Do what you want, we know you’re still there.

September 2, 2012

On two separate occasions I have seen a figure standing in my bedroom. The first time I was 8-9, the second time was last year. Starting about 2-3 years ago, I began hearing two distinct voices in my house; one is a female voice, the other male.

The weirdest part about it is that I think the female is a lot more benevolent/pranky than the male. Like, when I’m home alone, I’ll hear (what I think is) my mother calling me from downstairs, only to go down and realize no one is there. Once I came home, and opening the door I heard the female voice say “oh, he’s home!” to which I replied “what’s for supper?” When I realized that it wasn’t my mother, I yelled out “IT’S NOT FUNNY!” and then heard laughter (not evil laughter, just “haha we got him” kinda laughter) coming from my bedroom.

The male voice has never done anything particularly malevolent, but I have heard really loud screaming in various parts of my house. Once, when I was about 10-11, I got into a habit of covering my head with a blanket. As I was lying in bed, I heard a voice right near my head say “do what you want, we know you’re still there.” That wasn’t a fun night. I’ve also heard the male voice singing what sounded like an Irish folk song.

In the two times I saw figures in the house, they were both very distinct. The first time (when I was 8-9) it was a woman standing in the corner of my bedroom, and the second time it was a man walking across my bedroom (a different bedroom; I nabbed my sister’s when she moved out). The female had shorter hair and I’d say was maybe 5′ 9″ (she was near my dresser so I could gauge her height afterward, I didn’t stand there with a ruler when I saw her), the male was probably a little taller than 6′ and had a suit on. I couldn’t see their faces though because I was a bit freaked out and I suck with face recognition even when I’m not dealing with paranormal shenanigans.

It all sounds a bit insane, but that’s only because I’m giving about 10 years of stories in a couple paragraphs. These things don’t happen every day, usually months apart when I’ve stopped thinking about them.

– Posted by Parabolic_Lemon; Reddit


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