Military Guy

September 2, 2012

i have been seeing “things” since i was 5 (im 33). if i count every one ill be probably over several dozens. some times are just mild things, like seeing a man in a crowd, lacking any color and wearing clothes from at least a century ago.

other times are more disturbing. for example, this happened to me about 15 years ago (this is the condensed version btw, i already wrote a more detailed account in /r/Thetruthishere) :

meet a cute girl on a rpg reunion, connected instantly and after the reunion was over i offered to scort her to her home.
we arribe to her home, she invites me for coffee, as her parents are sleeping already upstairs.
we chat a good while, then we start to make out. we were on a couch on her living room.
i look behind her and there is a guy sitting on a chair by the dinning table, not more than 12 feet away from us.
he looked like 60 years old, wearing out of date clothes (brown pants, military stile sweater), something very common in the 60s-70s here, but not unheard of today either. he was just sitting there watching us.

i knew that her parents were overprotective, so my first thought whas “fuck, busted by her father”.
i whisper that her father was behind her, she turns around, looks in the general direction where the guy was and tells me “there is no one there”.
i m still seeing the guy sitting there, and while im getting a creepy feeling from the begining, i start to believe that im getting pranked or something like that, so i insist that there is some one there, but this time im getting a little irritated.
she turns around again, starts looking around, and ask me where, i tell her “right there on that chair”. im still seeing him at this time. now she looks intrigued and asks me how is he dressed like. as soon as i describe the clothes, she yells “MOOOOOOOOOM” and scares the shit out of me.
now im not seeing him any more.
but now im seeing her ex military dad and her school teacher mom rush down stairs on their underware thinking that im raping her daugther.

after stoppping her dad from gutting me alive, she asks me to tell her mom what i saw. when im halfway, she (her mother i mean) stops me and finishes the description, including details i didn’t give before, like the shoes.
turns out that the mother, another daugther and her brother have seen that guy every other day for years. just sitting on different places of the house watching them. even following them with his eyes and head when they move around the room.

her mom was very sensitive also, like me, and had dozens of similar experiences. i have talked a lot with her over the years (i still visit her and her family).

im not the kind of “i want to believe” guy, in fact if i had not have this experiences by myself i wont believe any of this, so i can understand skepticism around this.
im not religious btw.

– Posted by misterfk; Reddit


  1. Pleeeeeasssse update!!!!

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