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“that big man down the stairs”

May 18, 2013

My kid’s catholic school is over 100 years old. there is a basement under the gym that’s used for storage. I was subbing once and during recess one of the kick balls goes down the stairs. A little girl was standing at the top of the stairs yelling “just throw it up to me”. I went over and asked who she was talking to and she replied “that big man down the stairs” I went down and there was nobody down there and it was the only way in.

I asked some of the other kids if they have seen the man before and they said “yes, but sister told us not to talk to him”. I asked them to describe “sister” and they described a nun and there haven’t been nuns at the school in 40 years.

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He Will Return To Us

December 1, 2012

When I was in high school I was in a band with two of my friends. We primarily played Christian music, so it was seen as acceptable by the higher-ups of the church for us to have access to the large, empty building at night to practice. We took full advantage of that and held practice in the church about one night a week. Late one night during one of our practices, we decided to stop for a break because we’d been practicing for a while. We joked around a bit before reaching a point in our conversation where we all got quiet. As we were sitting there in the silence, we started hearing a faint voice somewhere in the distance. Since we were supposed to be the only people in the church and the doors were locked, we were a little surprised. The church had a history of being broken in to, so our minds immediately went in that direction. We decided to look around the church (this was a big church) to see if someone had come in. The church was dark and empty. We came back to the stage we were practicing on with a weird feeling. We sat quietly to see if we could hear the voice again. After about a minute, we began to hear it again. My friend then walked over and put his ear next to one of our speakers. Sure enough, there was a woman’s voice coming through the speaker saying things such as “He will return to us”. It reminded me of some freaky, dramatic line you’d hear in a movie. That’s when we started to flip out a bit. We unplugged all the microphones and amps from our system to see what would happen, but the woman’s voice kept coming faintly through our speakers. We had set up our own system separately from the church’s PA system, so every source of sound hooked up to our speakers was accounted for and had been turned off. We had already searched the church for the noise to make sure we weren’t somehow picking up on someone talking or a tape playing (which was unlikely anyway), but as I mentioned the church was completely empty and dead quiet. We decided to call it a night at that point. Even though I’ve gotten away from the whole Christianity thing, I can’t help but get chills when I think about that night. We practiced in that church many times after that, but we never heard the voice again. I can’t explain it. It was strange.

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God Is Here

February 18, 2012

A few years ago, I was standing out in the front lawn, talking with my mom while she watered her garden. Suddenly, we hear a loud moaning coming from the upstairs window, my sisters room.

My mom laughs a bit and yells up “Hey what are you doing?” to my sis, assuming she was playing some kind of prank. Curious, we both head inside and walk upstairs to the source of the moaning.

My mom attempts to open the door to her room, but it’s stuck. She starts pushing hard to get it open, and says “this isn’t funny, open the door”. Finally she’s able to wedge it open enough to peek inside, and she sees my sister laying on the floor in front of the door, foaming at the mouth and making strange noises.

My mom screams and calls 911 immediately. I peer into the room, and see a homemade ouija board laying next to her body. She had been playing with it by herself in her room almost every day for the past month. I didn’t think about it much at the time.

Paramedics show up and say she’s had a seizure and take her to the hospital. They do every test under the sun on her and conclude that she’s perfectly healthy. She’s never had a seizure before and she has no underlying issues that could have caused it.

When she gets home from the hospital, she tells me exactly what happened. She had been playing with the ouija board, and she said it was extremely excited that day. Something about the piece moving faster than usual. She says she was talking to a demon, and it kept asking to take her clothes off. Then the piece started freaking out and moving everywhere, and she heard multiple demons start chanting “The devil is here, the devil is here”, and her body locked up. Soon afterwards, she said everything went black.

The next part sounds a bit corny, but I’m just repeating what I was told. She said that she heard the demons say “God is here” and there was a white light, and then everything went blank.

I’m an atheist, but that story gives me goosebumps every time I retell it.

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Billowing Curtains

January 8, 2012

My second story for this post. This happened around 2000-2001. Me, my two bro-in-laws, and my father-in-law (a pastor – I mention this for a reason), all went hunting near Jacksboro in North Texas. My FIL’s mother lived near the area so we spent the night there.

