The white coyote and the star.

January 30, 2013

Waiting for my daughters’ dance to finish down by Lake Ontario I decided to go near the water’s edge to check out the stars (I’m into amature astronomy and looking over the lake is the darkest sky in my city).

I’m looking at Orion and I notice a very bright “star” about 20 degrees up, due South. I thought it was Sirius except that night Sirius was more Southwest and about 40 degrees up in the sky. So I’m thinking to myself “What the Hell is that?” It wasn’t moving so it wasn’t the ISS, it was WAY too late to be Venus, Jupiter was high in the sky and Saturn was not in view. This thing was as bright as the ISS… really bright.

So I’m wondering what “it” is when I hear a noise closer to me and notice a pure white coyote/wolf (it was bigger than a normal “brush wolf” or coyote, but not as big as a wolf) walking along the water’s edge. It’s odd to see a coyote in the city, but not beyond expectations… it can happen. Since I was only about 20 feet from it I decided that it was better if this animal knew I was there so I made a bit of noise… no reaction, so I made louder noises… still no reaction at all. The thing didn’t even look at me.

It continues along and I notice the “star” I had been watching go bright, then suddenly fade to black. There were no clouds in the sky and I sail so I’d recognize a ship’s light. It wasn’t that.

Perplexed, I turned my attention back to the wolf… it was gone too. The time was 12:30 am

I shook my head and dismissed it all then picked up my daughter and drove home.

The next morning (Sunday) I was woken up with a phone call. It was my best friend’s dad. He was crying. My best friend lived in Norway (6 hours difference) had passed away at 6:30 am Oslo time in his sleep from a heart condition.

After I hung up, I realized that my buddy had died at the exact same time (6:30 am Oslo time equals 12:30 am Toronto time) I had seen my star/wolf weirdness… then a bigass shiver went down my spine.

It could be a really freaky coincidence, but it makes me feel good thinking my buddy was saying goodbye to me.

RIP Dave.

– Posted by olafthebent; Reddit


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  1. Though not eerie … many people do share such experiences … check out for a similar one: http://forums.sgcafe.com/supernaturals/186248-hidden-werewolves.html

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