Headless Dog

December 1, 2012

Copying and pasting this from a previous post:

Here’s the story. So, where I live in VA is on the edge of city and country. 5 minutes one way: cows. 5 minutes the other way: one of the biggest cities in VA. My neighborhood was built in 20 years later than the neighborhood behind us–which is a bunch of shacks on a dirt road basically. The people behind there were nuts when I was first born in my house. I’m talking they were extreme redneck to the point where it was unbearable. They would drive their four-wheelers through our property (with little me running around), they left junk everywhere, they were drunk constantly… every negative anything associated with “rednecks” were these guys in the neighborhood. There was one in particular who was just bat shit insane. He abused his family and animals to the point where bruises could be seen on everyone. These dogs are important. They died before I was even born, but the dad was kind of a cult leader. He had one of his get togethers and his dog was barking like crazy. So what did he do? Go around back, bring the dog to his get together and slit its throat, drained it of blood, and cut off its head. Yeeeep. My mom hears this story from his daughter (who was her hairdresser, they started talking because she realized they lived only 100 meters from us).

So then I’m born after crazy father leaves the neighborhood behind us (can’t remember why. running from the police? He was never caught on anything…) and at the age of 2 I began having horrific night terrors. It was of this dog (that had only a head and no body) and it would be sticking out of a window at the top of my front door. He would try and take the bodies of other people because he had no body and he was just horrifying. I was terrified of my front door, I mean, at 2 I would point at the front door and cry “dog-eee” (I couldn’t even realy speak at this age). This went on for 10 years. I constantly refused to go up our stairs alone (it was right next to the front door) until I was 12. I had horrible night terrors from age 2 to 12 of this one dog. Every night. Different dream, same dog, same ordeal. Then one day when I was 12 we “made up” (he apologized for terrorizing me for years) and he became my protector in my dreams. Literally. I have some nightmare syndrome where I have nightmares at least 5/7 times a week and in about 10 of those since age 12 he has been there to knock down the baddies. This bodiless dog.

Only after telling my mother about this did she connect the story and, well, I think it’s weird for a 2 year old to have a nightmare about a bodiless dog and have this continue for a decade. The dog breed was the same as the dog that was brutally murdered too, by the way.

I’m horrific at telling stories, so if something is confusing sorry.

– Posted by FFandMMfan; Reddit


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