4:30 Rose.

January 30, 2013

Okay, mine isn’t creepy and it will be buried, but enjoy. My parents used to talk about the afterlife a lot. They once even had a convo about “if I die first, I will send you a sign so you know I’m okay.” They even agreed on the sign, and specified that said sign would have to occur at the same time everyday to confirm and rule out randomness. My dad’s sign to my mom was to be a single red rose.

So, years later my dad dies. After the wake, my mom was sitting on a bench outside, and a strong wind blew up and a rose, maybe from the cemetery across the street, rolled across the lot and stopped at her feet. It was 4:30. The next day, after the funeral, we were carrying the flower arrangements into my uncle’s house, and found a red rosé in the driveway. None of the arrangements had roses. It was 4:30. The next day, my mom goes to a bank to make a deposit, and the cashier name was Rose. She stamped the deposit slip, and it was 4:30.

Nothing happened for a few more days, but that next weekend, we went to a dance event, and some close friends of ours performed a tribute dance to my father. They presented my mother with a bouquet of flowers… All assorted, but with one single red rose. They did not know the story. The video is time stamped… Guess what time it was? 🙂

So not creepy, actually a feel good story. But I know dad is looking out for us wherever he is. And tried very hard to let us know that be was okay, and that he loved us.

EDIT: on a sidenote, sometimes my mom will still recieve a rose…like a certain picture she has of a rose (bought after the funeral/episodes as a “remembrance”) will fall of the wall for no reason. Once, she went to have a Glamour Shot taken, and the photographer handed her a rose to pose with. Or a license plate on a passing car will reference “rose” in some way. This usually also happens at 4:30. It’s been 13 years since his death, but maybe he is still sending reminders of his love. And maybe it’s just random shit. Don’t care!

– Posted by virginiaraine; Reddit


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