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we are still in the “dead zone” when we notice an obstruction in the road

February 18, 2012

Alright. So In the summer of 2010, My best friend and I went on a trip to the US for a concert. We ran into some male friends, one needed to come back to canada for school and his buddies weren’t up for leaving early. Anyway. The three of us were driving up into Canada coming from BC into Alberta, through Calgary and then home. I was driving, my friends awake in the passenger seats (we were driving a huge truck). About one thirty in the morning our gps took us on a “shortcut” side road about two hours outside of Calgary. This area was quite beautiful, a huge stretch of pasture with large hills on either side. The night was nice, no clouds with a bright moon. So we’re driving along when we suddenly hit a no cell-service area. No reception, our satalite cutting in and out. We continue driving down this road with no other traffic, and no turn offs. Suddenly we come to a small bridge, in front of which there is a car parked, apparently with the occupants pulled to the side for a rest. Thinking nothing more than that we continue to drive closer until we realize that this vehicle has no licence plate, and all the windows except the front are tapped off with garbage bags. Thinking now that THIS is strange, we don’t slow down and continue on our way. As soon as we pass this vehicle its lights turn on, and it pulls out behind us. Now this is where it gets strange, this car starts following us down the road keeping pace, all the while we can’t see into the vehicle yet this driver is doing an awesome job of keeping up, dispite the fact that I am accelerating more and more. After about ten minutes of this we are still in the “dead zone” when we notice an obstruction in the road. It has the shape and overall size, as well as looks like a human body laying across the road. All three of us are exceptionally freaked out as at that moment, we all get hit with the same feeling- do NOT stop, for ANYTHING. While we are coming up on this object, this car starts to slow down, and we, in the truck are looking for weapons of any kind as in case something happens, there’s no way we’re letting whoever is in that car anywhere close to us. Again, we were driving a huge truck, and we had no room to swerve around this object without driving into and hitting the ditch. Our only option was to try to drive overtop and hope for the best. It wasn’t until we were almost right overtop of this “human figure” that we realized that it was some sort of a dummy/scarecrow, place in the middle of the road. There also seemed, (according to my companions) to be poky, shiney pieces of metal sticking out of this “scarecrow”. Officially tripping balls, I do my best to drive overtop without hitting it, and, lucky for us, succeed. Our huge truck had a wheel base large enough to avoid hitting this “scarecrow” and as soon as i realize this, I punch it. This vehicle, small enough to swerve around this thing tries to keep up for a while and it seemed until he realized we were not slowing down. Eventually he stops, and turns his vehicle around and heads back in the direction he came from. It was a full half hour before we got cell service, and that night we drove right home without a stop. Around this time there were people in the area who were missing after having gone on a “road trip” one of whose vehicle was found on an abandoned road, with blown-out tires- their bodies I believe were never found. This, is the spookiest moment of my life, and I am sure that there is a serial killer south of calgary. Somewhere.

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And we did get a sign.

February 18, 2012

When I was younger, my father used to rent an old cabin, which was part of an old rectory, to spend some weeks there during the summer holiday. There was several other kids there from the other cabins, and as soon as we got to know them, they claimed that this place was haunted, which I didn’t believe in.

Anyways, they managed to talk me and my brother into playing with an Ouija board one night. One of the girls participating had a grandmother who was recently dead and used to spend a lot of time on this place, so we asked to talk to her, and asked for some sort of sign for her presence. And we did get a sign.

We heard someone in wooden shoes walking up the stairs to the small room we sat in, calling the name of the mentioned girl with a hoarse voice, and the steps stopped right outside the room. By now, everything could easily be explained be something natural and logical, but after this shit started to get unexplainable.

A few seconds after the sound stopped outside the door, the person sitting closest to the door starts to hyperventilate, we sit around shocked and frozen by fear. After what seemed as 15-20 second, she stops to hyperventilate and the person to the right start almost immediately to do the same. I don’t remember if I understood that I would probably be next by where I was sitting, but suddenly I felt a weight on my shoulder and chest as if someone was hugging me from behind and I froze in fear and started hyperventilating.

Anyways, this went through half the circle we sat in, before it jumped on to mentioned girl, door opens, luckily it was a parent wondering what we did and it stopped. Me and my bother agreed to never tell anyone about this, since I prefer not to be viewed as a nutcase by the majority of the people I know. That’s why it feels nice to vent this anonymously, regardless of people believe it or not.

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Jumping On The Bed

February 18, 2012

We had moved into our new house, and I was in 4th grade. I was in my bed, half-asleep, when I felt something jumping on my bed. It literally felt like a 5 year old was jumping up and down at the foot of my bed. I opened my eyes, thinking that I was dreaming and that if I just woke up a little more, it would stop.

Nope, kept going.

Wide awake now, the bed is still being bounced on. I sit up and look at the foot of the bed. The bouncing scales down, but it’s still going. There’s nothing on my bed. Taking all the badassery a 10 year old has, I summed up my courage and squeaked, “Stop!”

It stopped. A couple days later my mom told me someone had been jumping on her bed. Mehp.

