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Green Shirt, Dark Denim

September 22, 2011

The doppleganger incident has happened to me with my sibling before too. It is intense just because you’re so sure they walked in and there’s no way they could have.

I was home alone and napping on the couch when I woke up to get some water. I sit back down and doze off. The garage door slams open as per usual and my brother walks by. But the odd thing was my brother didn’t say one word to me, he turned his head and smiled at me with no sort of inflection on his eyebrows. An open eyed, ear to ear, grin. I look at him oddly and just brush it off. I hadn’t seen my brother all day and noticed he’s wearing a green shirt with his dark denim. The smile startled me because we hadn’t been on speaking terms for a few months now. What was that about?

Three hours later my parents get home making this huge racket and I wake up. Ten seconds after my parents my brother walks in. I turn to my mom and say, “He was just home.” My mother dismisses what I said, “I just picked him up from Vicente’s house, he hasn’t been home all day.” And what is my brother wearing? A green shirt and dark denim.

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September 22, 2011

Okay so my house is pretty much the epicenter of the messed up and unnatural. I’ve had things happen to and around me, but most of the stuff that goes on isn’t specifically towards me but my little sister. A lot of times shit happens when I’m around my friends in broad daylight, too.

Like one time, a couple friends and I were sitting in the living room, watching television when a shadow passed over the room. The temperature dropped, and the shadow shrunk until it took on a noticeable form. A shadow in the shape of a coffin, with a vase of flowers on its lid, floated along the walls, slowly making its way all around the room. Once it had completed its circuit, it faded away. Right away the room became bright again. I have never heard of dark shadows taking the shape of inanimate objects or anything, and I doubt it was a “ghost of a coffin”. My friends left immediately.

Later that day, as I played in my bedroom, mom got a call from my grandmother that my uncle had died from some sort of infection brought on by an open wound (he was really into wade-fishing and I think it had something to do with it). The thing was he died around the same time as we were sitting in that living room. I’m not sure if it is the reason for the shadow but it makes sense.

The creepy occurrences did not end there. Once I was waiting for my sister in the dining room and I heard mom calling me from a few rooms over. She sounded far away, her voice muffled. I got up and wandered into the hall.

She called again, louder. I thought she needed me to help her lift something or clean something.

Her voice sounded as if it was coming from her room. I slowly pushed the door open, letting the hall light spill into the darkened area. No one was in there.

Mom called again, this time seeming to come from the closet. Mom has a large walk-in closet, and as I approached I could see the light was on in it. I grabbed the doorknob and opened. “What.” I said as I opened the door.

I heard her call my name again but I stopped cold. The walk-in closet was deserted, empty, no one was there. I backed away a little bit, wide-eyed and searching the entire room for mom. No one was there.

Then, quietly, the voice whispered my name in my ear. I screamed and ran out of the room, down the stairs, and into the family room. Mom was downstairs washing dishes. I started screaming at her that she was calling me upstairs. She freaked out but tried to assure me I’d heard the tv. I didn’t. I live in a two-story condominium and when it’s dark it gets really creepy. One night I was sitting downstairs on the desktop computer, surfing the internet, when my sister told me she was going outside to play manhunt with our neighborhood friends. I said okay, not really caring, and continued to surf. A little while, like 45 minutes, I heard my very squeaky front door opening and the deadbolt and lock snapping and my sister walks in. She walks towards the staircase and I said, “What’re you doing?” She replied,” Going upstairs” and went upstairs. I clearly heard heavy, thumping footfalls recede upstairs and her door opening and closing.

So I sit for about a minute or two, still on the computer, when the front door opens once more. I turn around, confused because my parents were both asleep and Rachael was upstairs. Even so, she’d locked the front door. So naturally I thought a person was trespassing, so I was flipping out. But then my sister walks in and heads towards the staircase. At this asked her if she already went up and why she was going up again. She looked at me as if I were crazy and said,” I haven’t been inside until now”, walking upstairs. To this day it creeps me out because I saw the image of my sister walking upstairs before it happened. Whether it was a ghost or some doppelganger is indeterminable to me, but it certainly is weird. Needless to say I chased her upstairs and checked her room and my room, and every room for that matter, but there was no one else up there.

