things which were on the bottom bunk in the smallest bedroom.

For what it’s worth I believe everything she told me and she is not one to elaborate. I am sure this post will not seem as shocking to you as it does to me since it’s always different when you personally know the people involved. Regardless I hope it translates to creepy in writing and even to people who don’t personally know my aunt and cousin.

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Mummy’s Grandad

May 15, 2011

My 2 yr old has been speaking to who he says is ‘mummys grandad’ for a while now, then one night when he’d been talking away, he sat up in bed and said ‘wheres your leg?’ My grandad had his leg amputated just before he died  my mum heard it as i was on phone to her at the time so freaked us out a bit!!
We ask him what the mans name is but he always just says mummys grandad so we’ll see if anything more comes of it!

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