The dream about the UFO

January 12, 2013

Everyone in my family, with the exception of my father, has had a dream about a UFO landing in the field behind our house.

The dream is around 30 years old and I first brought it up first one evening when I was an adult. The response I expected was that it was a cool dream, but was really surprised that everyone else had a similar dream. We didn’t discuss it in much detail and that may have been due to fear that what we dreamt may have been real? It’s not something that’s easily fathomed, let alone accepted. The craft was on the large side, maybe 75 yards across with the bottom resting on the ground. There was a doorway there too, and that’s where we entered. I don’t remember anything else after I stepped through the entrance. It was also nighttime, from what I remember, so I couldn’t see many of the ships details. It resembled something similar to a traditional UFO dish shape. I have no recollection of any aliens.

My occurrence of the dream has always stuck in my mind because it was so lucid, plus the fact that at the end of I seemed to have no control over my decisions as me and my sisters entered the craft.

– Posted by jungleboogiemonster; Reddit


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