Nothing too outstanding about the house. It was a double-wide that was being remodeled on one end, and she was the only one that lived there. During the day the house didn’t bother me, but at night it did. Probably because I was unfamiliar with it, and the fact that she lived out in the middle of no-where and it was pitch-black outside. Never could put my finger on anything, until this happened.

Anyway, we all settle down for the night, she in her room and we 4 in the living room in our sleeping bags. At some point in the night a breeze begins to blow through the living room. I don’t remember this, but was told this by the other 3 guys. I’m not sure if anyone thought to check a window or not. What I do remember is being nudged by one of my BIL’s, him saying something to the effect of, “Do you feel that?” I was trying to sleep and didn’t answer. I then hear him ask my other BIL the same thing and he responded with a yes.

The way that we were arranged on the floor was side by side, me and my two BILs. My FIL was laying perpendicular to us in another area. We three had our feet pointed toward a large window in the living room. If we were laying on our backs we could see the window plainly.

About the time that the 2nd BIL responded that he did feel the breeze, the curtain on the window blew into the room with a gust. I did feel that. The breeze was still blowing, but when the curtain fell back down, instead of falling flat against the window it fell into the shape of a human. Now this I did see because the gust woke me up even further than my BIL asking about the breeze.

I hear one of them ask the other, “Do you see that?” The other begins to say something like, “Yeah. Where’s my gun?”

I’m all holed up in my sleeping bag, wondering what I should do. About the time that he’s saying that, my FIL sits up from where he’s at, points at the figure behind the curtain and shouts, “I rebuke you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!” The breeze immediately stopped and the curtain fell flat against the window. He laid back down and I guess fell asleep. My two BILs and I didn’t get a wink of sleep the rest of the night.

The next morning my FIL mentions what happened to his mother. Her response? That she had problems like that before and wasn’t too surprised. She believed that the place was haunted by a demon, but that she didn’t care because it never bothered her directly before.

We had our hunt that morning and took our bags with us. Didn’t stop back by and went directly home. I never went back again, and neither did my BILs. My FIL did, but it was only during the day and he never stayed over night again. She sold the place within the next year, but never gave a reason as to why.

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Get Up On Its Hind Legs Like A Human

December 26, 2011

Hey guys, first time I’ve posted here but I have a few experiences that I figured you might have some interest in. Sorry it’s so long, but one story on its own takes up a big chunk of it, so the rest of the story is in the comments. BUT TL;DR: Possession, haunting, ESP, ghost sightings, weird trans-human sightings

A little background about me, I’m 23, born and raised in Minnesota, lived in Jersey briefly before I came back home. College educated with a degree in psychology and another in theater, pretty secular and consider myself skeptical of a lot of “supernatural” things. However, I have had a few things happen in my life which have weirded me out.

Growing up, my maternal grandparents owned a farm in a somewhat rural suburb in Minnesota, called Maple Grove. It used to be a farming town but over the last 15 years has gone the way of urban creep, and their farm was one of the original ones in the area. It was built in 1897 and they updated it over the years, but most of the house was still the original work or expansions that they had added on.

Most of my creepy stories I can tell you about come from that house or happened there.

I’ll start out with a minor one from when I lived in Jersey; I saw something that I can’t really explain. I used to sit on the roof and smoke while I’d look out at the lights from NYC since I was a midwestern kid and Minneapolis has shit compared to the Big Apple as far as lights and sights. One night, I saw a mid-sized dog, maybe a small yellow lab going down the street at a decent pace, I’d call it a trot. I whistled at it since I fucking love dogs, and then froze when I saw it stop in its tracks, look in my direction for a second, get up on its hind legs like a human and run down the street faster than most sprinters. It went to the end of the block and turned the corner. I wasn’t doing drugs at that time, but that one flipped me the fuck out and made me want to. Still, not all that creepy compared to some other stuff I’ve seen.

Back to my grandparents’ house.

My grandfather passed away from cancer in April 2009, really threw me for a loop, but I was prepared for it and had moved in with my grandma and grandpa to help out at the property while he was undergoing treatment. This happened in the Winter of 2008, but I don’t exactly know how to explain what happened other than what I talked to my grandmother about afterwards, since my grandpa forbade anyone from talking about anything supernatural and would get angry as all hell if anyone did.

