The big park in the sky

May 18, 2013

Man… like a week before my sister died she said she had a dream that someone took her up to play in a big park in the sky, but that they told her she had to come back to live there. She said she asked if her family could come, and the person told her no. Then, the night before she died, our parents literally couldn’t pull us apart – as in, we were screaming and crying wouldn’t let go of each other, and that hadn’t happened before.

Edit: More on the story. I guess it makes it more curious, being that she was a healthy, young girl. That day my dad send her and my other (half, but I call them “sisters,” because we lived together on and off) sisters out to the park to play with their mother. He was suspicious for weeks that someone had been breaking into the garage, so he wanted my stepmother to take the vehicle and the kids out, while he waited with a gun in the night stand next to him. They came home early, because she was crying that she wanted to see our father, and she went in his room while he was asleep, took the safety off (supposedly), and shot herself through the heart and into his leg. He always had guns just laying around the house. I remember them taking them and playing with them, pretending to shoot each other, while he was off doing…whatever it was he was doing. In the weeks prior, all she could talk about was going to live in the big park in the sky. I’m not religious whatsoever, but it’s still really strange.

– Posted by ihatethispart; Reddit


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