Wake Up.

August 17, 2015

This almost happened to my sister.

She was at the bar with her girlfriend, who ended up ditching her at the bar for someone else. At this point she is already super drunk, but because she was just ditched by her girlfriend, she decided to take a few more shots. The bartender kicks her out of the bar because she is being a sloppy black out drunk. It’s the dead of winter in MN, and this is before everyone had a cell phone. So she starts to walk, but it’s snowing and it’s icey, and all she has for warmth is a thin coat. She kept falling and landing in the ditch, eventually she just laid there and closed her eyes and started falling asleep. She told me that she was startled awake by someone yelling “WAKE UP”, but she didn’t see anyone around. Almost blackout drunk and covered in snow, she made it the two miles home. She woke up in the entry way of her house, soaking wet. I don’t believe in supernatural stuff really, but she thinks someone was watching out for her.


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