This is why I fear the dark. And I will never again challenge the notion that other… things exist.

December 18, 2011

I was originally going to type this out at work, as I don’t usually explore the paranormal from home. Well, not anymore anyway. Not after last time. I feel like I was taunting them, and I got what I deserved.

Ever since childhood I can recall pondering and questioning things. I was suspicious of the Santa Claus lie, so much that I actively worked to catch my parents setting the presents. I did. I was five. God was never a firmly-held belief, it was always more of a guilty feeling, something to fear. I am now an atheist and very scientifically inclined.

When I was in first grade my parents moved from Ottawa to El Salvador, my dad’s birth country. We moved into this 3-bedroom two story house owned by my aunt. It had been build about five years previously, and the only occupier before that was my aunt. Before that, the land was a coffee grow. So, no real history, no one died there, as far as I’m aware.

I was young, so I was always afraid of going upstairs by myself. Once I would get to the top of the stairs, I would run towards the wall about 10 feet in front of me to flick the light switch. I always made sure I didn’t look into the rooms before I did so. Once the light was on, I was safe. It took some work, but I finally got over my fear. This occurred by the time I was around 11, or 12.

It didn’t last long. I am 21 years old now. I fear the dark.


First, sorry, but some background (as if there’s not enough yet): As you enter my home, you will be in the living room. To your left is a bathroom, and some steps, which make a U-turn and go upstairs. To your right is the living room, ahead is the dining room, yard. As you get upstairs, ahead of you is a wall with the light switch, next to the bathroom door. To the right of you are two doors: The first is my sister’s, the second mine and my brother’s. To your left, and in front of my shared room, is my parent’s room. Above you, about twelve feet high, is the ceiling. So from the spot where the stairs turn to go up, to the ceiling above, there is an 18 feet or so high gap. (clarification can be provided if requested)

The upstairs is the setting for the following story.

My first unusual experience in that house was very low-key. It would have gone unregistered and forgotten if it weren’t for the fact that someone else saw it too. I was lying in bed, wide awake, listening to everyone in the house snoring in their deep slumber. I was looking at my parent’s bedroom door, since my bed was facing it at the time. About four feet from the floor, on the door, was this faint, almost not there… Spiral. It would slowly wind into itself, disappear, then pop back into existence. Rinse and repeat. The entire process would take about five seconds. I remember thinking it was “gathering”. I don’t know what that means, but I do remember thinking that. I stared at it for a few minutes until I finally just shrugged it off and eventually found my sleep. You see, it was so damned faint that I could have believed it wasn’t there. Plus, I didn’t believe in ghosts and shit.

In the morning, while having cereal, I spoke of this weird faint spiral I saw. My sister immediately looks up and says “Hey I saw it too!”. She’s just my stupid little sister, I thought, seeking my attention. So I didn’t give her any more clues: I told her to tell me what she saw, exactly. I vividly remember her tracing the pattern of the spiral in the air, while she was telling where it was, and how it faded into itself before popping back to existence.

But after she confirmed my sighting, I recall finding it strange but not scary. I now have this theory that, had I stayed up, I would have lost my mind that night. I don’t know why, but I feel like that was the lady, gathering energy or something. I don’t fucking know. But this is where the mildness ends.

Fast forward to about a year later.

For some reason I kept waking up every night for about two weeks now. It was always at a time when everyone was asleep. I would just wake up, and be wide awake for like felt like hours before falling back to sleep. It was one of these nights, and I was wide awake. We had rearranged our room, so that my bed was against the wall next to the bathroom, so I had a diagonal view of the hallway and the top of the stairs. I turned left while lying down, and when I did, I caught something white on the corner of my eye. I turned to look at it and saw a white, long shape floating about two feet below the ceiling, high up above the steps. My first reaction was to look away, to face the wall. Then my mind immediately got to work: What the fuck was that? I remember trying to figure out what it could be. But I could not find a reasonable explanation. I knew my house well. And I knew there was nothing that looked remotely like it anywhere around. There was a window nearby, but it was facing the wrong way. And anyway, it doesn’t fucking matter, because my inquisitive (stupid) little mind told me I had to find out what it was. So I sat up, leaned forward and stared.

It was a fucking lady.

As my mind processed the details my body tightened and my brain attempted to jump out of my skull. My eyes burned every fucking horrible detail into the back of my skull, so I can handily keep it with me until my death. She was facing the wall. Her hair was long, almost down to her waist. Her dress was gown-like. Her feet were floating… angled downwards, with slipper-like shoes.

I am being 100% honest. I don’t want to keep writing about it. I almost had a panic attack. It’s been a while. I think you got the idea. Nothing much happened after anyway, just the details… I don’t like the details.

If I didn’t bore you all to death I could write the next chapter about the taunting and why I cannot deny, should never deny, that other things exist…

One thing I did not mention… You know how I said it was white? Well it wasn’t. FUCK i really can’t type this id on’t know why! it was like… a faded glow. it wasn’t bright, it didn’t illuminate anything around, but it stood it like a sore thumb right in the middle of a dark room. I AM DONE.


