He Will Return To Us

December 1, 2012

When I was in high school I was in a band with two of my friends. We primarily played Christian music, so it was seen as acceptable by the higher-ups of the church for us to have access to the large, empty building at night to practice. We took full advantage of that and held practice in the church about one night a week. Late one night during one of our practices, we decided to stop for a break because we’d been practicing for a while. We joked around a bit before reaching a point in our conversation where we all got quiet. As we were sitting there in the silence, we started hearing a faint voice somewhere in the distance. Since we were supposed to be the only people in the church and the doors were locked, we were a little surprised. The church had a history of being broken in to, so our minds immediately went in that direction. We decided to look around the church (this was a big church) to see if someone had come in. The church was dark and empty. We came back to the stage we were practicing on with a weird feeling. We sat quietly to see if we could hear the voice again. After about a minute, we began to hear it again. My friend then walked over and put his ear next to one of our speakers. Sure enough, there was a woman’s voice coming through the speaker saying things such as “He will return to us”. It reminded me of some freaky, dramatic line you’d hear in a movie. That’s when we started to flip out a bit. We unplugged all the microphones and amps from our system to see what would happen, but the woman’s voice kept coming faintly through our speakers. We had set up our own system separately from the church’s PA system, so every source of sound hooked up to our speakers was accounted for and had been turned off. We had already searched the church for the noise to make sure we weren’t somehow picking up on someone talking or a tape playing (which was unlikely anyway), but as I mentioned the church was completely empty and dead quiet. We decided to call it a night at that point. Even though I’ve gotten away from the whole Christianity thing, I can’t help but get chills when I think about that night. We practiced in that church many times after that, but we never heard the voice again. I can’t explain it. It was strange.

– Posted by JimmyBaseball; Reddit


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