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the previous owner had just disappeared.

January 25, 2016

My family bought a penthouse apt back when i was in HS. We got it for like 50k under what it was worth. Turned out the previous owner was a music producer who had dissapeared. The guys body finally wound up being found months later, the way I remember it he had been tortured then shot multiple times. Real sad stuff, we bought the apt from his mom who just wanted to be done with the whole thing. Anyway, my step dad and I started going daily to fix it up but I always felt uneasy about being there as if someone was watching me. One day my step dad went down to the car to get some tools and left me alone. As i was there by myself I looked down the hallway that led down to the master bed room and I kid you not I saw a bright white silhoute appear from one side of the master bed room walking to the next, it stopped in the middle, turned and looked straight at me. I fucking froze, it wasnt like an evil kinda thing, he just looked at me for a few secs and then walked to the other side and dissapeared. I freaked the fuck out and bolted for the elevator. This shit happened during the middle of the day, it was bright as can be so I knew what the fuck I saw but my step dad wouldnt believe me and laughed it off.

A couple days later while we were tearing down some built in shelves in one of the bedroom closets we found a notebook beloning to the previous owner and in it were love poems, lyrics and sketches. My mom told my step dad not to throw it away so we could give it to the guys mom. My step dad being a piece of shit threw it away. After that creepy shit starded happenig, lights turned on and off. Windows we had closed the previous day would now be open. These were hurricane force windows by the way, the kind that have latches and keys to them. So it was impossible for the wind to have opened them. My mom and I stopped helping with renovations after that and my step dad hired some guys he knew to come and finish, these guys lived pretty far away so my step dad told them to stay in the apt while the repairs were done. They lasted two days, they called my step dad in a panic in the middle of the night saying they heard shit, saw shadows and that their alarm clock would go off at random times they hadnt set it too. My mom decided that was it and called in a priest to bless the house, we then burnt sage all through out for a couple of days with the windows open to clense and clear the apt. The creepy thungs stopped after that. A few years later I ran into one of the guys and asked him what had happened in the apt that spooked him and he said doors were slamming in the middle of the night and they heard what sounded like things moving out in the laundry area. He said it was the scariest shit hed ever been apart of and wanted nothing to do with it.


The Elevator

May 14, 2014

Another time I was at the nurse’s station and we heard the bell in the elevator ringing. Someone was yelling “Help!” and we heard pounding. We called security to tell them someone was stuck in the elevator. I then walked over to the elevator doors and was shouting to the person to try to stay calm and help was on the way. She just kept yelling for help, banging, and ringing the bell. Security called the nurses station to say all of the elevators were working and they didn’t find anyone stuck. At this moment, whoever was in the elevator was suddenly quiet.

A few times I have been on the elevator and for no reason it went to the 5th floor. The 5th floor is totally unoccupied, but used to be a hospice unit. I would be going up from the ground floor and the only button lit up would be 3. But the elevator would pass my floor, go to 5th, open the door…. no one there. I never was brave enough to step foot onto the 5th floor.

– Posted by Clovery ; Allnurses


Video: Rearranging Photo Frames

December 14, 2013 (keep your eye focused on the top bookshelf)

Reddit, meet my father or his rather bald head to be precise. Since moving into their new house about 5 years ago oddly spooky things have happened.

Note: My father doesn’t believe in ghosts or life after death.

Here’s the story thus far, since moving into the house there appears to be a presence of some kind. It started maybe two years ago when my father was working in the living room, he heard a voice ask if he was working there. His response was “no, I live here, do you?” to which the voice answered “Yes, I live in the basement”. Fast forward a year, a my mother comes home from work asking my dad (while he was working in the kitchen) how his day was to which he responded… a couple of minutes later someone asked him how his day was again and him turning around to inform my mother he had just told her found nobody in the room. At Christmas my aunt and mothers best friend visited, when walking into the bedroom my aunt saw a figure leaning over the bed and my mothers friend saw an old lady at the bottom of the bed. Events have turned more interesting in the last few months, our friendly ghost is now moving objects, in the video where the picture frame moves, there is a collection of DVD’s just out of sight. These were all moved and nicely arranged on the kitchen table over night, my mother unable to find the culprit in my brothers assumed someone was sleep walking. She has also been speaking more often, the reason my father recorded this video was that she spoke and he tried to catch it on camera. He thought she had said “I can’t find him” after analyzing the situation though where she continues to move things in that area of the house we’ve decided that she said “I can’t find it”. Since the recording of this video (a couple of weeks ago, I’m new to reddit though so you get it late) the DVD’s have all moved again and now we have a new trick of pictures being turned on the walls of the house and the photos on the shelf being rearranged:

I particularly found this fascinating, I’ve never known someone with a genuine experience of ghosts. The next time I go back to England I intend to see if I can experience anything first hand. Thought it was worth sharing our story.