About two years later, we moved to a suburb in Los Angeles. While I lived in that city, I lived in three different apartments. Two with my parents, and then the one I got with my friends. The second one I moved to with my parents is where this incident occurred.

Listen, I saw the things I told you about previously. I did. I was awake. It wasn’t anything BUT that. I will take it to my fucking grave. But people grow up. I grew up. And I started to question it. Because time passes and it eases the fears (a bit) and it made no sense to my grown mind. This doesn’t justify my stupidity, I think. It should have been obvious from the start. But let’s get on with this story.

(I just typed out the first part and I’m kinda regretting it… Nothing happened or anything, i just don’t feel well… My heart feels too big.)

Ok I will make it brief. This apartment’s closet (yeah, that kind of door… Sorry) consisted of huge, thick, white-painted wooden doors that hung on a set of rails near the ceiling. The doors had wheels on top so they could slide around.

This is why I think I was taunting them. Like I said I was starting to have doubts by this time (I was like 17 or 18 yrs old). One Saturday morning I woke up and stayed in bed. For some reason, following some masochistic train of thought, I ended up watching “ghost videos” on youtube. The entire time I was watching, I was desperately searching for some video that was real. That I could say… Holy… And no one had answers to. But none came. So I was debunking them the entire time. You know, just saying how fucking fake they are.

I eventually quit doing that around 2pm then fucked around in the living room and shit. At about five or six pm, while I was halfway through watching Pulp Fiction for the first time, I get a call. My buddies are down the street and they’re asking me if I wanna chill. I said of course, grabbed my pants, then ran into my room the get my shirt from the closet. At this time, one door was to my right, two were to my left. One was on the rails and another one was fallen behind it, leaning on the clothes hanging in the closet. I reached into the closet, near the single door on the right (the left was my sister’s side) when the door that was leaning against the clothes slid about a whole foot towards me, AS I WAS LOOKING AT IT. I remember EVERYTHING, how the clothes were pushed by it, how i heard it slide against the carpet, how it was kind of pushed up and forward (it tilted back a bit, you know, like a tiny wheele).

I jumped back like three fucking feet while screaming like a fucking GIRL at the top of my lungs then stood back and said out loud “WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT!?” and the moment I uttered those words, I realized that I did NOT wanna know, so I fucking BOLTED out the door, and leaned back against a wall in the apartment complex. People were looking at me. I was shirtless, and they surely heard me scream. I didn’t say anything and ran to my friends. I curled up and cried a little bit, manned up, got a cigarrette and hung out with them. Eventually I get a call from a very scared Mom, making sure I was fine and asking me where the fuck i was. I ran home, feeling bad. My mom opens the door, I walk in behind her, close it. Walk forward a little, and then my room and the closet came into view. I backed up, hit the door, kept trying to, i don’t know, squeeze outside while I cried and freaked the fuck out. I swear I wanted to just die and never experience this kind of shit again. My parents were worried and asked me what happened. I told them. My mom believed me. I don’t know if she believed me the when I told her about the lady. So I never told anyone… Not for years.

I don’t know if some of you are thinking, what, a fucking closet door moved? I get that. But picture this. Look at something big and heavy, something that would be difficult to move. Now stand about two feet from the side of it and look near it and picture it MOVES AT YOU for about a whole foot. And moving that has details, like sounds, displacement of things, etc. I saw them all.

OHH but we’re not done! You think the lady is fucking freaky enough now? Someone else fucking saw her. Here’s how it went:

I was at my aunt & uncle’s apartment up the street. I forget which holiday or birthday we were celebrating, all I remember is the family was there and we were having a good time. I had slowed down a bit and now we were on a circle telling spooky stories (I remember many, might type out some other time.). It was my cousin’s turn now. He says this happened in the same house I lived before. They moved in after, then to the same LA suburb up the street. Anyway!

He was upstairs in his room doing hw (same room as mine) and it was later at night. Around 11. His parents were in their room (same as my parent’s). He remembered he had forgotten to fix up his backpack (each day had a different set of classes, so you had to get the right shit each night) so he went downstairs to get one book he left behind. He went down the stairs and as he got to the bottom, he saw to his right a… well. He described as kind of.. Glowing but not really long, white thing that looked like a person. he was smart and ran upstairs.

While he was telling this story I was slowly sinking into the couch, into my own mental abyss. When he’s done I notice my mom turn to look at me with this look on her face that said “HOLY SHIT YOU WERE RIGHT” but in a scared way. I’ll never forget that look.

I have more stories, no really good personal ones (just mild, noneventful), but lots that I’ve heard from people I trust. Hit me up, but don’t expect them very soon.

I am glad to have a subreddit where to express this. I have tried sharing a less detailed account of these events just to ending up being stuck in no-way arguments with hard-headed atheists. I don’t blame them, I’m one of them, but I wasn’t asking for that. There’s no proof or anything around, nothing more than my memories. It’s pointless. Believe it, or don’t. I believe.

– Posted by [Deleted]; Reddit

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