Prison Ghosts

March 7, 2013

The prison I worked at was pretty old. When I first started there I used to do a lot of nights as overtime. You would be locked on the wing on your own with no key’s. You were only there incase something happened in the night and you would call the grounds staff (night patrol staff) and they would respond.

One wing in particular was supposedly haunted. The prison used to be an air base during the war and was bombed a few times. Supposedly quite a few people died on the grounds. One place in particular was hit bad and this is where they built one of the wings.

While I was working my night shift on this wing. I could hear what sounded like a bugle or horn of some sort. Like someone was practicing a tune? I went through all the channels on the TV, walked up and down the wing and even went to the windows but I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from? I was very late/early morning. It just seemed to be everywhere?

Then… I was in the rest room watching TV and all of a sudden the back 2 legs of my chair lifted an dropped as if someone had pushed it forward while I was sat on it? Needless to say I shat my pants!!! Ran to the office and asked the team to come down. I thought one of them was fucking with me. That’s when they told me about the wing.

Some staff say they’ve seen a pilot wondering around?

– Posted by HMPdude; IAmA ex Prison officer who worked in a high security prison. AMA


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