Two psychic moments

December 22, 2012

I have two. I’ll start with the less freaky of the two.

When I was about 13 years old, I was home watching my younger brother and sister. Out of nowhere I had this looming feeling that something terrible happened to my mom on her way home. It felt like a weird dream where I was watching her get into an accident at an intersection leading from a local shopping center in our town. Immediately I called my mom, but there was no answer. Being a young kid, I immediately feared the worst, and start having a headache. Moments later the house phone rang and it was from her phone. I answered the phone and immediately said, “Mom! Are you alright?!” My mom quickly responded, “Thankfully! I heard my phone rang and when I went to grab it I swerved into the other lane, but when I did that some jackass on the other side of the rode came into my lane. If I didn’t swerve by mistake I would have been hit by an oncoming car.” I paused, stunned at what she said. “Imhometakemedrunk, why did you ask if I was alright?” “I don’t know, mom. I…I just thought something horrible happened and had to check on you.” Too this day my mom is convinced I can see things before they happen. But this wasn’t the nail in the coffin for that belief of hers. This next story is.

This took place when I was maybe 11-12 years old, right as my parents were getting separated. About once a week I would wake up sweating from a terrible reoccuring nightmare and immediately go to my moms room to tell her about it. (Yes guys, I used to be a mommas boy…) In this dream I would be walking down a set of wooden stairs with a wooden banister. The walls were covered in a floral pattern wallpaper with family pictures littering the wall. Each time I looked at the pictures, everyones face was blurry. I could never make out anyone in the pictures, the only thing that stood out was the frames. These cheap golden thin frames that were all falling apart and looked very tacky. At the bottom of the stairs there was a door in front of you that led to the back yard and a doorway to the left that led to the kitchen. As soon as I would turn to the kitchen I was filled with terror, almost piss myself, and then wake up sweating. This happened for several months. Neither myself or my mother could ever make sense of it. After several months of these dreams happening, my mom received a call from one of her few close friends that she wanted us (my mom, myself, brother and sister) to come visit her at her new house that her and her boyfriend just moved into. Nobody really wanted to drive an hour out there just to stop by, but since my moms friend had a very cute daughter around my age I begged us to go. So we all got there and were hanging out upstairs in the kids room while my moms friend and her boyfriend were downstairs talking. My mom was with all of us looking at their rooms and catching up. I wanted something to drink so I decided to go downstairs for some soda. As I rounded the first turn of the stairwell, I was struck with the worst case of deja vu. It was the stairwell from my dream. Same picture frames, same door, same wallpaper. Instantly I felt dread. I did NOT want to go down those stairs into the kitchen in fear of what might be in there. As I was about to turn around I hear a “WHACK” come from the kitchen and what sounded like gentle sobbing. I decided to investigate and as I rounded the corner, there was my moms friend, getting the shit beaten out of her by her boyfriend. I gasped and they heard me and looked over. The boyfriend shouted at me and went after me, so I hauled add up those stairs towards my mom. I screamed for her to help and she caught him coming after me. We immediately called the cops on him and he was arrested for domestic abuse. Apparently this had been going on for over a year and none of her kids or herself said a word to anyone in fear of being killed by this maniac. Had I not witnessed it myself, I may have continued on until my moms friend or one or her kids was dead. This, was the moment my mom thought that I must he psychic.

– Posted by imhometakemedrunk; Glitch in the Matrix

One comment

  1. Oh my god, I think you must be psychic after reading this, :O
    I think that me and my mother are both psychic, we’ve both had the same dreams and she’s predicted things and so have I and they have happened, i’m not talking small predictions i’m talking like deaths, births and stuff like that, I also think we have a telepathic connection.. But anyways this story is like whoa..

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