Since all this happened I’ve asked my dad what his thoughts are now on death and his answer was “don’t know”, he has a way with words.

Any questions I’ll pass on, we’re currently researching the house they’re in as it’s several years old for any deaths of staff who may have worked there.

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Prison Ghosts

March 7, 2013

The prison I worked at was pretty old. When I first started there I used to do a lot of nights as overtime. You would be locked on the wing on your own with no key’s. You were only there incase something happened in the night and you would call the grounds staff (night patrol staff) and they would respond.

One wing in particular was supposedly haunted. The prison used to be an air base during the war and was bombed a few times. Supposedly quite a few people died on the grounds. One place in particular was hit bad and this is where they built one of the wings.

While I was working my night shift on this wing. I could hear what sounded like a bugle or horn of some sort. Like someone was practicing a tune? I went through all the channels on the TV, walked up and down the wing and even went to the windows but I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from? I was very late/early morning. It just seemed to be everywhere?

Then… I was in the rest room watching TV and all of a sudden the back 2 legs of my chair lifted an dropped as if someone had pushed it forward while I was sat on it? Needless to say I shat my pants!!! Ran to the office and asked the team to come down. I thought one of them was fucking with me. That’s when they told me about the wing.

Some staff say they’ve seen a pilot wondering around?

– Posted by HMPdude; IAmA ex Prison officer who worked in a high security prison. AMA


Every single toy in my son’s toy box goes off.

January 25, 2013

So, mine happened July 4th of this past year.

I was in bed with my already asleep one year old. I was in that place between being asleep and awake. I had the TV on with the volume really low because I can’t sleep without it. Just as I’m really falling asleep, every single toy in my son’s toy box goes off. EVERY toy, at the same time. Anything with batteries in it is lighting up and playing music and going crazy. I literally fall out of bed and run to turn the lights on and as I do, everything turns off at the same time. I figure with all the noise going on, my son would wake up. Nothing. Kid is sound asleep.

I grab my cell phone and start heading downstairs to call my dad and generally freak out. As I’m coming down the stairs, I hear the garage door open and the door leading from the kitchen to the garage slam. I screamed as loud as I could and ran back upstairs and locked my bedroom door. The baby and I were home alone. Who the fuck came into the house through the garage? Or, who just left the house through the garage?

I can’t get a hold of my dad and finally get my step mom on the phone. She comes over with her mother and they’re both really shaken. Now, they’re very Mexican, and very Catholic. So, my step mom’s mom brings over holy water and a rosary and comes in the house and starts praying and throwing holy water everywhere. I go up stairs to get the baby, and leave the bedroom door open. As I’m picking up the baby, I look out my bedroom door, and as soon as my step mom’s mom sets foot on the landing outside my bedroom, the lights in the house start to flicker and my one year old starts laughing hysterically. She keeps walking towards my room and when she steps inside of my room, every light in the house went off.

Needless to say, we got the fuck out of there and spent the night in a hotel. Lights didn’t come back on for days. Electricians couldn’t figure out why in the world they were off in the first place. My son and I still live in the house and the only odd things still happening are doors opening and closing on their own and floors creaking like someone’s walking on them. I’ve dealt with it by basically staying away from home until right before dark, then locking ourselves in the bedroom. Moving out next month and I could not be more excited.

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January 13, 2013

Our house is pretty old, and it was formerly a pig slaughter house. When we renovated it when found six doors, no windows aside from the ones we have. It’s a small, one floor house with an unfinished basement. I have grown up in the house, and I’ve had my share of weird ass shit happen. Typically your normal ghosty business: items misplaced, strange noises, voices, doors opening, etc. Our basement was never the creepy part though, it was the hallway leading to my bedroom. I hate that fucking hallway. It’s a straight shot, teen feet deep from the kitchen, I suppose. Nothing to bat an eye at. But I’ve always been terrified of it.

I was probably twelve or thirteen, still in middle school. At the time I had a desktop computer that I was ALWAYS on. I spent hours on it, constantly. I was up until four on it, then got up at seven for school, etc. One night I noticed I kept hearing weird noises in my hallway. Like stomping, I guess, but not loud. My door handle jiggled a bit, but nothing too creepy ( for me, anywho ). I assumed it was my dad or something. After a while I had to pee so I got up and opened the door, silence. Okay, cool. Whatever. I flipped on the hall light and went to the bathroom. After I was done I opened the door and looked into the kitchen. Our kitchen is really small with a island-table in the middle of it. Behind that I saw a figure there. I thought maybe it was my mom crouched down picking something up, so without thinking I call out to her.