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it looked like there was a human form hanging from a rope

February 18, 2012

Most unexplained creepy story I have experienced: This was years ago, I was 17 and my then girlfriend and I were watching a movie late at night after my folks went to bed. After the movie we moved to the living room upstairs and made a bed of comforters between the couches (the family room where we were watching movies was above my parents room and honestly I was hoping to get laid and wanted the privacy) We snuggled under the covers and I was making moves when she froze. “look at the wall” she whispered to me, and when I did I could see it illuminated by the streetlamp with a shadow of the tree from the front yard and it looked like there was a human form hanging from a rope from one of its limbs. She was getting more and more freaked out as was I; she hid her head under the covers and each time I looked at the shadow it appeared to be a gently swinging body from the tree. she was getting louder and more panicked and I was trying to calm her, still hoping to get some, but I couldn’t shake the image of the hanging man. I told her it was nothing, a bag or something had gotten stuck on the branches and it was playing tricks on our eyes, she was shaking and I was unsure about my assessment. I finally told her I would get up and check. The light was coming through the patio deck doors so all I had to do was stand up and look out to see what was hanging from the tree and we could relax, she didn’t want me to she was shivering and holding me so tight she wanted us to hide under the covers. I said “relax, it can’t be what it looks like, stay here and I’ll check”. The shadow was so well defined I was doubting myself as I said it but I stood up and looked over the couch to see what was casting the weird shadow.
So now here’s the thing, there was no body, there was nothing. As my brain tried to process it I realized that there wasn’t even a tree; My father had cut it down the previous summer, there was nothing that could have cast any shadow! I grabbed her and the covers we spent the night in front of the tv with the volume turned up. Still have no idea what the fuck that was about but it really happened.

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God Is Here

February 18, 2012

A few years ago, I was standing out in the front lawn, talking with my mom while she watered her garden. Suddenly, we hear a loud moaning coming from the upstairs window, my sisters room.

My mom laughs a bit and yells up “Hey what are you doing?” to my sis, assuming she was playing some kind of prank. Curious, we both head inside and walk upstairs to the source of the moaning.

My mom attempts to open the door to her room, but it’s stuck. She starts pushing hard to get it open, and says “this isn’t funny, open the door”. Finally she’s able to wedge it open enough to peek inside, and she sees my sister laying on the floor in front of the door, foaming at the mouth and making strange noises.

My mom screams and calls 911 immediately. I peer into the room, and see a homemade ouija board laying next to her body. She had been playing with it by herself in her room almost every day for the past month. I didn’t think about it much at the time.

Paramedics show up and say she’s had a seizure and take her to the hospital. They do every test under the sun on her and conclude that she’s perfectly healthy. She’s never had a seizure before and she has no underlying issues that could have caused it.

When she gets home from the hospital, she tells me exactly what happened. She had been playing with the ouija board, and she said it was extremely excited that day. Something about the piece moving faster than usual. She says she was talking to a demon, and it kept asking to take her clothes off. Then the piece started freaking out and moving everywhere, and she heard multiple demons start chanting “The devil is here, the devil is here”, and her body locked up. Soon afterwards, she said everything went black.

The next part sounds a bit corny, but I’m just repeating what I was told. She said that she heard the demons say “God is here” and there was a white light, and then everything went blank.

I’m an atheist, but that story gives me goosebumps every time I retell it.

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Grandmother’s Friend

February 11, 2012

My grandmother is in a nursing home after suffering a stroke a few months ago. Mentally, she is all there. However, her one side is partially paralyzed, and she is in rehab in the nursing home. She’s been weakened by the relative lack of activity, though.

On Sunday, as we were getting ready to go visit her first thing in the morning as we always do, we got a call from the family of her old best friend. The friend had moved to Florida about ten years ago, and they had gradually lost touch save for a Christmas card every now and then. Well, the friend had just died very early that morning, and they were calling to inform us of her death.

When we got to the nursing home we signed in and noticed we were the first visitors of the day. We went to my grandmother’s room and said hi. We also have a little visitor’s book for people to sign in her room so we know who has visited her. Nobody had signed it since Saturday morning. As we walked into her room, she exclaimed, “Oh my, so many visitors this morning!” We asked what she meant. She replied that she had gotten a visit from an old dear friend that morning; it was the friend from Florida who had just passed away. She had told my grandmother that she was going away for a while, not to worry, that she would be watching out for her, and that they would see each other again. My grandmother also remarked at how healthy she looked.

I’ve never had chills run down my spine like that before. Later I asked if anyone had been to my g’mother’s room that morning, and the staff said no. We asked if any phone calls had come through for her that morning, and they again said no (they also log pone calls for residents and when they checked the logs there was nothing that they had forgotten). I also this morning called the family of the friend in Florida to offer my condolences and ask if they had called anyone else around here (I asked under the guise that I would help notify people around here so I didn’t want to double call people). They said we were the only ones they had called from around here and the only reason they called us is because they thought my grandmother still lived with us. They had no idea until I told them this morning that she is in a nursing home.

I know it’s in the realm of reality that she could have simply dreamed it, but the chances of her having a dream like that with that sort of message on the very morning that her friend died are so remote that it still gives me chills.

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Eight Days

February 11, 2012

My father had a dream before his mother died, where his mom was on the phone and kept saying, “There are only eight left, only eight.”

My mother and father had already planned a trip to see his mother. Long story short, eight days later his mother died.

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