One night when we were eating dinner, I heard banging coming from the sewing room and figured one of the cats had knocked over a mannequin or something. I started to get up, but my grandpa who was a pretty soft spoken man told me to “sit [my] ass back down and finish dinner” in a tone that made it clear that it wasn’t up for discussion. I told him I just wanted to get the cat out of there before he made a mess and he told me to not worry about it and to not go upstairs. The banging went on for about 5 minutes before it stopped, and I have no rational explanation for what it was, because I found the cat curled up behind a closed door on the main floor and there was no mess in the sewing room. There is a not-so-rational explanation that I can offer but I’ll do it after my next story.

Second creepiest moment I have ever had was when I was younger and home alone at their house and I saw an apparition in the sun room, or what used to be the main sitting room. I was on my way to bed, and in the house there are two landings on the steps. The first is one step up and leads to the wall where there’s a mirror facing the sun room. When I took that first step I looked in the mirror and in the darkness saw a woman dressed in white, dark hair that was tucked up into a hat, sitting in the rocking chair. She wasn’t moving and had her back to me but I sat there for a good second or two before I swung around. No one was there, but the rocking chair was moving. I ran upstairs and sat in their bedroom which is in one of the newer expansions to the house. I think I figured out who she, and whatever is in the sewing room. were though, and that part had me even more creeped out.

Some of this is from historical documents I’ve gathered and some things I’ve put together myself from talking to people who know the history of the place. In the late 1920’s, the people who owned the farm rented out a bedroom to make ends meet during the Depression. The renter who had come from Kentucky and came to Minnesota as a hired hand took his quarters in what we now use as the sewing room, and in the late 1920’s (I think 27 or so) he took his own life by hanging when he found out his daughter had died from some illness. I think that he’s still around there.

As for the woman, I’m pretty sure I know who or what she was too. The people who had the property at that time seemed to kind of be bound up in tragedy. When the renter killed himself, the family started having financial troubles (even more than most) since they lost a bit of income but more importantly someone who could help around the farm. By the mid-30’s the husband had turned to alcohol and became abusive. I found an obituary in a church archive that listed both of them having died on the same day in 1936 with practically no details. When I started digging around more, it turned out that the husband had gotten abusive enough that he threw his wife down the stairs and killed her. When he realized what he had done, he went down to the old cellar and hung himself. I have some stories about that little corner of hell that existed before they moved the house (literally lifted it off of its foundations) but I was young and knew enough to stay the hell out of there whenever I could.

Now here’s the big one. This is something that I’ve only ever told 5 non-involved people about. One was my psychiatrist, and the other four are good friends. This happened last winter, so from the fact that I’ve only told that many people, you can gather that I don’t really talk about it and it still freaks me out.

So I have this friend, we’ll call her Ann. Ann has always been unique. Very perceptive, very feeling, very empathetic. She could tell you things that you hadn’t told anyone ever and would know all about it. I thought she was just perceptive, but she has since told me it’s more than just that.

Typing this out, I realize I sound crazy, but bear with me. Ann called me one night, asked if I wanted to hang out, told me she felt like we should spend time together. I told her to come by, and again I was home alone as my grandmother had gone to Arizona to escape the cold. We sat up and ate home-made pizza, and yes, each had a few drinks. Neither of us were even close to drunk as we had maybe 4 drinks over the span of as many hours and I was pouring them.

We were watching TV when Ann asked me to shut off the TV and that she needed to talk to me. She wouldn’t look at me, but kept her eyes locked on the corner of the room. She told me she could see things and people. Things and people she shouldn’t be able to see. Things like where someone was born, their history, their secrets, like watching scenes out of a movie. She told me she could see people she had never met, people she couldn’t have met, and she could talk to them.

Like I said, I was a psych student, and I was worried that maybe she had been going through some schizophrenic episodes but then she hit me with the kicker and I’ll never forget her words.

“I can see your grandfather. At least I think he’s your grandfather. Skin, worn and leathery from years in the sun. His hair is so white, it used to be grey and peppered but it changed… it keeps changing. He’s wearing glasses. Strong hands. Very strong hands. He has happy eyes, and god his laugh. He laughs with his whole body, so happy. He’s a jokester. He likes jokes. He doesn’t talk a lot but he’s always smiling, always happy. What a kidder.”

