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Under The House

December 1, 2012

A friend of mine was hearing weird noises underneath his house. He said he also was creeped the hell out by it and felt weird vibes from the house (they had just moved in), but I ignored that part like a skeptic boss. I was over one time during the day (which hampers the horror movie quality of the story I guess) and he stopped me mid sentence and alerted me to a tapping noise, then a slam.

You can access underneath the house from outside as there is a door underneath the back porch, so we go down to find it sitting wide open. There was no significant wind at all, we just stared at the door for a while, mild urination occuring as we were alone. Nothing happened for a good 15 seconds until to our complete and utter horror, we watched as the door swung closed and locked itself. The lock is a bolt that has to be pushed really firmly through a bracket on the door frame. He tells me it still happens all the time.

– Posted by Sstingle; Reddit


The Ibuprofen Bottle

December 1, 2012

I was living in an apartment with 3 roommates. I’d walk in the door, and they’d all be waving their arms and yelling. They’d say, did you just see that? And tell me a Tupperware lid had just winged across the room and almost hit one of them. Another one would talk about feeling someone sit on their bed at night, and see the indent, but no one would be there. That kind of thing. But I never saw any of it. So, one night, I was talking on the phone to a friend, telling him about these stories, and I told him I was wondering if it was all some elaborate joke, as nothing ever happened when I was around. The words had barely left my mouth, when the lid popped off the child-proof ibuprofen bottle on the coffee table, levitated up 3 or 4 inches, flipped over, and landed on the table by the bottle. I screamed my head off. Over an ibuprofen bottle.

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He Will Return To Us

December 1, 2012

When I was in high school I was in a band with two of my friends. We primarily played Christian music, so it was seen as acceptable by the higher-ups of the church for us to have access to the large, empty building at night to practice. We took full advantage of that and held practice in the church about one night a week. Late one night during one of our practices, we decided to stop for a break because we’d been practicing for a while. We joked around a bit before reaching a point in our conversation where we all got quiet. As we were sitting there in the silence, we started hearing a faint voice somewhere in the distance. Since we were supposed to be the only people in the church and the doors were locked, we were a little surprised. The church had a history of being broken in to, so our minds immediately went in that direction. We decided to look around the church (this was a big church) to see if someone had come in. The church was dark and empty. We came back to the stage we were practicing on with a weird feeling. We sat quietly to see if we could hear the voice again. After about a minute, we began to hear it again. My friend then walked over and put his ear next to one of our speakers. Sure enough, there was a woman’s voice coming through the speaker saying things such as “He will return to us”. It reminded me of some freaky, dramatic line you’d hear in a movie. That’s when we started to flip out a bit. We unplugged all the microphones and amps from our system to see what would happen, but the woman’s voice kept coming faintly through our speakers. We had set up our own system separately from the church’s PA system, so every source of sound hooked up to our speakers was accounted for and had been turned off. We had already searched the church for the noise to make sure we weren’t somehow picking up on someone talking or a tape playing (which was unlikely anyway), but as I mentioned the church was completely empty and dead quiet. We decided to call it a night at that point. Even though I’ve gotten away from the whole Christianity thing, I can’t help but get chills when I think about that night. We practiced in that church many times after that, but we never heard the voice again. I can’t explain it. It was strange.

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Military Guy

September 2, 2012

i have been seeing “things” since i was 5 (im 33). if i count every one ill be probably over several dozens. some times are just mild things, like seeing a man in a crowd, lacking any color and wearing clothes from at least a century ago.

other times are more disturbing. for example, this happened to me about 15 years ago (this is the condensed version btw, i already wrote a more detailed account in /r/Thetruthishere) :

meet a cute girl on a rpg reunion, connected instantly and after the reunion was over i offered to scort her to her home.
we arribe to her home, she invites me for coffee, as her parents are sleeping already upstairs.
we chat a good while, then we start to make out. we were on a couch on her living room.
i look behind her and there is a guy sitting on a chair by the dinning table, not more than 12 feet away from us.
he looked like 60 years old, wearing out of date clothes (brown pants, military stile sweater), something very common in the 60s-70s here, but not unheard of today either. he was just sitting there watching us.

i knew that her parents were overprotective, so my first thought whas “fuck, busted by her father”.
i whisper that her father was behind her, she turns around, looks in the general direction where the guy was and tells me “there is no one there”.
i m still seeing the guy sitting there, and while im getting a creepy feeling from the begining, i start to believe that im getting pranked or something like that, so i insist that there is some one there, but this time im getting a little irritated.
she turns around again, starts looking around, and ask me where, i tell her “right there on that chair”. im still seeing him at this time. now she looks intrigued and asks me how is he dressed like. as soon as i describe the clothes, she yells “MOOOOOOOOOM” and scares the shit out of me.
now im not seeing him any more.
but now im seeing her ex military dad and her school teacher mom rush down stairs on their underware thinking that im raping her daugther.

