January 12, 2013

Not my house, my appartment in college. When I was a sophmore I lived with a buddy of mine, chris. I never had many problems with the house, but my roommate and his girlfriend had stuff happen all the time. It started when we first moved in. Chris and his girlfriend wanted to paint chris’s bedroom, once they finished painting the room, chris took the paint roller and wrote on the wall “chris rules”. Same paint, but brighter than the wall because it was still wet. I was with him and his girlfriend when he did this, we all went down stairs, grabbed more beer and walked back upstairs. When we got back up there the name had a line through it and GARY was written above it. No one was in the house, and we all went in and out together, not possible to be any of us.
This started a long series of unexplained things, showers turning on, doors opening, strange floor creeking noises as well as constantly hearing someone walk around on the floor above us (town home with two floors).
Then things got really weird. I was in my room late one night working on homework when I hearing yelling in the other room. (Chris’s girlfriend had stayed the night) Chris always kept a lot of pillows on his bed because “bitches love pillows” and at night he would put them at the foot of the bed. Well this night chris woke up with a pillow being held on his head. He got it off of his head and yells “What the F***” in a terrified voice which wakes up his girlfriend who does one of those screams where you dont know whats going on but your freaked out scream. I run into the room to see them both sitting up in bed at which point chris starts yelling at her “why the hell would you do that?”. She has no idea whats going on because she was fast asleep. We never were able to explain how a pillow wound up on chris’s face, so we blamed Gary for everything that happened that year.
Needless to say we moved out after our lease was up.

– Posted by b2kelloy; Reddit


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