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The ouija board started spelling out the boyfriends first and last name

May 31, 2011

About a year ago exactly I had a small get together with some friends. We were all drinking and I burst out with the board. It glows in the dark too. We were all laughing and having fun with it. But after 30 minutes it started to get weird…

My friend had an ex boyfriend that recently passed away (about 4 months). None of my other friends really knew their story or things they had known with just each other including me. We basically knew nothing except his first name. She wasn’t playing because she was scared and just sat on the couch. She HATES anything “scary”. The ouija board started spelling out the boyfriends first and last name, nicknames they called each other, telling her not to be sad but be happy. We were all crying and sad at the end of the night. It was insane even for me…it takes a lot to get me scared with this kind of stuff.

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Prove It.

May 31, 2011

Well I should give you some background information. It was 2004 my friends and I are in 11th grade and to say the least.. we were complete dumb asses, theres 4 of us A,D,M and me.

One day at lunch we are talking about random stupid scary shit / scary stories. So i tell the story of how my mom and her friend used a Ouija-board and how she can’t talk about her experience because of how crazy it was. All she ever told me was to 1. Don’t ever fucking touch one. 2. If you are retarded and don’t listen to me don’t ever bring one into this house or you’ll open a portal to the dead or the underworld or whatever she said I forget the exact words. Well of course we all call bullshit and go buy one.

We waited about 2 weeks to mess with it because A’s parents were leaving for the weekend. It was probably around 9 maybe 9:30 p.m on Friday we lock the doors and turn off all the lights and go upstairs to A’s room. We lite 4 candles and open that bitch up and start messing around. Since it is A’s house we let him do the controlling; however, we all come up with questions to ask. First A asked “is anyone or anything here” it spells out “yes”. I thought it was A was fucking around but fuck it I’ll go along and ask a question, I asked “how old are you?” it responds with “16 17 17 17” our ages. A goes again and asked “are you a guy or a girl” no response he then asked “what’s your name” no response. D asked “are you still here?” it responds and says “yes”.

That’s when I heard the first noise, it sounded like a door opened and closed but it wasn’t loud at all. No one said anything so I figured I was paranoid and D asked another question “are you female or male” it replied with “neither”. Well that was trippy and A is a douche so still figure he’s messing around. I ask “evil or peaceful” it spells out “demonic” now we are scared well everyone but M he’s been pretty calm this whole time. M asked “prove it” one candle is blown out.

I’m pretty fucking over it and scared shitless everyone is saying “wtf, o shit” “lets get the fuck out of here”. M goes on a rampage and starts saying “pussie, real demonic you pussie” now we all heard noises from the hall just loud bangs like someone was stomping on the floor and hitting the walls. This can’t be real but how are we all hearing the same shit?? A goes for the light it doesn’t come on.. This whole time M is still talking shit “I knew you it was you A you and that demon are both pussies” etc. D stands up and in the most evil demonic voice nothing like I have ever heard and says “you want demonic?” “I’ll show you demonic” but he doesn’t do shit he is just standing there in a trance or something.

We all kind of spread of out and form a triangle around him. I’d say a minute maybe a little less he turns and stares at M for probably 15seconds starts screaming, (but it wasn’t a scream I really can’t describe it) and begins attacking M with his nails and starts biting him around his chest and neck. I try to move and help him but I’m honestly frozen. A is freaking the fuckout and kicks D in the face and continues to kick him now D attacks A. I’m moving now I’m flicking the light over and over it won’t turn on the door won’t open. I saw a lamp on A’s desk turned it on to find a weapon. D stops instantly walks out and goes somewhere, I’m not sure where. I go to do M he’s pretty fucked up a chunk of his cheek was gone and was bleeding a lot from his neck. A isn’t that bad he fought him off well he had a lot of scratches but not many bite marks.

We call 911 didn’t explain the situation just told them to hurry the fuck up. At this point we are locked in the bathroom waiting for police. We hear footsteps all over the house along with some growling noises, I couldn’t tell if I was A’s dog or D looking for us. The police show up and enter through the locked front door – I guess D left through that door. They search the house top to bottom D isn’t anywhere. M goes to the hospital A comes to my house to sleepover until his parents return. So M’s parents go to the hospital and stay over night with him. He’s allowed to go home the next day. M returns home and finds D dead in his bathroom in the tub, he set him self on fire believe it or not. There was no suicide note. I’m not sure if it D was depressed/psycho scarring us for life and offing himself(He was never showed any signs..but some don’t) or if D was truely possessed. A moved 2-3 months later because of steps/loudnoises/growing and other unexplainable shit, he moved about an hour away. M hasn’t and will never be the same. He is a heavy drinker and pill popper. This all happened within 15 minutes we were all 100% sober. I’m not in contact with either M or A. My advice to you – don’t fuck with these things. I’ll never forget that Friday night and the call I got from M the next morning.

