near death experience

May 15, 2013

When I was 8 I learned how to fix small engines. That being said my dad had an old flat head Briggs and Stratton 5.5hp engine that didn’t work. He also had a riding lawn mower that had no engine nor blades. He gave me the task of getting the engine running I could put it on the riding lawnmower and have fun whenever. O was Sooo anxious at school the next day. Well, that day I tore apart the motor and had it running by bed time. The next day we had the thing mounted and riding around. Flashforward a few weeks, me and my older sister were out riding when my shoelace got caught on the back spindle. It pulled me off and was dragging me. Mind you only going as fast as it would go. My sister stopped and went in reverse which caused her to go right onto me. The chain and chain wheel caught my lower right back ripping my skin open and pulling my large and small intestine out. Severing my right lung, breaking my spine in 2 places and shredding my right kidney. I felt the thing roll onto me then everything went blank. Couldn’t see, move, speak or anything. No pain as well. All I remember was the blackness. After my father got my heart beating again I remember laying there in pain. Also remember feeling my back and short of breath. I felt what I still believe as my stomach in my hand while I was feeling my back. Once I was in the ambulance everything went blank except this time I saw myself laying there and the medics shocking me. I felt a hard pull and I was back in myself. Few minutes later I was on a table with strangers in white all around me. I remember them in a panic then standing next to my grandmother who passed when I was 3. She told me she was my Nana. we were there watching them jolt my heart with tiny round paddles. she kept telling me it was ok. They called my death time at 6:06 pm. Then all of a sudden I wake up and I’m all fixed and stapled up. My parents told me i had died 3 times. The first for 5 minutes. The second was a little more then 12 min. But the last time was astonishing to the doctors. My heard stopped beating for 20 minute. My parents made them continue jolting my heart. They told me the Dr kept telling them that I was going to have a 98% chance of being brain dead. I’m 25 years old and am healthy as ever. I’m fully capable of walking as well. Thanks for reading.

If there’s enough interest I’ll post a picture of the enormous “C” shape scar on my back.

My back

Omg thank you kind stranger for the reddit gold. Rather nice of you 🙂

Tl;dr: 8 year old me got ran over by sister on lawn mower. Flat lined 3 times for total a little over half an hr. Suffered no brain damage and ,can walk. Remember seeing my Nana when I heard/saw death time announced. For the lazy

– Posted by ipokesmot420; Reddit

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