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Ghost or Hobo

September 6, 2011

One night, I was laying in bed when my husband got up to go to the bathroom. A minute or so later, I saw him walk to the kitchen, but then, about a half minute later, I saw him walking out of the bathroom and back into the bedroom. I thought that maybe I had just missed seeing him go back and forth, so I brushed it off until he got in bed and his leg hit my leg and he jumped. I asked him what was wrong and he said “How did you get back in here? I just watched you walk to the kitchen?”

My verdict, either ghost or hobo; however, my vote goes to ghost as none of my liquor was gone the following morning.

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September 5, 2011

Background: me (wishful science/spirituality synthesizer) and an overtly Christian dude talking with his friend, who would probably be more agnostic than atheist, simply undecided.

So we were having a late-night talk about life’s big questions and weird stuff and eventually agnostic guy gets us onto the subject of demons. Christian dude is adamant in their existence, I simply say that it seems likely to me that there are forces operating in the background of our reality with their own intent which people have given names like angel or demon to. He says well, maybe, but how can you be so sure they exist?

A buzzing and whirring emanates from the closet. We simply freeze and stare until the mechanical sounds stop before sliding back the door. In it, an unplugged printer sits atop a pile of junk with one piece of paper printed out. We turn the page and all that is there is one ASCII heart.


In any case, we were all much more sure of something beyond conventional explanation after that.

Accusations were tossed around initially, but I mean, it’s pretty simple to see if something has power or not. Also, to somehow rig a system that could execute this feat – in 2000, when we’re all like 15 – was way beyond any of our abilities.

Since then, I’ve noticed that Christian dude has a lot of this type of weirdness surrounding him anyway and I’ve begun to suspect (especially since these anomalies are of such a benign nature) that HE is actually the unintentional culprit.

Some people just draw the weirdness to them, I just think it sucks he sees it as demonic when it could mean he has some abilities he could develop. Then again, maybe his own mind’s sturdy belief in demons actually instigates the events.

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somewhere along the road, night became daylight, like a light switch was turned on.

September 5, 2011

when i was a kid (around 1980) we were driving back from a weekend of boating at lake berryessa. we had come out of the windy road part and were driving through napa on the way back home at night. i mention it because you can totally see the stars out there, no city lights. somewhere along the rd, night became daylight, like a light switch was turned on. my dad pulled over just as you would when cop pulls you over and then we all got out of the car and stood alongside the road. above us was a very large round object with lights on it. it blocked out the entire night sky. there was no way of telling the size or how high up it was, but it blocked all the stars above a 30 degree angle or so.. it hovered there for about 30 seconds, made no sound, no air disturbance, but rotated very slowly.

in an instant it went from blocking the night sky to being the size of a quarter up and to the right for a split second, then it shot off like a shooting star in reverse, literally scratching the night sky.

our gaze went from looking up, to looking at each other, and then beyond each other to notice that more cars had pulled over staggered out in front and behind us. they were also standing outside their cars. at that moment, we got scared. not before, not during, but only when you saw that other people witnessed what we had just seen.

everyone gets in their car and drives off. my dad tells us not to talk about it, people won’t believe you, best to just forget it happened.

anyways, i’m not into ufo’s and if you told me the same story, i’d be a skeptic.

the coolest part, it’s possible to move like that.

no shit

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Big Bearded Man

September 3, 2011

When my dad was in his early teens his family invited his uncle (his father’s brother) to come stay with them while the uncle was looking for a job and until he could find his own place. One day my grandparents sent my dad downstairs to the spare bedroom to make sure his uncle was up in time for his new job, and my dad found him unresponsive, wrapped up in the sheets on the floor next to the bed. Turns out he had a heart attack in the night and died while they were all sleeping.

A couple months later, some family from my grandmother’s side are visiting and hanging out in the basement and one of the younger kids (5 or 6 years old) wanders off by herself into the spare bedroom. Suddenly she starts screaming bloody murder so everyone rushes in to see what’s wrong. The girl is pointing to the corner of the room where my dad found his uncle screaming “There’s a man! There’s a man!” No one else sees anything, and the girls insists for a while that there is a big, bearded man lying on the floor of the room until they look under the bed and in the closet, reassure her there’s no one there, and take her out and calm her down. My father’s uncle was a big, bearded man.

My dad tells this story all the time, to new friends whenever talk turns to the supernatural or unexplained or just to the family when he gets a few drinks in him. I believe it’s true because my dad is so earnest about it, and because I don’t think anyone who knew what had happened to my dad’s uncle would somehow convince this 6 year old girl to lie so convincingly about seeing him.

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