I stared at her and my jaw dropped. I thought maybe I had talked to her about him, but then realized I hadn’t. I thought maybe she had seen pictures, but my grandma didn’t have any pictures of him in the kitchen or the room where we were watching TV. I told her to stop fucking with me. It had pissed me off a lot. I was close to my grandpa and her joking about this sort of stuff did not sit well with me.

She looked at me and it seemed like she wasn’t even talking to me, more like she was talking to me over the phone. She told me “he had eleven…. no… twelve? eleven or twelve brothers and sisters.”

He did, he had twelve brothers and sisters, one had died in infancy.

She told me “he grew up in a white house, very small, lots of people, but always happy… hard living… I see the letter G and a lot of corn, lots and lots of corn, but the letter G is still there.”

He grew up in a white 2 bedroom farmhouse in Graettinger, Iowa where his family grew corn and raised cattle. They still own the property. During the worst of the Great Depression the entire family lived in that house. 30 odd people on the property, all packed into a 2 bedroom farmhouse. That’s what he grew up in.

Then she started talking about things he had told me just before he died. Things he had wanted to tell me. Secrets. Things he had hidden. Medals from his time in the Army that he had tucked away that my grandma thought were lost forever. She told me he was still watching after my grandma and me and would play tricks on us, like hiding keys and other things in weird places. That we’d just think we had lost them but then they’d turn up in bizarre places like on top of cabinets which we weren’t near, or in drawers which we never opened. Which had happened, and had never been a problem before, which led me to get one of those press the button and your keys beep things. It was a lot to take in.

That part didn’t creep me out. It made me cry, I can’t explain why, but I felt safe. I was crying even as I was typing this, but I don’t know why. It’s a weird mix of sadness and happiness, but yeah. This is the creepy part. After about 10 minutes of this, she turned absolutely white. She looked terrified. She said she had to stop and her breathing got shallow. She tried to get up but fell backwards, really hard like someone had pushed her. She asked me to carry her outside to the garage where we could smoke. I picked her up and carried her out as she shook and held onto me.

We sat out in the garage for about an hour as she told me about what had been happening. Apparently she had been seeing things since she was about 13 but never paid any attention to them until she started seeing bodies when she turned 18 and moved to Duluth from the boonies of Minnesota for college. When she saw one in December of ’09, she thought nothing of it, figuring it was just a nightmare or a TV show she had seen. until she saw details about a high school student that had gone missing. She said she saw his body floating in water, which makes a lot of sense since they were right by Lake Superior, but that there were things she knew that she couldn’t explain like his clothes and his appearance.

She wrote it all down the night after it happened and even submitted a police report when she saw the news report but didn’t hear anything back. Come May, it turned out that they found his body and he was in the lake. The cops wrote it off as an accident, but popular opinion was that it was the Smiley Face Killer (shitty site, but the closest I could get, I honestly believe that stuff is legit). Apparently, she started seeing more of these bodies with more detail and reported them. This was before they found the body of the kid in the lake, but she figured that his disappearance a few days after her dreaming of him couldn’t be coincidental. She got some calls back and some panned out as something they were already investigating, some never did. She couldn’t explain it. Then she said she saw a really bad one, one that she couldn’t even describe. All she could say was that it was a ritualistic killing and she didn’t want to talk about it, but that since she saw whatever it was, there had been something following her. Something that was un-natural and evil. Something that whenever she opened up or talked about what she saw, even if it had nothing to do with the killings would show up and it wasn’t a good thing. I shrugged it off.

Silly me.

We went back inside and she sat down in the TV room while I went to get us water. I heard her start coughing. I came back and she was staring at the TV while it was off, her face was as white as sun-bleached bones. She looked at me, and I swear to god it wasn’t her. She smiled and then grimaced and gagged. I grabbed a trash can in the room, thinking she was going to hurl and when I walked over to her, she grabbed my arm and dug her nails in and screamed to get her out of there, her face was distorted, like someone had fucked her up bad with plastic surgery. Her eyes were sunken, her face looked powdered, and her mouth was red. Then she started puking. You know those small trash cans you can get at Target? The ones that go up to your knee about? She filled it almost entirely. She’s a small girl, maybe 130 lbs and 5’2″ and there’s no way that even I could fill one of those bins that far.