No answer. Now I’m a little on edge, so I say ‘Mom?’ again a little louder. The figure shifted and came into the light of our security light shining through the window. It wasn’t my mom. It was a figure on all fours. His elbows were bent backwards, and his legs looks backwards too. He didn’t have hands, but feet. He didn’t have a face that I can remember, I just see it as a blur in my mind’s eye. I was terrified, but I was stuck. I couldn’t move. He moved towards me slowly and suddenly there was this noise to my left. Before I could turn to look at it I was pushed back into the bathroom and the door slammed shut. Instantly I heard my parents door open and I jumped out of the bathroom. Every single light was on in our house, including the basement and garage.

I’ve never been able to explain it. I’ve tried to pull it off as too much caffeine, not enough sleep. Could a power surge have turned on the lights? But… The flashlights were on too. That was the strange part. My dad, a huge skeptic, refuses to talk about it and blames it on me as a prank.

Another weird happening was just a month ago I was home from college and I had JUST gone to bed. I instantly heard some weird noises and I muted my TV. Suddenly my door slammed, like something had lunged against it. I didn’t go outside at all that night, nor did I sleep. In the morning I found a huge scratch on it. We do have a dog, but I give you my word that that scratch was not there before that night. Our dog knows better than to do that. She has never jumped up on a door before.

PIC – Of the scratches that I took and sent to my friend the morning it happened. I talked to my mom about it, and she said she has no idea what could have done that. We tried to think of a time we might have scratched it while carrying the vacuum or something, but nothing came up. My mom has mentioned seeing some things, but not nearly what I have experienced. She thinks it’s just the old house playing tricks… But I don’t think that’s it at all.

– Posted by smiledawg; Reddit


The Whistler.

January 12, 2013

Was around 17 and had gotten home from work rather late. Went straight to my room to change and found myself hungry. It was probably around 1am by this time and I didn’t want to cook anything and make too much noise as I was afraid I’d wake the parents. So when I ventured to my kitchen I started shuffling through the cupboards looking for a quick fix of snack food to tide me over until the morning.

Now our kitchen was positioned so that the kitchen door led to our back yard. The door itself was an old wooden door but my dad had added one of those metal security gates on the outside for good measure. It was one of the security gates were the holes on the door were small enough so that insects could not get through and therefore we could leave the wooden door open in the summer to allow for a breeze to go through the house. In addition to the security door, my dad had also installed one of those auto security lights, you know the ones……they go on automatically whenever their motion sensor is triggered. Usually the light would only go on when I would let my dog outside to pee at night. However, on this night he was already lounging in my room waiting for me to come back with some snacks for him as well.

Anyways, getting ahead of myself. So, I was busy creeping through the cupboards and finally hit the jackpot with some pop tarts. Knowing my dog, I didn’t want to chance him snagging the tart from my hand as I ate it so I busted those things open then and there and ate them raw(I am hardcore like that). As I am standing there eating the first pop tart I hear a faint whistling sound from outside(wood door was open). At first I thought it was the wind but then I noticed that the whistling was a distinct tune and not random whistling. I didn’t know the tune but I could tell that it was from a song…sounded like a happy and sad song all rolled into one(know that doesn’t make sense buts that’s the best way I can describe it). After standing there for around 20 seconds I decided that it must be one of my friends that’s lives down the block screwing with me. Maybe they were on the other side of the fence and whistling there to scare me. Right when I am thinking this thought I see the security light suddenly turn on. I quickly looked around the surrounding area but don’t see anyone or anything that could have set the light off. The whistling is still going on……

Now I am in semi panic mode. Is it one my friends? If so, where are they hiding? If it’s not one of them then who is it? I am stuck standing there now and can’t move as I stare outside waiting for something to happen. Nothing does….a minute or so goes by…with the whistling continuing and the light remaining on. Suddenly the whistling gets louder and I see the door knob to my metal door start to move up and down and I can see through the metal door to see that there is no one there. The whistling sounds like its right outside now and the door knob keeps moving like someone is trying to get in. The security light is still on so I have a clear view of the front of the door and know for sure there is no one there. Fuck the pop tarts….I dropped the box and jetted back to my room, slammed and locked the door and hid under my blankets with my bat and dog.

I never went out to the kitchen at night after that.

– Posted by primesrfr; Reddit