after stoppping her dad from gutting me alive, she asks me to tell her mom what i saw. when im halfway, she (her mother i mean) stops me and finishes the description, including details i didn’t give before, like the shoes.
turns out that the mother, another daugther and her brother have seen that guy every other day for years. just sitting on different places of the house watching them. even following them with his eyes and head when they move around the room.

her mom was very sensitive also, like me, and had dozens of similar experiences. i have talked a lot with her over the years (i still visit her and her family).

im not the kind of “i want to believe” guy, in fact if i had not have this experiences by myself i wont believe any of this, so i can understand skepticism around this.
im not religious btw.

– Posted by misterfk; Reddit


Do what you want, we know you’re still there.

September 2, 2012

On two separate occasions I have seen a figure standing in my bedroom. The first time I was 8-9, the second time was last year. Starting about 2-3 years ago, I began hearing two distinct voices in my house; one is a female voice, the other male.

The weirdest part about it is that I think the female is a lot more benevolent/pranky than the male. Like, when I’m home alone, I’ll hear (what I think is) my mother calling me from downstairs, only to go down and realize no one is there. Once I came home, and opening the door I heard the female voice say “oh, he’s home!” to which I replied “what’s for supper?” When I realized that it wasn’t my mother, I yelled out “IT’S NOT FUNNY!” and then heard laughter (not evil laughter, just “haha we got him” kinda laughter) coming from my bedroom.

The male voice has never done anything particularly malevolent, but I have heard really loud screaming in various parts of my house. Once, when I was about 10-11, I got into a habit of covering my head with a blanket. As I was lying in bed, I heard a voice right near my head say “do what you want, we know you’re still there.” That wasn’t a fun night. I’ve also heard the male voice singing what sounded like an Irish folk song.

In the two times I saw figures in the house, they were both very distinct. The first time (when I was 8-9) it was a woman standing in the corner of my bedroom, and the second time it was a man walking across my bedroom (a different bedroom; I nabbed my sister’s when she moved out). The female had shorter hair and I’d say was maybe 5′ 9″ (she was near my dresser so I could gauge her height afterward, I didn’t stand there with a ruler when I saw her), the male was probably a little taller than 6′ and had a suit on. I couldn’t see their faces though because I was a bit freaked out and I suck with face recognition even when I’m not dealing with paranormal shenanigans.

It all sounds a bit insane, but that’s only because I’m giving about 10 years of stories in a couple paragraphs. These things don’t happen every day, usually months apart when I’ve stopped thinking about them.

– Posted by Parabolic_Lemon; Reddit


Door In The Floor

September 2, 2012

My sister and I were in a bedroom in a B&B in Ireland. We chatted for a while, then turned out the lights and got ready to sleep. The radio on the bedside table came on, in between stations so that it was half static and half Gaelic (Irish?) we couldn’t understand. We tried turning it off but the switch was already off. We stopped it by unplugging it. As soon as we’d done that, a knocking sound came from inside the cupboard. We opened the cupboard to find a door in the floor. It had a handle and hinges – just like a door in the wall, but in the floor. As soon as I touched the handle, the knocking stopped. The door was locked so we never saw what was there.

– Posted by girlindie; Reddit


Woman In The Shower

September 2, 2012

When I was 14 I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth before bed. As I was walking out of the bathroom I noticed the shower curtain close a little. I thought my brother was trying to scare me so I opened it and said “I saw you!” but when I opened it there was a lady standing there… Not my brother.

I noticed her hand was still holding it closed. She had long nails so that’s when I realized it wasn’t my brother. As I pulled it open I saw her just standing there naked. Her hair was wet like she had just finished her shower. She just stood there and stared back at me. I only stayed for a few seconds before I screamed and ran out. My brother heard and went in to check the shower but no one was there. I know what I saw and it still scares the shit out of me. I never used that bathroom again.EDIT:

Just to clear this up. It couldn’t have been a person because I ran out screaming and stopped in the hallway by the door. My brother was in his room next to the bathroom and was there within a minute. When he checked the shower no one was there. They couldn’t have walked out because I was at the door. There is no other way out. It’s impossible.

The woman was in her late twenties or early thirties. She was normal to skinny build but looked like she had just had a kid. I thought this because she had stretch marks on her stomach and it was a little floppy. This seems like an odd thing to notice but I was 14 and never saw stretch marks until then (these were fresh, bright red ones). I thought they were cuts or scars at the time.

I was in complete shock and I was even more scared when I realized she was gone.

I really don’t tell many people this story but it really shook me. It’s one of the reasons my mum sold the house.

– Posted by Aussielle; Reddit