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I had a Ouija board that wouldn’t go away.

May 31, 2011

Most insane?

I had a Ouija board that wouldn’t go away.

When I first got it, it was kind of fun to screw around with. Fast forward a few months, having it over for parties etc. and there were some pretty weird nights.

Decide after a few extra weird nights to just be rid of it.

Give it to a friend who’s going to school in Alabama that I know I’ll never talk to again.

A month later at a random house party I would normally skip, I run into her and she happened to bring the Ouija board with her.

It some how finds its way into the trunk of my car that night, and I end up taking it home.

3 months later I give it to someone else, this time someone on the west coast. 6 months later she’s back in town, and the board ends up at my place somehow. I have nothing to do with it.

Finally meet some exchange students from Austria. I convince them to take it with them as a funny American remembrance. This was my senior year of college at this point.

I graduate, they go back to Europe and take the board with them. All is well and I know I’ll never see it again.

The next year I go to Madison for their state street Halloween party. Drop in on some friends who are still in school. Start walking in the back door and I see the two exchange students from Austria. They’re back. And at this one particular party.

I made everyone with me leave and we went to the other side of town again. (they knew about the board and wanted to see if they’d brought it with them.) I suppose it’s not as unlikely as I think it is, but I didn’t want to get it back again. I’m still assuming some day that thing is going to show up on my doorstep.

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We asked him if he was going to answer

May 29, 2011

I was 17, and in order to get a camp leader certificate, I went to a 1-week group training. The training took place in an old farm, in the Pyrennees (Southern France mountains). It was a very isolated place, surrounded by a forest, with no signs of civilisation anywhere you would look at (except for the teens walking outside, cellphones in hand, trying to get a signal…)

So there I am, trying to make friends since I don’t want to spend the week alone, when I met this guy. He was 16 (in fact, the youngest member of the camp), he had a lot of different origins (spanish, brazilian, indian, and then I don’t remember…). His name was Ganesh, his hindu mother had named him after the Ganesha divinity. He was very smart, always curious and having something to say or to ask.

On one evening, we were having a smoke outside with a girl named Alice, whom we had just met earlier this day. He began to tell us about his family mansion in Brazil, where he grew up with his brother, and that this home was haunted by his ancestors. He used to discuss all night with his grandmother, who was dead before his birth. All his family believed in it (or was also doing it), and for him it was pretty normal for one to speak to your long-dead relatives… Being a future redditor, an atheist and a scientific person, I couldn’t believe him. Alice was agreeing with me, and we wanted proofs of it. He just told to wait till everyone sleeps and meet in the hall. So we did.

There was a fire burning in the chimney, so we moved a table and 3 chairs next to it, as we didn’t wanted to light up the room to create an atmosphere. He draw a simple ouija on a piece of paper, put a glass on it, and each one of us put a finger on it. He explained us that he would try to call his grandma, and that she would answer to us by moving the glass. (I don’t know how a ouija is supposed to be used, but this is how we did it). He then started to speak in portuguese, faster and faster, louder and louder. I was looking at the girl, she looked like me, disbelieving, but waiting for something to happen. And then the glass started moving. I wasn’t very sure he wasn’t the one moving the glass, but way too curious to interrupt him. He said the spirit wasn’t his grandmother, so we asked ‘him’ who he was. The glass spelled the name L.O.U.I.S very slowly. At that moment, I was thinking that maybe Ganesh wasn’t lying, but still refusing to accept it. We asked questions after questions, until one wasn’t answered (it’s a shame I can’t remember what was the question, but this was 5 years ago..). We asked him if he was going to answer, and the glass said NO, then we asked why ?

What happened next was the scariest moment of my life. The glass exploded, and at the very same time the fire collasped on itself, leaving us in the dark. I had put myself a big log of wood in the fireplace, there were big flames on it, there was no way it could shut down so quickly. We were so frightened we jumped out of our chairs and started running and screaming till we were in a bedroom, sitting on a bed, staring at each other without saying anything.

The following day I kept asking Alice if she knew him before, or if they had planned this to scare me, but she told me spent the night thinking this way about me.

