You Are Covering Her Note

May 19, 2013

So a friend of mine was six years old when she told her mother that “the lady who use to live here told me that she hates the wallpaper” and that “you are covering her note”. My friends mom just thought it was make believe rambling and forgot about it. Well, twelve years later when the mom is redecorating and taking down the wallpaper in the attic, she finds a suicide note scratched into the wall. The mom freaks the fuck out and calls my friend and starts crying asking if she remembered anything more about the women who spoke to her. My friend starts to recall the woman and starts to freak out saying she only remembered talking to her in the attic.

The suicide note I actually saw. Really fucked with me. How casual this woman wrote about hanging herself and about how she didn’t care. Something about not being able to see the sun.

– Posted by DWM88; Reddit

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