As soon as she was done vomiting, she stared at me, smiled, and started saying things. Terrible things. How it wasn’t her anymore. How, whatever it was, just hated me and was going to kill me and everyone I cared about, but not until it had tortured us until we begged for death. How it was going to drag my soul and the souls of everyone in the house to hell. How there was no god and it was going to fillet me alive. I stared in disbelief, but had no idea what to do. Ann has been a friend of mine for more than a decade and I know her, but this was not her.

She started muttering in what sounded like Latin or maybe Greek to me. Screaming, grimacing, grinding her teeth, clawing at her palms until they bled. Occasionally, whatever it was lost its hold and I could see it immediately. Her eyes brightened, her breathing went back to normal, and she just looked confused. She told me to tie her down and lock her in a room, and to not go in there until the morning. I bandaged her hands and taped over her fingernails then got some belts and neckties and did like she said. Whatever was in her would sometimes take hold, fighting me, trying to hit me or scratch at my eyes. It stopped threatening, started pleading for me to just let her go, that I was hurting her, and that if I loved her I would let her go. It tried appealing to every little bit of me, from my love of her as a friend, to logic, even to lust. Eventually I got her tied down and ran out, locking her in the room and locking the door to my own room as it screamed at me things that I’ve blocked out of my mind. I sprinkled salt at the doorway of that room and of mine, had an iron crucifix that was given to me on my confirmation by my god-parents under my bed, and all night I heard her screaming, crying and yelling. I’m not one to pray normally, but I did until daybreak. It was the most terrifying thing I’ve ever experienced. It sounded like thunder from time to time in the next room and I could hear things banging around, being tossed around the room, the heavy wrought iron bed shaking. I can’t explain what it was, but I waited until 10 AM to go in there. She was asleep, still tied to the bed, her wrists and ankles raw from the bonds, and her body drenched with sweat and the room was a mess. Pictures were on the floor, books had been tossed out of shelves, it looked like a little kid had gone wild on too many pixie sticks and cherry coke in there. I woke her up and untied her, gave her a blanket and asked if she wanted to shower. The only thing she said to me that morning was “take me home.” So I did. She didn’t say a word to me for the 45 minute car ride until she got out and told me not to call her and that she would contact me.

I didn’t sleep that night either, which is bad because I already have sleep issues and decided to talk to the pastor at the church I was raised at, not because I necessarily believe in religion, but because I believe that there are things I can’t explain and maybe there’s something that can be done from another angle. He gave me some advice, things to try as far as prayer if anything happened, but in the end, said that she probably had psychological problems and that it wasn’t anything to worry about.

For the next two weeks, whenever I went to bed, I could hear pacing outside of my room. Banging on the walls. Pictures falling. Burns in carpet. Weird smells. It was terrifying. Finally I went back to the pastor and told him what was happening in detail. He got very serious with me and asked if I was messing with him. I told him I wasn’t and he asked to go to the house with the other pastor at my church and be alone for an hour or two until he called me. I went to the local bar and had a few beers to calm myself until he called me and said it was fine to go back. He was waiting with the other pastor and both were very somber and tired when I arrived. He told me we should be fine, but that if anything more happened we should contact him again.

I would have figured that maybe, just maybe, she was just messing with me and I was buying into it. That I was overly open to suggestion since she was my friend. That is, until my grandma came back. She asked me if I had heard anything while she was gone, if anything weird had happened. I played dumb until she said that she needed to see a doctor then because she had been seeing and hearing stuff before she left for Arizona. I asked her what kind of stuff, and she said things that reminded her of my grandpa. Little jokes he would play, like moving her earrings while she got ready in the morning, or moving her hairbrushes and stuff around. She told me she heard people talking when she was alone. Then she told me she had heard other things, new things since she got back.

She told me she heard angry voices, shouting, banging through the house. I freaked. I told her what had happened while she was gone and that we needed to talk to the pastors again. When we did they got extremely serious and told us that they needed to call some other people.

Now this is a Lutheran Chuch so no exorcists or any of that stuff, but we stayed at the church for 3 hours and eventually, there were 7 or 8 pastors there. They went to the house and we went to Perkins, just like the last time until they called us. Again, somber and serious, but this time, they said it would be fine.

I’ve since moved out of that house, and have talked to my grandma about things that have happened there. She says they’re fine, but every once and a while she hears or sees something strange, but nothing to worry about.

