The Shared Car Wreck

December 4, 2012

back in high school, my parents went out of town for the weekend, and left me with one of their cars to drive instead of my junky beater. The night before they left, I had a dream I was driving their car, and got t-boned. When my parents left, my dad says jokingly “Don’t wreck the car, or we’ll kill you!”. He’d had a dream the same night that I’d gotten in a car accident in said car.

Things are getting a little odd at this point. I think nothing of it, drive around, and get t-boned by a drunk driver who ran a red light. So my dad and I both have dreams I wreck their car in the same fashion, then it happens. This is freaky and weirds me out. THEN the really weird thing happens…

Monday morning, go back to school. In first period, my super crush (now husband) rushes up to me and says “Defectiveburger, are you ok? I had a nightmare you got in a car wreck.” Then proceeds to tell me all about his dream – which he’d dreamt the night before the wreck. He got the location, car make/model/year/color correct, manner of impact, impacting vehicle, everything correct. This is weird – he and I knew each other for ~3 months at the time, were friendly at best, and he had no knowledge I even owned a car similar to the one involved in the accident.

– Posted by defectiveburger; Reddit


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