First Sentence.

December 4, 2012

My first words were a sentence. We were at a parade, and suddenly, after never having said anything before, I turned to my parents and said “before I picked you guys to be my mom and dad, I was a soldier, and we used to march like that.”

This came out about 16 years later in family therapy.

– Posted by hedgomatic; Reddit


One comment

  1. Last year I was 13 and it was late at night and I was ready to go to sleep. My bed Is facing a wall by the way. I wasn’t tired but I has school so I had to go to bed. Anyway , I closed my eyes and tried to force myself to sleep but I just couldn’t. I kept hearing strange noises in my room like a child was crying or in pain. So I opened my eyes in fustrasion and there he was. A young boy standing infront of bed crying in pain. I could see through him though. So he was a ghost. But I am now very afraid!

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