The children in my family have a thing with seeing ghosts.

January 12, 2013

The children in my family have a thing with seeing ghosts. We have had 3 major incidents that have freaked out my family from all different generations and different “ghosts.”

The first incident was when my sister was just able to talk. My mom was driving past Peterson Tractor where my grandpa used to work and my sister pointed to the business and said “grandpa plays with tractors” well the strange thing was that my grandpa died when my mom was 15 and my mom had never mentioned him.

The next story happened almost every night when I was little. My mom would put me down for bed and I would immediately jump out of bed and go over to my grandmas vanity set she gave me before she died. I would say good night to whatever was over there and give it a hug. I would blow a kiss and say “good night grandma.” My poor mom has now had both of her children see ghosts.

The third story is the strangest. My aunt died of leukemia when she was 13, and then my cousin got diagnosed when she was 10. My cousin was laying in her hospital bed when she turned to my grandma and asked “who is that little girl in the white wicker chair?” My grandma had her describe the little girl and my grandma showed her a picture of Cheryl (my aunt who had passed) and she confirmed it was her.

– Posted by MarceeBoggs; Reddit

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