Detention Deputy Experiences

August 27, 2012

I’m a detentions deputy that works alone in a 60 bed jail on graveyard shift. Several times I’ve seen inmates out of their cells in the middle of the night, went to investigate, and found everyone accounted for and asleep. We’ve had two suicides and one homicide since I’ve worked there and it would always happen within the month of the incident.

They’re usually out of the corner of my eye or when I walk by a door and I’ve never gotten a good look at them, other than noticing the flash of an orange jumpsuit(our seg inmates and the two suicides wore orange jumpsuits.) and then they are gone. I’ve seen an inmate up against the glass in the gym, then walk away from it and when I get there he’s gone, I’ve seen one several times standing in an empty seg cell as I walk by, and I saw one in our kitchen standing at the sink in the dark as I walked by the door.

I’ve also found lights on in the middle of the night in rooms that I don’t have access to and property bins pulled off their shelves when nobody was there.

– Posted by chancesarent; Reddit

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