I have never seen this people again, and it’s a shame, as he was a great person and I would have loved to live another experience like this.

Sorry if this story is a little long, but I have never told anyone about this, so I needed to get it out of me.

PS : Ganesh, if you happen to be a redditor and read this, please excuse the flaws in my memories, and PM me !

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It Had Called Me A “Fucking Fucker.”

May 29, 2011

My parents had some friends over, and they brought their kids over. My parents and the guests were sitting at the kitchen table (about 6 of them), while my sister, one of their kids and me were playing with a Ouija board in the other room (we were all early teens, about 12-15).

The last time we played with the Ouija board, it had called me a “fucking fucker” because I had spilled some candle wax on the board. For some reason, it stopped giving coherent answers after that.

Anyway, so the three of us are playing with the Ouija board, but it’s answers to our questions aren’t really making much sense (nonsensical words, or just random strings of letters).

Then we hear a deafening BOOM and a huge flash of light. Everyone in the kitchen cries out, and we run in to see what’s up. My mom’s yelling “Oh my god, she’s been hit!”, and everyone’s standing up.

We take a couple seconds, and realize no one’s been hit by anything, but the phone had flown off the wall, and the power cord for the phone had flown into one of the wooden chairs, chipping a pretty big chunk out.

A bolt of lightning had hit a tree ~30 feet from our house (the tree was right in front our large kitchen window, so the people in the kitchen had seen an even bigger flash of light than us). We waited about 30 minutes before we went outside, just in case anything else hit.

When we went outside, the tree had basically exploded all over the yard (we found wood chips 100 yards from the tree), and the 10m tall tree was split in half.

The weird thing about it was that was the only bolt of lightning that hit. There was no rain, no distant thunder, no gusts of wind, just that lone lightning strike.

Needless to say, that was the last time we played with the Ouija board.

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We put it back on the board and tried a third time, but it wouldn’t respond.

May 29, 2011


Speaking of the Ouija board turning into an all knowing super being, the following happened to me about 25 years ago. This story still makes my hair stand on end.

When I was a sophomore in High School, one Saturday night my parents went to a dinner for my dads work and I invited a friend over for the night. My parents were due home about 11pm and around 8pm I got the bright idea to get the board out. My friend claimed that he had never used one before and I have no reason to doubt him. Anyway, we put it between us, put our fingers on it and started asking questions. It started out moving slowly and giving us gibberish. The more questions we asked, the faster it would move and the answers started to make more sense. The words had a lot of ‘misspellings but even this continued to decline. If we would take our fingers off the board, it would ‘revert’ a bit as though the connection were lessened or something.

After a while, the triangle thing with window started flying back and forth over the letters M and O, rapidly. If we would ask anything about my mother it would fly to yes and then back to M and O repeatedly. Ask about anything else and it would fly to No and then back to the M and O pattern. After a minute or so of this it spelled out M-O-M and then went to goodbye. This freaked me out because I had never seen one say goodbye before. We put it back up on the board and again it said M-O-M and went to goodbye. We put it back on the board and tried a third time, but it wouldn’t respond.

After about a minute or two, my parents, who I knew would be upset if they caught us using it walked in the front door, two and half hours BEFORE they were supposed to be home.

Whatever it was on the board, knew that I didn’t want to get caught using it even though I never said anything to that effect to my friend, knew my parents were on their way home, and warned us.

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May Dad

May 29, 2011

Perhaps too late to be widely read, but my Ouija board experience was as equally unsettling. My dad died in May of 2008 and I missed the last week of school but never really told anybody except my then girlfriend because the whole, “Oh-I’m-so-sorry-let-me-know-if-you-need-anything” shindig makes me comfortable.

That summer we were fooling around with the board outside a friend’s house, and we started talking to somebody that said she died of cancer in the 1950s or something. We asked if it knew anything about any of us, and it crossed the board to the first letter of my name. “What do you know about nnnnnasty?” we asked. I took my fingers off the board and just sat there. It spelled out, “M-A-Y” and I just sat there. “What happened in May?” somebody asked. “D-A-D” the board spelled out, and everybody looked at me to see if it meant anything to me.

I just said, “Yeah, uhhhh, my dad died last month,” and just looked at my girlfriend at the time, who had also taken her fingers off the board when it spelled May. Somebody asked me if I wanted them to keep going and I said, “Sure,” so they asked if my dad wanted to say anything to me. The board said, “No.”


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