The piano playing.

January 25, 2013

I’m super skeptical but my friend does all kinds of ghost hunt things. I go along with him sometimes because it’s very different and always a silly experience.

Except once, when we were ‘going over the evidence.’

I do a lot of his sound work, and I was with him this particular time so we’re going through the audio and he hears something that sounds like a piano playing, I stick it into goldwave and clean it up immensely. It fades in slowly, and fades out slowly; it’s clear as day.

There was no piano in the house, no power in the house, no access to radio (this was in the middle of NOWHERE), and the closest neighbor was approx 1 mile away. We also didn’t hear it during the time it was playing, so only the equipment picked it up.

Goddamn it gave me chills with zero explanation. There were several other unexplainable pictures/noises that we picked up but NOTHING to that magnitude. I think I still have it on my computer and I’ll post it later if I can find it. Not a creepy clip at all, but the context makes it so I think.

– Posted by chucky_z; Reddit

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