It still freaks me out… but… those are my stories. Sorry it’s so long, but I ended up kind of venting in addition to just telling you guys the story. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

As far as the sprinting dog, I can’t really give much more detail than I already have as it all happened within maybe 15 seconds. All I can say is that it was either light grey or yellow, about the size of a yellow lab, when it stood up it was about 5 feet tall, and ran fast as hell.

I can say it was mid-March of ’08 on Van Houten street in Passaic, New Jersey, about 4 blocks from the Wachovia Bank (or what used to be Wachovia, it’s been a few years now and it might be a Wells Fargo), towards the school. Location wise I can be precise other than the house number because to be honest, I don’t remember it.

I could see if I still have the IRC logs on my laptop from when it happened but I’m not sure if I’ve reinstalled Windows on there since then or not.

As far as documenting at my grandma’s, if there was interest, I would maybe consider it but there are a few issues with doing it quickly. One is that she’s in Arizona to escape the cold for a few more months and I don’t have ready access to the house as it’s secured when no one is there and I’m not sure who else has a key. Second is that I don’t have a camera able to take video other than my webcam or my phone, so I’d have to find a camcorder or a redditor willing to lend one to me, but no offense, I wouldn’t take you to where my grandma lives alone even if you trusted me with your camera.

However, if those obstacles were taken over, I’d do it. You probably wouldn’t see anything though as even at its peak, other than the two weeks after the incident with Ann, it wasn’t a regular thing.

EDIT: I figured I’d toss a picture of my grandpa up here so you guys can see what he looked like. The photo on the left is from when I was little, maybe 7 or 8, the photo on the right is from the July before he died. He hadn’t gone through much chemo yet and still had his hair somewhat thick and dark… so there you go

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asks me if I know why I’m okay, and giggles.

December 22, 2011

This one still gives me the shivers sometimes.

My buddy and I were skipping lunch one day during high school, which was a regular thing, as most cafeteria food was inedible. We were headed down a small country road of the normal northwestern Ohio variety. Just a normal day, Butthole Surfers on the radio, cruising in the boonies, just like every other day.

…until a driver coming the opposite way decides to swerve into my lane, hitting us head-on. I watched the fiberglass front end shatter, and the hood crumple, both in slow motion. It looked a lot like sunlight reflecting off of water, if anyone is curious. As I was blacking out, I remember two hands coming towards me as if to push me through the, er… fog? Something like that..

I was more or less fine, and did not hit the airbag. I was also not wearing my seatbelt. My cohort had severe internal bruising from the seatbelt and a few other minor injuries. The driver of the other car got taken away in a helicopter.

I didn’t think anything of the hands. I wrote it off as one of those things people say about your life flashing before your eyes, whatever, etc.

The next day, my nephew walks into my room, says he misses my car, asks me if I know why I’m okay, and giggles.

Me: “buh…?”

Nephew: “The angel saved you”

Obviously, this prompted me to weird out and ask everyone in my family what they told him. Everyone swore they didn’t even tell him about the wreck. This is the same nephew who used to talk about the man who flies around the room in a house full of weirdo unexplainable stuff happening, and used to say things about when he used to be big.

He’s 17 now, no longer says or sees weirdo things, and cool as hell. I’ve been tempted to ask him about all that, but frankly, some things may be better off left alone.

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Hide And Seek In The Dark

December 18, 2011

This is an event that happened to me and a few other people approximately five years ago, when I was 18. I had a long term relationship with my then girlfriend (now fiancée) and used to travel to see her every weekend. This particular weekend her family from Australia were visiting us in the UK. I got on quite well with her cousin (who lived a few houses away from her), and two of the cousins from Australia. So one evening, approximately 23:00, we decided to play a game in which we split into two teams, with one team hiding and the other team trying to find them with a flashlight. We decided to go down to the local field to play this game. I’ve included a map to make it easier to describe what was going on and where certain things were occurring.

So, it was pitch black (quite far from any cities, so no real light pollution). We split into two teams, one consisting of myself, my girlfriend and one of her Australian cousins, and the other consisting of her cousin and other Australian cousin. We reached the entrance to the field (marked C on the map) from the short walk from my girlfriend’s house (marked A). My team were going to hide, and the other team were going to give us some time to hide, then come looking for us. You can’t see it on the map, but at the time there was a big mound of dirt around 8ft high that went from one side of the field to the other (marked F). The other team stood on there for a while, flashlight off, whilst we went to hide. We immediately went to the position marked D on the map, laid on the floor, and waited. It was very dark, pretty cold, and quite misty.

