“It’s my last time on earth here”

May 15, 2013

Hindus believe in afterlife or rebirth to be more exact, strangely no one has mentioned that here.

I’m not a practising Hindu so I never really thought deeply into such matters until I met a very kind lady (father’s friend’s wife) when I was 14 years old. She had the ability to see into the future and I’m not shitting you guys when I say that whatever she’s told me as happened so far to the T. She just held my hand and basically saw my future (this is the part I don’t want to accept/like – since this would mean our fate has been set in stone or something to that extent) I’m 28 now and I’ll never forget the sensation I got from her – that warm vibration/energy she radiated.

I also asked her why she’s able to see into people’s future or something along those lines ( I was such a cynic, because there are tons of ‘astrologers’ out there promising you lies) and she said “It’s my last time on earth here”

This would explain it I suppose “The soul, called “Atman” leaves the body and reincarnates itself according to the deeds or Karma performed by one in last birth. A person stays with the God or ultimate power when he discharges only & only yajna karma (means work done for satisfaction of supreme lord only) in last birth and the same is called as “Moksha” or “Nirvana”, which is the ultimate goal of a self realised soul.”

So I do believe there’s something more – we just don’t know what. But I do know that death is the only certainty in life and that’s morbidly comforting to me. 😉

– Posted by Booze_Lite_Beer; Reddit

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