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May 15, 2014

The night after my dad passed(Sleep apnea, he passed suddenly 2 years ago). I dreamt I was in a condo with my family, my dad was there and we approached each other. He said to me,”Don’t worry, I’ve got it all figured out. I’m ok.” It felt real and to this day I remember that dream like it happened yesterday. The next few days are sad and everyone is adjusting.

A week goes by when I’m sitting, drinking coffee with my step mom when she brings up that she had an odd dream about my dad the night after he passed. I don’t say anything at this point but i have a feeling about what she’s going to say. She says,”we were in a house with everyone there, when Jon(my dad) walked up to me and told me he has it all figured out, that he’s ok and to not worry.” I have chill bumps at this point and I tell her I had the same dream. Her face goes white and tells me my grandfather also had the same dream.

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May 14, 2014

This one is from a friend– she swears it’s true.

Her dad is a hospice nurse. He got a call from the agency that a patient was in the process of dying and was expected to pass very soon. They asked that he attend to the family. Apparently the nurse who was supposed to be there could not make it for some reason. He complained that it was all the way across town, and it was not his usual day to work, but he went anyway. When he was nearly there the agency called him to say the family had reported that the patient had passed but to please go there and help with family support and start postmortum care. When he arrived he introduced himself by saying “Hello I’m Marty, I’m from Hospice.” My friend said the family’s mouths fell open and the all looked shocked. He apologized that their usual nurse could not make it. They said, “No that’s not it. Grandma kept mumbling that Marty was coming. We thought she was just talking nonsense but here you are!”

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The Elevator

May 14, 2014

Another time I was at the nurse’s station and we heard the bell in the elevator ringing. Someone was yelling “Help!” and we heard pounding. We called security to tell them someone was stuck in the elevator. I then walked over to the elevator doors and was shouting to the person to try to stay calm and help was on the way. She just kept yelling for help, banging, and ringing the bell. Security called the nurses station to say all of the elevators were working and they didn’t find anyone stuck. At this moment, whoever was in the elevator was suddenly quiet.

A few times I have been on the elevator and for no reason it went to the 5th floor. The 5th floor is totally unoccupied, but used to be a hospice unit. I would be going up from the ground floor and the only button lit up would be 3. But the elevator would pass my floor, go to 5th, open the door…. no one there. I never was brave enough to step foot onto the 5th floor.

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