After a short period of time, the flashlight went on, and we could see the other team walking around trying to find us. They immediately walked south down the ridge towards point E. Once they reached point E, we could see the flashlight moving around quite a lot, as if they were sure we were there. After about a minute, they obviously decided we were somewhere else, and started to walk across the field from E to point B. They got about halfway across the field, turned around, and walked back towards point E, again moving their flashlight as if they were sure we were hiding somewhere over there. At this point, with the eiree silence and darkness of the field, my girlfriend decided she had had enough of this game (she was getting “freaked out”) and decided she was going to go back home; so she got up from our hiding place, and walked around the edge of the field back towards point C.

Now, this is a piece of information we only learnt afterwards, but as my girlfriend passed point C to go back home, she noticed that the bushes were rustling; more aggressively then they would have done from the wind alone, not to mention that there wasn’t much wind at all that night. She didn’t think much of it at the time and quickened her pace slightly to get home.

So, the team looking for us spent a lot of time moving towards point E and the tree between point D and E. It was as if they were absolutely sure that we were there. A few minutes after my girlfriend left, the security light in the back garden of B suddenly came on. We were in a pretty good position to see in the garden of B, and there was absolutely nothing there. No animals, no people, nothing.

Obviously, the other team, on seeing the light go on, moved quickly across the field towards B. Once there, they moved their flashlights around for a minute or so, then they suddenly moved quickly across the field again, back towards point E. It was almost as if they thought we were at point B but had run back towards point E when the moved over there. Again, they got to point E, and seemed to be a little confused about what was going on. (Discussing these events afterwards, I found out that the other team were pretty sure at almost every point up to now that they were really close to catching us, and that they could hear us moving about and were following the noises of us moving.) So, this is where it starts to get a little weird. The other team were again walking around the middle of the field when, suddenly, a loud noise started to come from the bushes near E. It was banging of metal on metal. Almost once every few seconds, there would be the echoey and tinny sound of metal on metal. At this point, myself and the other guy, kinda half freaked out, began to laugh a little. I guess now, looking back, that it was one of those moments where laughing really broke the eerie tension. At soon as we started laughing, the other team moved quickly towards us and found us. All the time, this banging is still going on.

We started to discuss that things were getting a bit creepy and we should probably end the game. The other team mentioned (as I described above) how they were sure we were at point E, as they kept hearing noises as if people were whispering to each other. That revelation mixed with the creepy banging noise really had us tense now. We decided, as a group of young guys egging each other on would, that we would go over towards point E and find out what that banging was. Almost the moment we decided to go investigate, the banging stopped. Even more determined to find out what was going on, we marched over towards point E and stood in a perfect line, side by side staring into the darkness towards the hedge. We stood there for a moment, looking over, when one of the Australian cousins decided to pick up an empty plastic bottle on the floor by his foot, and throw it towards where the banging had been coming from.

… and that’s when we heard it. The creepiest fucking noise I had ever heard. I can only describe it as a lengthy whisper-like growl. It said something, slow and elongated and terrifying, but I couldn’t exactly make out what it said. It was one of those moments where I couldn’t quite believe what I was hearing. Almost the moment it happened, we all looked at each other. The looks on everyone else’s told me immediately that we’d all heard it. One of the guys shouted “RUN” and we absolutely bolted across the field back towards point C. I don’t know whether this actually happened, or whether it was just out of plain fear, but at one point whilst running one of the guys at the front looked around and shouted “SOMETHING’S CHASING US.”

At this point, I was the one at the back; now terrified that I was being chased, fear took over and I ran the fastest I’ve ever ran. We made it to the gates at point C, but we carried on all the way down to the row of houses at the entrance to point A. We looked around at this point and, seeing nothing, decided not to wait around to find out. We carried on running and burst through the door of the house.

So, that’s my unexplained experience. We kept talking about it for the rest of the night, and we all pretty much had the exact same creepy experience. There was definitely something over at that hedge, and it creeped us the fuck out, but what it was I still don’t know.

– Posted by hehollyhopdrive; Reddit