Under The House

December 1, 2012

A friend of mine was hearing weird noises underneath his house. He said he also was creeped the hell out by it and felt weird vibes from the house (they had just moved in), but I ignored that part like a skeptic boss. I was over one time during the day (which hampers the horror movie quality of the story I guess) and he stopped me mid sentence and alerted me to a tapping noise, then a slam.

You can access underneath the house from outside as there is a door underneath the back porch, so we go down to find it sitting wide open. There was no significant wind at all, we just stared at the door for a while, mild urination occuring as we were alone. Nothing happened for a good 15 seconds until to our complete and utter horror, we watched as the door swung closed and locked itself. The lock is a bolt that has to be pushed really firmly through a bracket on the door frame. He tells me it still happens all the time.

– Posted by Sstingle; Reddit


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